PureSom Ruby ADJUSTABLE Chinstrap for CPAP Therapy

PureSom Ruby ADJUSTABLE Chinstrap for CPAP Therapy

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The Ruby Adjustable (formerly Topaz) chinstrap includes two adjustable velcro straps so it's easy to put on and take off and fit to a size that's comfortable for you. These chinstraps have been updated with new breath-o-prene materials, improved velcro fastenings, and a bright red color. The Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap is available in two sizes -- Standard and Extra Large -- to fit a wide variety of patients.

SIZING: The Ruby Adjustable is available in two sizes Standard and Extra Large. The Standard chinstrap adjusts to a maximum size of approximately 22-24 inches. The Extra Large chinstrap adjusts to a maximum size of approximately 26-28 inches.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer CareFusion
  • Part Number(s) TMS-09ADJ (Standard), TMS-09ADJXL (ExtraLarge) Discontinued
  • HCPCS Code A7036
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00673681214129
  • Country Dominican Republic (Typical Origin)


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  • I'm very dissatisfied that the "Adjustable Standard" chinstrap was too small for my head. t,

    AND, the Extra Large chinstrap I had before that was too big. I wish that you had a chinstrap smaller than the XL, but larger than the Adjustable Standard model. The chinstrap I'm using is a "Quiet Panda" chinstrap which fits well and is comfortable.
    Written by carvelthatcher, Utah2020-01-12
  • Great product

    Love this chinstrap, works great!
    Written by jtgigli23, Indiana2019-12-16
  • Better than the one provided by my insurance

    Even though I was using a CPAP, I was still having breathing events each night and my mouth would be so dry in the morning. I had tried the only chin strap supplied by my insurance that was basically a strap over my head. I decided that even if I had to buy one myself, there had to be something better. In my internet search I found the PureSom Ruby ADJUSTABLE Chinstrap. It not only costs less than the one my insurance provided but was much more durable, comfortable, and effective. I have an internet app that records my mask fit, leakage, events, etc. each night. As soon as I started wearing the chin strap, the leakage was reduced drastically and my events dropped to no more than 2 to 4 per hour. (I was having 60 per hour in my sleep study) So, yes, I am very happy with the Chinstrap. In fact, this is my 2nd purchase. After 6 months, the velcro on the back does get worn from usage. But the material used on the one the insurance provided actually came apart after only 1 week. Not only is this a great price but, more importantly, the quality and durability of the material is excellent and it works.
    Written by bamaman662, Tulsa Oklahoma2019-11-20
  • Allan’s Review

    Didn’t fit well. I won’t be using it.
    Written by allansalkin, 2019-09-30
  • CPAP chin strap

    Liked the chin strap and material
    Written by kmatney001, 2019-06-05
  • A must have chinstrap

    After my doctor put me in one of their inadequate chinstraps, I search the internet for a better alternative. I purchase about different types and none of them came close to the Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap. The first one I purchase I used for about 10 months. Every few months I would have to adjust the chinstrap for a tighter fit as the neoprene material would stretch. Eventually, I could not make adjustments anymore and it was time to purchase a new. I felt as though I received my money's worth plus a little bit more with my first purchase. I recently purchased my second chinstrap and hope to receive the same quality as my first purchase. I really like the way this chinstrap fits, how comfortable it feels, and how easy it is to adjust. It almost seems as though my CPAP mask and headgear was made specifically to fit over this type of chinstrap. I am very pleased with my purchase.
    Written by chrisjsmith, 2019-03-24
  • Too small (tight)

    Random guess as to which size to order. If you buy satisfaction warranty and pay for return shipping it would raise the price by over 50%. And still you wouldn’t know if the other size fits. Need a better system for this type of product.
    Written by Hoopstrings , 2019-02-05
  • Substantial Chinstrap. Works well for CPAP.

    The chinstrap seems to be well made. The size adjustment can be made once and the chinstrap can be slipped on and off without releasing the velcro fastening subsequently. The strap is substantial and the "above and below" the ear design keeps the strap from slipping during the night. I use a nasal pillow mask and the chin strap does not interfere. The only downside of this unit is that the edge is closer to my lip, and a bit loose in that area. Not a big problem but it would be nicer to have less material or more conformal fit near the lower lip.
    Written by albert-83983, 2018-12-24
  • A chinstrap that works!

