ComfortGel Blue NASAL CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

ComfortGel Blue NASAL CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

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Sometimes a little enhancement can go a long way and with the ComfortGel Blue Philips Respironics has shown how a few small changes can make a great mask even better!

The ComfortGel Blue Nasal's redesigned forehead pad reduces pressure points for a more comfortable experience; and premium headgear makes fitting and adjustment a snap and helps maintain a proper seal. Together, these features create a higher level of comfort and stability than was previously possible. In addition, this unique headgear with EZ release tabs easily adjusts in four places for a secure, custom fit. The Premium Headgear evenly distributes tension and helps to prevent mask leaks.

The ComfortGel Blue Nasal's new generation, soft, pliable blue gel cushion readily adapts to facial features, simplifying fit and contributing to extended comfort. A Sure Seal Technology (SST) Flap provides a membrane-thin layer over the gel cushion to improve seal and make cleaning the mask quick and easy.

The ComfortGel Blue Nasal's lower micro-exhalation ports with an integrated swivel that quietly directs air flow up and away from the mask wearer and bed partners. ^literature~

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • In the Package ComfortGel BLUE Nasal CPAP & BiPAP Mask with Adjustable Headgear.
  • Part Number(s) 1070040 (Petite), 1070039 (Small), 1070038 (Medium), 1070037 (Large), 1070052 (DuoPack Petite), 1070051 (DuoPack Small), 1070050 (DuoPack Medium), 1070049 (DuoPack Large), 1070053(FitPack Small & Medium)
  • HCPCS Insurance Code A7034 A7035
  • GTIN / UPC Code 606959004290, 606959004283, 606959004276, 606959004269
  • Warranty 90 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country of Origin China (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Size(s) Petite, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Mask Performance

  • Type Nasal Cushion Mask
  • Recommended Pressure Levels 4-40 CM H2O


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  • Happy

    Very pleased. Product was as represented. Would buy from Direct Home Medical again. gerryfe,

  • leaks

    leaks,no tight fit,my second onesmokedad49,

  • Breathing Easier

    exactly what I was expecting and hoping to receive. highly recommend direct home medicalposmenta,

  • Great service.

    The mask fit and did the job for a good sleep.njs620,

  • Great fit

    Mask and headgear fit very welljeanneaarnold,

  • Great

    Glad to find it available on line.John8a59,

  • ComfortGel Blue NASAL CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

    Excellent Product, as advertisedreicherts1,

    Very satisfied customer. Works well.Kjk0854,

  • Great Service; Do not like the mask.

    Product shipped prior to the promise date and arrived without incident. It was well packaged to protect it from damage during transit. I highly recommend the seller and will turn to them again for other items. The mask is difficult to fit tight to my face without getting it too tight. It wants to leak around the edges which is annoying. To prevent it from doing that, I had to tighten it so much that it bruised my upper lip and made my front teeth hurt. I will continue to work with it as I really do not want to buy another one at this point.dfulford-93153,

  • ComfortGel Mask

    The mask is very comfortable and the right fit.dancyrl,

  • Very pleased

    I have used this mask previously. The quality is very good and the product comes quickly.Rob,

  • Gel mask

    I am very pleased with the gel mask I purchased. My sleep pattern ha improved immensely. I am very satisfied with the product and the pricing. Thank you! Rick Paxton,

  • cpap mask

    great product w p,

  • Great item&price

    Fast delivery.excellent price will use every time I need suppliesEdmund,

  • Great Product

    Great mask. I have a hard time latching it but I'm getting better. I think it's just getting use to it but what I love, it doesn't come off during the night. I only have a few marks on my face. Great fit.Dianne DAndrea,

  • Unable to fit

    Just received mask today and tried it on, according to directions. I can't get it to stop leaking. I tightened it on top and bottom to no avail. Too much and it hurts, no better that any other mask I've had and I have had a lot. Thought the blue gel would be different. They're all the same. Jay Isaacs, New Jersey,

  • Flawless

    Very please with the product! PK,

  • Great item!!