    Evidently my mouth opens when I sleep aided by my cpap machine. This dries out my mouth. I tried another brand which was much easier to wear but did not do the job.
    Written by denball, 2018-12-20
  • Best CPCP chinstrap

    This is the 5th chinstrap i've tried. Even though my insurance will not pay it is worth purchasing it myself. Great product!
    Written by will1414, 2018-10-03
  • Disappointed

    Fabric too heavy and uncomfortable. Makes my head hot after wearing it for a couple of hours.
    Written by MARILYNSSALON, 2018-09-25
  • Great chinstrap...Very comfortable!

    Easy ordering, fast shipping....overall a good experience!
    Written by hickey83716, 2018-08-26
  • Perfect

    My new chinstrap fits perfectly and is very comfortable. Thank You!!
    Written by jvansilver, 2018-08-07
  • Great fit! Fast shipping!

    Been using this type of chin strap for several years, very satisfied:)
    Written by ssacase1, 2018-05-16
  • Uncomfortable, ineffective chinstrap

    Tried this chinstrap to compare with the elastic band type been using for years and it just didn't work for me. Uncomfortable causing morning jaw pain and mask leakage while sleeping.
    Written by kwdavido, 2018-04-23
  • Love this chinstrap!

    I have tried several chinstraps for my CPAP headgear and this is simply the best. Easy to wash and dry. It keeps ny CPAP leaks to a minimum...great product!
    Written by Cestnous68, 2018-02-18
  • Veryf Good So Far

    Took a few minutes to set up but then worked fine. Do hope the "rubber" doesn't smell after awhile.
    Written by tabsmb, 2018-02-18
  • Excellent design, terrible fit.

    I purchased the Ruby Red Adjustable Chin Strap after trying several other chin straps. I could tell right away that it was the perfect design. I am sure that I was grinning from ear to ear when I opened the package. That is, until I put it on. It was way too tight. Nevertheless, I tried sleeping with it on several occasions. I would awaken after only an hour or so with a splitting headache. Additionally it would distort my face such that my nasal pillows would be tearing at my nostrils. I switched from a medium to a large size nasal pillow. It helped slightly, but not with the headache. Not one to give up so easily I ordered a second Ruby Red Adjustable Chin Strap, this time, the next size available, which is the XL size. This was an even bigger disappointment. It is way too large. The bottom line is that this chin strap should not be purchased without a professional fitting. Even though it claims to be adjustable, the actual adjustments that can be made are relatively minor. Major adjustments throw the whole thing out of proportion so it can't possibly fit correctly. The manufacturer should give instruction on what size face (and how to measure relative to the chin strap) that each size will fit. I think that I have an average size male head/face. The standard chin strap was too small and the XL too large. This doesn't even make sense. It is possible that one of their fixed (non adjustable) chin straps would fit me, but I am already $40.00 into it through internet ordering with nothing but a headache and sore nose to show for it. I'll have to wait till I can go somewhere and try one on.
    Written by markmnh-86772, 2018-02-12
  • Good after a break-in period

    Works pretty good after a break-in period of almost a month. I read others complaints about being too tight and needing a size larger. I see that they have revised the size notations, and removed the instructions for measurement of size since I purchased (did they also increase the numbers?). I measured 21+7/8", and I went to the next size larger (of 2), and found it very tight around the back of my neck, and had to loosen it to the point that the area near the hook material ("Velcro") was irritating my head as it was now exposed, due to the (loose) adjustment. I covered it at night with a piece of fabric for comfort. After 2-3 weeks it stretched out a bit and now the adjustment is as shipped and comfortable without the piece of fabric (but I have tightened the upper adjustment just a bit). II tried the adjustment as shipped at first but it made me sore - too much rearward pressure on my jaw. If you have a much bigger jaw around rear of head head measurement, I guess it would be too tight for you. Bottom line: Now I find it works pretty good, even with a mask that goes over both nose & mouth ("full" mask). Not looking forward to breaking in a replacement in a year or so. I just wish it didn't mash my hair down.
    Written by HalloweenWeed, 2017-10-02
  • chinstrap

    It does the job. I'm getting a much better night's sleep since I started using it.
    Written by Bette D, 2017-09-28
  • Not all that pleased with this product

    First of all the website here doesn't show you how to measure your head to determine which size you need to order. And after all this time since deliver (about 1 month) I think I may have been putting it on wrong because again the website doesn't show a back view of the chin strap. The way I have been wearing it made it seem way too small for me so I have the velcro out as far as it will go. But the other night I looked at this thing and thought what if I put it on this way. It seems to work just as well. I wish they could show you how to measure and how it's supposed to go on your head.
    Written by DonnaV, 2017-09-27
  • Great, simple device

    This is the only chin strap that I've found for keeping my mouth closed while using my CPAP machine. Very nice!
    Written by Dave, 2017-09-25
  • Very Satisfied

    I had one of these chinstraps several years ago and I gave it to my son. He liked it as much as I did. I do not snore. I use this to keep my lips closed as I "sip" air when I sleep and dries out my mouth
    Written by Ken, 2017-09-16
  • Consumer

    Purchased item for my 92yo mother who has been dislocating her jaw when she yawns. It works very well for this, offers support to prevent her from opening to wide. Cons: stitching on the chin support irritates her skin. Velcro is just glued on, within one week it came off. I will sew both Velcro straps on.
    Written by Kathy, 2017-09-16
  • This strap did not work for me in the way that I hoped it would

    I purchased this chin strap in the hope that it would work a little better with the slightly pointy shape of my head than the one I have been using, which is effective, as long as it doesn't slip off the tallest point on my head (even if this review isn't useful to you, perhaps it will make you smile). I was disappointed in two ways: one way is that it did not come with pictorial instructions showing optimal positioning. The second way is that even after substantial fiddling, I could not come up with a way in which it both firmly clamped my mouth shut and did not choke me. I suspect this strap would be just fine for someone with a different shaped head. I just think you have to experiment with different options to see what will work for you.
    Written by Long-time CPAP user, 2017-09-14
  • Helps my therapy but is uncomfortable

    Immediately stopped mouth leak. It's what I needed. The problem I have is with the seam/tab on the back of the chinstrap. The hard plastic tab is exactly the same width as the piece it attaches to. If it's not aligned perfectly, as I tilt my head, it digs into my neck and doesn't feel very good. I've taken to biasing the hard plastic part up so there's a little cushion of the mating tab below. It is also really difficult to pull the tab up to release because the tab connects right up to the edge and there's no easy way to grab it I'd recommend a different attachment design.
    Written by Bigdog, 2017-09-07
  • Too Tight

    This was too tight on my ears and the larger model was too loose and slipped around.
    Written by william dinsmore, 2017-09-04
  • Chin strap

    Excellen product. Have benn using this particular one for a couple years now, and find its the only one the fits me the most comfortable and stays in place. I love it.
    Written by Stuart Hively, 2017-08-24
  • Nice product, but...

    The chin strap is very nice, but it does not fit my head and I do not see where they offer aa size larger. I would not, however, blame the manufacturer. It is well made and well designed. I just wish it would have fit.
    Written by David, 2017-08-05
  • Good product, good price

    I don't use a CPAP, but dry mouth interrupts my sleep every night. Since I've been using this to keep my mouth closed, my mouth does not dry out so badly and I'm able to sleep more soundly - even remember my dreams again. Good product, good price. Consider promoting it as dry-mouth therapy and not restricting it to CPAP accessories.
    Written by WhySoDry, 2017-07-21
  • Great product!

    I ordered the standard size adjustable and it fit perfectly without adjustment. I had been getting the "Premium Chinstrap" through my insurance and it kept falling apart within a couple of months. This product is perfect compared to the "Premium" one.
    Written by C E BUTTLES, 2017-07-01
  • Doesn't fit.