    I purchased this as a replacement for my husband's old cpap mask since it was an identical item. My husband couldn't be happier with it! Thank you!! Shirl,

  • Decent replacement for the recently discontinued Comfort Classic

    The Comfortgel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask is indeed a decent replacement for the Comfort Classic. It's a tiny bit heavier, but that doesn't matter to me, while comfort does. Rex Brocki,

  • Perfect

    Came nicely packaged, fit well, and is comfortable. very happy with purchase! LTD,

  • as advertised

    This was a great purchase.....Couldn't find a better price and the masks were exactly like the one I use. DJ,

  • Respironics Comfortgel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask With Head Gear

    This product works well for me. This is a repeat purchase. The value is excellent. The price was reasonable. The interval between order and receiving was less than a week via USPS. Direct Home Medical is my go to store for home medical products. Kudos for offering USPS delivery to Hawaii. D. H. Leopold,

  • Permanent facial strap lines

    The Comfortgel was my original mask design 10 years ago before I switched to the Easylife CPAP mask, which has now been discontinued. Frankly, the Comfortgel is no match for the Easylife mask in terms of comfort even though both appear to be similar. In fact, I suspect that calling this mask Comfortgel was a cruel attempt at irony. The mask leaks badly unless I tighten the straps so tight that I wake up at night with face ache and walk around all day with strap indentations on my cheeks. Gary ,

  • Size matters

    Large is way to big, crosses my cheek bones, very sinful by morning Shawn,

  • My sensitivity

    It's exactly what I expected. I was not comfortable wearing mask. Still prefer nose pillow type. Good for people who can tolerate mask. Just not me. Ronald ,

  • Great

    Great Service and great price Walter,

  • grand calls it darth vader mask

    Fits just right as advertised Ed k,

  • Best for comfort!

    Love this mask! Feels like skin on skin! Very comfortable and best part, it doesn't leave intentions that may lead to scaring..J. short ,

  • Excellent Value

    I bought this for my brother-in-law the price here is far less than what he has been paying elsewhere for the exact same mask and headgear. Poppabear,

  • Cpap

    Head gear was very bulky and uncomfortable Amir Hadad,

  • works for me

    I have used this set up for many years now and it really works good for me . Once the headgear is adjusted it stays and fits and I get a good nights sleep . Kelvin,

  • Very heavy

    I did not like it as it was too heavy. Paul D,

  • Uncomfortable and Loud

    This mask is very uncomfortable and has woken me up several times. The air flow leeks out of the corners of the mask and makes hissing sounds. The only way to avoid this problem was to tighten the mask to the point that it leaves my skin indented in the morning. Elizabeth,

  • Real Comfortable, but Real Cold

    The mask was/is comfortable - but after a few hours of use, the are pumping out of it was really really cold. Happened two nights in a row. Could not continue to use it. My cpap has a humidifier, but no heater (s9 auto-set). That may make the difference. Not sure. I also bought a comfort gel nasal mask - no issues with cold. Mike,

  • Best yet!

    Comfortable, super quiet, best sleep I've had in years.DON,

  • Very comfortable!!

    The mask and headgear is much easier to get used to, very comfortable. I highly recommend! DReyes,

  • My CPAP

    great replacement for original Dennis Costner,

  • Below Expectations

    This newer Comfort Gel Nasal Mask is 1) Heavier than my Comfort Fusion Nasal Mask 2) Expels the bypass air onto my chest rather than over my head (I sling the hose over my head, between the wall and my mattress) 3) The bypass air hole seems smaller on the Comfort Gel Mask and therefore more forceful (overall bad design for the way I like to arrange the mask and hose for sleeping). 4) Not as comfortable as my discontinued Comfort Fusion Mask. The gel sides are too rigid on the Comfort Gel Mask. I get that the sides must be rigid enough to seal and act as a stand-off for the hard plastic bits of the mask but there needs to be a much more comfortable transition in the gel rigidity at the point of contact with the face. 5) I tried it for four nights in a row with various head strap tensions before my face became sore and I returned it. 6) Thank you Direct Home Medical for your free 30 day trial. I don't know what I will try next since I can't get replacement seals for my Comfort Fusion WHICH WORKED JUST FINE PHILIPS. Kent,

  • Best mask

    This is the second time I have ordered this mask and am every happy with it. Direct Home Medical is the go to vendor for CPAP supplies Jim McGoldrick,

  • my go to mask

    I've tried some of the new masks but always go back to this one, I find it I'm sticking with it! TC,

  • Not For Mouth Breathers

    This is a good quality mask, if you're not a mouth breather. However, I am, so it's not for me.Tom K,

  • Well made product and very comfortable

    I bought 2 of these to switch daily and just installed them. They are top quality and it's nice to be able to buy the complete mask and head gear at such a great price & much cheaper than through my insurance. These CPAPs are definitely life savers for people like me. Thank You A.D,,