    It's near impossible to figure out which size we should have ordered. There has to be way. The chin strap covers to much of my face when you add in the cpap mask. I don't feel I can get the mask off fast enough.
    Written by Kenneth Myers, 2017-06-21
  • I'm happy

    Have tried various chin straps and am pleased to say this is by far the best I have tried. Easy on-off. Snug fit without discomfort. Even have no or very little lines on face from wearing it. Would highly recommend it. Sizing was spot on.
    Written by Grandma Janet, 2017-06-21
  • So much head coverage

    Ordered xl based on reviews. A little to large. Seems like design is a bit much for a chin strap. Difficult to ignore this many straps for sleeping.
    Written by Lin, 2017-06-19
  • Good choice

    I had waited sometime before reviewing this product and I must say, it does work. I was experiencing dry mouth at night plus the snoring that kept waking me up very often. My decision to try is worth vs. using a machine to sleep. It keeps my mouth close, I sleep well, discomfort is minimal thanks to this simple gadget and price is excellent.
    Written by Raysa, 2017-06-19
  • Too small

    Not as advertised
    Written by SR, 2017-05-15
  • the standard adjustable is way to small

    Bought this mask and it was to small, called the next day and they would not let me send it back for the larger size.
    Written by Bob H, 2017-04-27
  • Excellent Service, Excellent Product

    My wife was in need of a chin strap that actually worked for her oxygen therapy. After having tried several from various sources, including the one from her equipment provider, we found the PureSom Ruby on the internet from Direct Home Medical. We ordered the smaller size based on the measurement procedure recommended. This one worked great, but was a little tight. We then ordered the larger size. While it is a little larger, we made adjustments to fit her comfortably, with no leakage. Now, she wouldn't use anything else. Also, the provider wasted no time in shipping these items. We received them in the shortest practical time. By the way, we kept the smaller chin strap as an extra.
    Written by Richard Isaacs, 2017-04-20
  • Chin Strap

    This is the best chin strap on the market,
    Written by Greg Mack, 2017-04-19
  • Perfect chin strap for CPAP!

    I ordered the XLG chin strap based on other reviews. However, it was WAY too big! I sent it back for an exchange for the smaller sized (medium). After a week I emailed the company. They called me back, and sent the new chin strap. I was pleased that the design was different than the larger one, and it is adjustable. It fits perfectly. Excellent customer service, and a perfect product!
    Written by Blue Run Nellie, 2017-04-14
  • waste of money

    This did not keep mouth closed. Tried several adjustments and no success. Do not buy this product.
    Written by JL, 2017-03-19

    Fits a bit snug.
    Written by Tashia, 2017-03-08
  • I'm no longer blowing bubbles

    I was recently told that I needed to ware a chin strap. The one issued me consisted of two straps and was extremely uncomfortable. After some research,I found the PureSom Ruby adjustable. If you need to ware a chin strap,this is the one to buy. Get the warranty on your first purchase so you can return it if it doesn't fit.
    Written by Chuck, 2017-03-05
  • Get the big one even if you have a normal size head

    I think they should warn you that this thing goes on tight even if you adjust it to its loosest configuration.
    Written by Dino, 2017-02-20
  • Best one I found

    I have a "chinstrap box" full of ones that didn't work, too flimsy, or too tight. Had I purchased this one first I wouldn't have the box. Having gone through quite a few I can honestly say this is the most comfortable one I've found. If you've tried others and don't like them, buy one of these.
    Written by JMW, 2017-02-13
  • Did Not Work For Me

    It did not work at all for me. I snore just the same with the strap as I do without. Had hoped it would work as advertised but it doesn't.
    Written by Rusty71, 2017-01-28
  • Does not Fit Well

    I found this one does not fit my head. It is difficult to put on as it wants to drift onto my forehead. If I do get it arranged, the chin portion drifts up over my mouth through the night.
    Written by Kristina Gaither, 2017-01-15
  • Best one for me

    I have ordered 5 different chin straps, the RUBY fits best and is long lasting. I no longer drool or wake myself up from my loud snoring.
    Written by Ruth, 2016-12-27
  • Chinstrap

    Best chinstrap I have ever had!
    Written by Mo, 2016-12-25
  • Puresom ruby adjustable chinstrap

    This the best fitting chin strap and well made. The other ones I tried were cheaply made and did not fit.
    Written by Gilbert, 2016-11-28
  • Great Strap

    Tho the measurements leave a bit to be desired, (the Standard size claims it was an inch bigger than my head, but it fit very tight, and there's no Medium size,) when Direct Home Medical exchanged it for the larger Extra Large, it adjusted to fit well. They need a Medium size. While it succeeded in keeping my jaw closed, the CPAP's pressure blows through my lips. Not the strap's fault.
    Written by Steve G., 2016-11-19
  • PurSom Adjustable Ruby Red Chin Strap Fits Great!

    The ruby red chin strap is adjustable and fits very comfortably with the Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask. This is my second chin strap and the life span is about a year with hand washing in mild soap. My old one is still good for an emergency as the elasticity is fine. Since my Medicare CPAP supplier never sent me my chin strap, I was very happy to find it at Direct Home and at a reasonable price $19.99. It's a great product that does what is supposed to do.
    Written by Sally Fiducia, 2016-11-13
  • The Best so far.

    I've been using mine for a couple of years. When I reordered supplies I got a totally different one that was confusing and hard to use. Next time I asked for another one of these but I didn't give a part #. Still not the same one. I'm hoping I didn't have the medium size that's been discontinued. I'll keep washing mine til I find the right one.
    Written by Beth, 2016-10-23
  • By far the best of the 3 or 4 I've tried. Fabulous, in fact!

    The others are a waste of money & time and space. This one is comfortable but not expensive. It probably won't slip off my chin during the night.
    Written by Carvel, 2016-10-07
  • Terrible fit

    Not happy with this product. I picked up my bi-pap machine in July and have been wearing this chin strap for 3 months and it does not fit properly. You show a deep chin cup area and that is not the case. I have had this chin strap come up and bruise my lower lip because it will not stay in place. I went back to my supplier to verify I was wearing it properly. It also eats away at my ears. Poor design qualities, poor fit.
    Written by Nebraska User, 2016-09-07
  • Excellent chin strap

    Great chin strap. The only ones that I've tried that works so far, and this was the fifth one. Stays put all night long. Size seemed true to measurements listed on site.i would order it again.
    Written by Karen D S, 2016-08-10
  • Save your money!

    I purchased this product and really wanted it to work, but it doesn't. Due to health reasons I can only sleep on my back. Since I started sleeping on my back, my mouth comes open and I have such dry mouth that it is causing dental problems. My dentist was the one who said I needed to address the issue of sleeping with my mouth open. I saw this product and thought it would be perfect. Two problems, first it doesn't always stay on as promised, secondly once asleep my mouth is still able to open, so it doesn't work!
    Written by Trvlgrl, 2016-08-08
  • Quality chinstrap

    I use a full-faced cpap mask and still have a problem with dry mouth and snoring. This is a comfortable mask to use with the cpap and by itself on the nights when I cannot use the cpap.
    Written by Cynthia , 2016-07-07
  • The Best Choice

    This chin strap is more comfortable than others I have used.
    Written by PCM, 2016-07-06
  • Very Dissapointed

    For some reason Puresom decided to delete a mid size strap. I've used the midsize unit for years and I now have to deal with a smaller size as the larger unit is simply too large. The smaller is simply too tight leaving lines on my face every night. I would hope the mid size would return very soon.
    Written by Ron B, 2016-06-12
  • There's $ I'll never see again

    Told this 'Ruby' strap was the bomb. Called and ordered one private pay. Might fit a child. And I do not have a giant head.
    Written by Steve S., 2016-06-09
  • Not worth it

    I snored all night wearing it.
    Written by Grammy, 2016-04-26

    Written by SNORER, 2016-04-06
  • I do not have a large head, but this barely fits.

    Very uncomfortable.
    Written by Mike, 2016-03-17
  • Comfy and useful

    Works for me. It was way more comfortable than I thought it would be.
    Written by Stacey , 2016-02-25
  • chinstrap

    works great
    Written by Wanda M, 2016-02-09
  • Frustrated!