  • Comfortgel

    What a great product it fits well and doesn't leakCs,

  • Blue nasal mask

    Mask was delivered on time but I found it a little to heavy and stiff for my taste. I went back to my original type Charliet,

  • Good Product

    This mask is different from my previous mask. My previous one was falling apart. It is very comfortable and I am glad that I ordered it. I am glad that I found this company to order my supplies from. A more pleasant experience than my insurance designated supplier. Mark,

  • Almost Happy

    Product works well; however has very poor design on headgear attachments------down the line the two (2) ears will snap and break Making mask TOTALLY useless!I have to many replacement parts to Switch now.Larry,

  • Comfort gel blue nasal CPAP mask pack with headgear

    Second time I ordered this product and the headgear has no elasticity to it. Without the give to the headgear it makes it uncomfortable to wear. Doug,

  • Okay, for me.

    I've been using the ProFile Lite for 10 years and they might be discontinued. Thankfully DHM has them. Just in case they are discontinued, I tried the ComfortGel Blue in the same size. The COMFORTGEL mask is not as wide as the PROFILE LITE and "cuts" into my face. The gel doesn't seem as soft as well.Rich,

  • Great product and good service

    The Respironics mask was delivered quickly and in good condition. The mask performs beautifully. I will continue to do business with Direct Home mEDICAL.Randy W,

  • No FIT

    Gel felt much better, but could not find "good" fit. Too much head gear with which to deal.Vickie B,

  • Pretty comfortable

    Works well, but. I have a narrow deep nose bridge and it has trouble sealing well. By moving it up my face a little it seals pretty well by resting partially on my lower forehead. But much better than the last one which gave me sores - so overall good. Mark,

  • cpap mask

    very good service and price DENNIS,


    My husbands been buying this product for a few years from this company. Their product is exactly as they claim & its comfortable. A LOT cheaper than buying from a local medical store!! P Peart,

  • Comfortgel ratings/Nasal mask

    I have purchased "RemStar Pro C-Flex+ Respironics" from Direct medical over 5 years ago and ever since I have been buying various accessories from this company. They are most reliable and have been very helpful with any inquiries I had. I am very satisfied with their service and I will continue to do business with them in the furure Dr. B S J,

  • Fit perfectly

    I was afraid when I purchased this mask, but it fis, more comfortable than the one respironic discontinued. AJ Cintron,

  • blue is good

    Thanks for my new blue nasal cpap mask with headgear. It got here fast and I live in Hawaii. I wil definitely be buying more products for my cpap machine. Michael ,

  • very nice

    nicely made very comfortable. I was having trouble with a nasal pillow falling off during the night. This one stays on even when I turn on side would recommend it. Thanks direct bud,

  • Sometimes change is bad.

    I've used the previous version of this mask for 15 years, and while the physical mask and headgear are fine, the newly revised angled exhalation micro ports just doesn't function properly. I'm not certain if it lets too much air out or not, but after a week of not sleeping properly, I switched out the frame and went back to my old housing and sleeping fine. Wish they would have a left a great alone. Bob,

  • Great Mask

    Very comfortable and fits really well. Darryl,

  • great service and price

    Everything went very smoothly. Thanks a million Tom,

  • Great CPAP Mask/Great Service

    This is the third ComfortGel Blue CPAP mask I've owned and it is by far the best. It is very comfortable. It doesn't feel as if an elephant is sitting on your face. Hubby says it is quieter, too. The service at Direct Home Medical is exceptional. An order for a new CPAP mask was placed Monday morning and the new CPAP mask was delivered that Thursday. I could not be more happy with the mask or with the service provided by Direct Home Medical! Susan,

  • Nice mask

    I've used this mask for years. For me, nice fit, comfortable. Chris,

  • Great price fast delivery

    You guys are a real find. Great service, great prices, fast delivery. You are now my go to supplier for CPAP supplies.Eric B,

  • Great Service

    I have now bought twice from your company and have been very satisfied with your service. John L,

  • BiPap Mask

    Exactly what I was looking for. Quick delivery. Plesant agents to deal with. Jose S.,

  • Great buy

    The item was in perfect condition and the shipping was very fast thanks Arife Demir,

  • Nose bumps

    I used the product for a few nights and have given up on a nose mask now. If I get a goosd seal, I would wake up from the pain on my nose bridge. I have palyed with head gera so much with no good result. I would end up taking it off in middel of the night due to pain. Mahmood Abdi-Moradi,