    I just have not had any luck with this product. Still keep my wife awake and the snoring continues.
    Written by Paul, 2016-01-25
  • CPAP chin strap

    I use this PURESOM RUBY CHINSTRAP since I seem to breathe in a lot of air which creates a dry mouth. The chinstrap is made of very strong material to keep the chin from falling during sleep. I have not been able to find a better chinstrap for a mouth breather. With this strap and a mouth guard I have a moist mouth during the night.
    Written by Brenda D`, 2015-12-29
  • red adjustable chin strap

    I was ready to give up on my new bipap machine because the mask would leak. Use of the chinstrap has solved the problem.
    Written by Larry, 2015-11-12
  • chin straps

    yes the chin strap is alright
    Written by barbara, 2015-11-10
  • be sure to check the size

    I've been using this strap for a couple weeks now, and it does exactly what I wanted--it keeps me from getting a dry mouth when using my CPAP. Unfortunately, I ordered a regular and should have gotten a large. I didn't see instructions for measuring, but I saw other comments that said there were some. I don't think of myself has having a large head, but the regular just barely fits, letting the adjustments out until they are barely connecting. The connectors are a velcro-type closure, but they aren't velcro--there are no hooks like velcro has. That is good, since they are in your hair, but I do wonder how long they will last. Still, at the price, if I have to buy one every year, it would be worth it.
    Written by SG, 2015-08-22
  • Curling ends

    The straps work great for a while. Then the Velcro part on to of the head starts to curl backwards. Eventually it becomes a lump on the back of your head in the pillow. The Velcro looses its attaching ability, so it can't be just pushed in to place. I thing the solution it to mask the end longer so it wraps around the head more, not rubbing on the pillow. I've had two - same issue on each.
    Written by bill c., 2015-07-22
  • it doesnt keepthe jaw closed

    in order to keep my wife's jaw closed so she would breathe through her nose the harnace had to be too tight for comfort ...
    Written by Buddy , 2015-07-04
  • Great chin strap

    We finally found a chin strap that works!!! It is worth it to spend a few extra dollars for this chin strap.
    Written by Dan, 2015-05-28
  • Puresom Ruby Chinstrap

    I followed the instructions and measured my head as directed. According to the measurements I needed an extra large chinstrap. Well, it is much too big.
    Written by Marion W, 2015-04-22
  • A Must Have

    This product should be given to everyone along with their first CPAP machine. It fit very well right out of the box, no adjustments needed. After the first night of wearing the strap I kicked myself for not buying it sooner. Every night since that first night has been a restful, full nights sleep. I highly recommend it without hesitation.
    Written by Glenn, 2015-04-02
  • Bulky and poor fit

    This requires multiple adjustments, is rather bulky and did not seem like it would fit on my head comfortably
    Written by Have used other chin straps, 2015-01-10
  • Ruby chin strap

    This chin strap is so much more comfortable and effective than the Black one I was given when I got my cpap. It stays in place and is just more comfortable.
    Written by Blue eyes, 2015-01-10
  • Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap - too large

    I had read the other reviews about the small being very small so I bought the larger one. It is too big, but still works. The concept works better than what I had tried before because of my longer hair, they would just slip up. Wish I had started with the smaller one!
    Written by jnj, 2015-01-05
  • Good chin strap

    I like the strap - i ended up ordering and extra large because of the various reviews that it ran small, however, I should have ordered the regular sized one. This is big but because it is adjustable I can get it to fit satisfactorily.
    Written by Carol, 2015-01-02
  • Too small for my big head.

    I can't use it because it is too small. Or is my head too big? Either way, it's a tight fit.
    Written by jana, 2014-12-25
  • It works but...

    This chinstrap will definitely keep your mouth closed but seems overly constrictive. With this chinstrap and a CPAP machine, you can sound like Darth Vader and look like Hannibal Lecter.
    Written by Steven G, 2014-11-07
  • Small and tight

    I ordered the "standard" size, and it is almost too small. I'm right at the extremes of the adjustment and barely can get it attached. I don't have an overly large head either. The "standard" size might be better suited for teenagers and maybe some women.
    Written by James R, 2014-11-05
  • chinstrap

    works very well
    Written by jim, 2014-07-08
  • pursom ruby adjustable chinstrap

    This is a very good product, however, it is quite hot on high temperature nights. I turned the ruby side to my face and found it to be cooler. The back section could be narrower - I have long hair and put it up a night and have to have it a little higher than I would like. I may do some personal modifications to it after I have fully trialled it. I would purchase the larger size next time as there is not much adjustability for me on the average size. Apart from that, it certainly does a good job of keeping my mouth shut.
    Written by Judi, 2014-07-04
  • Ruby chinstrap review

    These are very good chinstraps and they stay in place all night.
    Written by David, 2014-06-21
  • Ordering CPAP Accessories

    We have had nothing but the best experience with Direct Home Medical. We told them what we wanted and in a few day it appears at our door. Keep up the good work!!
    Written by Sarah A D, 2014-05-22
  • Best chin strap

    This is the best chin strap that I have used with my cpap machine. It is comfortable and effective. I adjusted the tension once, and use the velcro in the back to slip it on my head easily every night.
    Written by Doug, 2014-04-17
  • chin strap review

    not impressed. Have used and my husband said I snore less without it. I am tired from not sleeping.
    Written by Disappointed, 2014-02-10
  • Ruby Adjustable chinstrap

    This chinstrap was so small it wouldn't even fit my cat! I was very upset! Really, it may have fit a very small child, but not an adult.
    Written by S Olinger, 2014-01-11
  • PureSom Ruby ADJUSTABLE Chinstrap

    This is my first experience with a chinstrap for CPAP Therapy. It is comfortable,and effective. I no longer leak air from my mouth while sleeping.I sleep better and so does my Wife.
    Written by Jimmy, 2014-01-06
  • PureSom Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap

    It does exactly what it is designed to do. I bought it to keep mouth closed when I have a cold. Pretty dumb move in hindsight but my brain short isn't the fault of the product
    Written by Sharon, 2013-11-29
  • A chin strap that WORKS

    I've been trying a variety of chin straps to keep my mouth from drying out on my bi-pap machine,and haven't had much success. However - this one works and is comfortable!
    Written by Denise, 2013-10-14
  • It's not comfortable

    The awareness of the chin strap makes it difficult to fall asleep. I am sure it must be OK when I am asleep.
    Written by JRBhatt, 2013-09-12
  • Check your head size

    I thought being a woman, I would fit in a standard size. Well, no one in my house fit in it, even the kids. So, measure your head before buying because you can't return it. Otherwise, Direct Medical has always been a good place to buy from. Not their fault there are rules for returning Cpap equipment.
    Written by Carol, 2013-07-02
  • Sleeping Tight

    I have to use a chinstrap with my CPAP. I had one that was a single strap. It moved around all night I was able to open my mouth by 3 AM. The Ruby is excellent. It has two straps. A few seconds more to put it on, BUT!!! Once in place and firmly tightened to your comfort, it stays all night. Excellent product.
    Written by BobbyG, 2013-06-07
  • extra large adjustable chin strip

    Finally, a size that fits. The regular is very tight and the non adjustable extra large does not fit at all.
    Written by Larry, 2013-03-04
  • Chin Strap for Snoring

    Does a great job of keeping my mouth closed while sleeping. It is comfortable because it is not elastic.
    Written by BE, 2012-12-20
  • Better than the cloth chin straps.

    I would suggest that the strap that fastens over the head be a little longer. It's hard to fasten when you are doing it yourself.
    Written by Mary, 2012-12-10
  • Inconsistent sizing

    I have 2 of these already and love them. I purchased 2 more for backup since thyey stretch a bit over time. One is fine but the other is noticably smaller than the others. I am trying to break it in figuring that eventually it will also strecth but so far it's just squishing my face and giving me a headache. But the 3 others are still very good. Must have gotten abad strap.
    Written by CPAP Cathie, 2012-11-02
  • Fit Way Off

    Just like ordering a wet suit over the internet. Sizing is a big problem. I ordered the adjustable chinstrap, but it is much too small even though according to the size chart it should fit easily. I'm not happy as I'll have to modify myself as it is much too tight. These things are made for a real pinhead.
    Written by Unhappy Hawaii, 2012-10-09
  • Item Runs Small

    I purchased the same chinstrap over a year ago. Received this new chin strap at it's too small!! . . . I have a normal female size head but the standard size was too small to fit comfortably. Order the large or jumbo size if you have a normal size head. If your head is larger than the average beware that the larger size chinstraps may not fit. Purchase the warranty so you can return if it doesn't fit.
    Written by Terri, 2012-10-08
  • Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap

    This strap did not work for me. My entire family reported that I still snored while sleeping in a hotel room. I found that it moved off my chin which allowed my mouth to open. Additionally, even though I tightened it, it seemed to loosen during the night which allowed my mouth to open. When my mouth opens, snoring follows.
    Written by S.F., 2012-09-24
  • Should have believed the bad reviews

    Reviews of this chinstrap have often been critical of its fit. It is widely reported to be too tight. I am a small man and I wear a size 7 hat. The regular size Ruby is much too small. It is so tight that it causes almost immediate jaw pain. There is no way I could sleep in it. The fact that it is now described as adjustable encouraged me to give it a try. A bad decision and a waste of money. Very disappointing.
    Written by TedF, 2012-09-11
  • stop snoring aid

    "I am a mouth breather", that causes me to snore and also gives my dentist a problem,among other things. I wear a mouth piece at night for snoring but it does not stop me from breathing thur my month. The chinstrap helps keep my mouth closed, and i am relearning to breath with my nose, and sleeping better.
    Written by Vaughn, 2012-09-05
  • PureSom Ruby ADJUSTABLE Chinstrap for CPAP Therapy

    The PureSom Ruby ADJUSTABLE Chinstrap is the best chin strap that I have ever used. It fits just right, and is easy to get on and off. Simply adjust the back strap to fit you, and you are ready for a good night's sleep. Your wife or husband will be glad you are using it, because the snoring will be gone. I have used CPAP since 1987. I was one of the first to use one in Houston area to treat my obstructive sleep apnea. I would still mouth breath, which reduces the effectiveness of the CPAP. Buy one of these, you will be glad that you did. Paul
    Written by Paul, 2012-08-20
  • really sleeping

    I've tired MANY chins straps, the ruby is wider, a few issues with the velco... with all that said it works better than the others! It DOES NOT have that toxic smell when you get it out of the bag. (That toxic smell lingers even after washing with the other company straps) For my needs, the Ruby adjustable chin strap is a great product for the price and the customer service is excellent.
    Written by julie b., 2012-07-26
  • wide straps

    I found the straps to be a bit too much on the wide side. It actually covers quite a lot of my cheeks and chin area. It is not binding but I personally don't like that much covering my face - especially when I already have to have the cpap mask on it too. Other than that - it is comfortable and adjustable.
    Written by Jan S., 2012-07-23
  • Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap

    The Ruby Adjustable chinstrap is doing a good job. I should have ordered a larger size but am able to use it. It keeps my mouth closed and that is needed.
    Written by Norma Whiting, 2012-07-19
  • Good Product

    The Ruby keeps my mouth shut all night. Works much better than the Resperonics model that was provided by my insurance provider.
    Written by David D., 2012-07-09
  • Works fine, but size is off

    My husband's measurement was right aroud 23" but the standard size was really too small. We just ordered a large, to see if it fits better. We were able to make it fit with some home modifications, but it doesn't stay on all night. When it is on, it does keep his mouth shut which helps the machine work better. He's also tried it by itself and that actually helps keep him from snoring even without the machine. He's getting a better night's sleep.
    Written by Cindy, 2012-04-09
  • Chin Strap

    Best chin strap I have owned, surpasses my original equipment at a very low cost, and IT'S MADE IN THE USA!!!
    Written by William S. Howell, 2012-03-28
  • Standard size chin strap too small

    The standard size chin strap was too small for my husband. I was able to add extra material. The extra size was way too big . Since They cannot be returned I have had to improvise. I have found this is the only type chin strap that will work for him.I am happy with the product but the sizing seems to be way off
    Written by Joan Fredenburg, 2012-03-11
  • c-pap

    recieved chin strap to hold my mouth shut , works great .thankyou
    Written by MR. kaye osterloh, 2012-03-07
  • Ruby adjustable chin strap

    it did not work-I think I snored more with it on than when I didn't wear it.
    Written by Beverly Gronemeyer, 2012-03-05
  • PureSom Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap

    I'm using the Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap. I use a full mask (Phillips FitLite full face mask). The Chinstrap appears to keep your jaw from slipping below the mask. However, the Velcro adjusting straps irritates your skin since there is no cover to keep the Velcro strap needles from coming in contact with you chin. I use toilet paper to keep the spikes from irritating my neck. You'd think the manufacture would solve this irritation problem.
    Written by Scott Jackson, 2012-02-29