Mirage™ FX Nasal CPAP Mask Pack

ResMed Mirage™ FX Nasal CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

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Try Mirage FX Nasal Mask at home and if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. Love it or send it back, it's that simple!

ResMed's Mirage FX Masks (including the Mirage FX and Mirage FX For Her) are a true leap forward in nasal CPAP mask design. With only four parts (including the headgear) it is hard to imagine more simple nasal mask designs. It is also hard to imagine designs more sophisticated or state of the art.

The Mirage FX is built around a streamlined, lightweight, durable frame strong enough to stabilize the mask on the face, yet soft enough to accommodate user movement during sleep. The mask's integrated, flexible, winged forehead support moves and stretches with the user to provide a dynamic range of fit and adjustment.

Mirage FX's dual-wall, Spring Air cushion is coated with soft-touch frosting to provide comfort and even pressure distribution. The unique design provides an even softer texture and removed undercushion at the nasal bridge to reduce the pressure, soreness, irritation and discomfort commonly felt in this senstitive area. At the front of the FX's Spring Air cushion is an in-moulded vent ring that disperses air gently and quietly away from the user and bed partners.

ResMed has developed a unique textile composition specially for the Mirage FX's headgear. The materials used are soft, flexible and breathable, improving comfort and support for users. The headgear's form-fitting design springs to life, ready to fit and wear. The SoftEdge straps have rounded, seamless edges to reduce touch points, marks and discomfort. SoftEdge headgear is available in two sizes and colors -- Standard Gray, Small Gray, and Small Pink.

Mirage FX's squeeze-tab elbow makes it easy to attach and detach from the mask frame with just one hand. Tubing can also be attached to the elbow prior to the elbow being attached to the frame. This eliminates the hard snap of a swivel and pushing into the face.

Overall the revolutionary Mirage FX is easy to fit, wear, clean, and adjust. Their streamlined and unobtrusive design can help new CPAP and BiLevel users overcome the physical and emotional barriers to accepting therapy; and more experienced users will love the soft, easy fit and the amazing experience of wearing a truly ultra-light (less than 2.5 ounces including headgear) mask.

Mirage FX masks are available in three sizes -- small, standard and wide. The standard is designed to fit most users. The wide mask is designed for users with wider nasal features, and the small mask is designed for users with more petite nasal features.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer ResMed
  • In the Package Mirage FX Nasal CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Adjustable Headgear
  • Part Number(s) 62103 (Standard), 62118 (Wide)
  • HCPCS Code A7034
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00619498621033, 00619498621187
  • Warranty 90 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country Australia (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Size(s) Small, Standard, Wide
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Mask Performance

  • Type Nasal Cushion Mask
  • Pressure Levels 4-20 CM H2O (Recommended)


Average Rating of
Total 14 Reviews
  • I love this mask.

    I love this mask. Always what I buy.
    Written by jrlivingston, 2019-03-22
  • Good service, device does the job

    Quality materials, good design, shipped quickly and safely.
    Written by michael-36238, 2018-08-20
  • Exactly what I was looking for

    Everything went smoothly Would certainly order again
    Written by sullymon5103, 2018-02-05
  • Happy C-Pap-E!!!!

    Product was delivered in a timely manner and arrived exactly as described. Fits perfectly and I'm pleased as Punch!
    Written by jballantyne, 2018-01-31
  • great Company

    Great product and fast delivery
    Written by benniebradley66, 2018-01-18
  • Howard's Word

    Very nice product.
    Written by Howard T., 2016-08-29
  • Tried it did not like it

    Sure for some this Mask must fit great, but big guys here big head and the fit just was not there,,,Went for sleep test and was mask they used,,,Woke up after test nose and face hurt it has to be kept on so tight to work,,,,,,But if they make a re design i will give it a try, it did feel comfortable when was first put on but the long term use is the problem for me...and my Pressures and not that high it should not have be on so tight to fit with a good seal,,,
    Written by Adam K, 2015-10-27
  • New CPAP Mask

    I like this mask. Less leaks and is more comfortable since I'm a side sleeper.
    Written by Nancy, 2015-09-29

    The old mask had given up the ghost- it was two years old. Tried two less expensive ones- a full-face when my sinuses go nuts and a nasal mask that was, um, horrible after the first night. So I got this one. After two weeks of continual use, it works like a charm! Face to mask gaps are eliminated, cleaning is the easiest I've had with a mask. The only thing I might change a little would be the head straps. Innovative connectors are great...but for some reason, I want more response for the back of my head...I feel it coming loose...and it isn't, because the skull strap is made of two parts. Not sure if this can be changed ... but the bottom line is it works and works well. Haven't taken the mask off in the middle of the night for two whole weeks! And it is QUIET. Good buy for me and am hoping the plastic inserts aren't going to cost an arm and leg (hint, hint) 8)
    Written by Scot W, 2015-05-27
  • better than original

    nice mask that feels better made than my original mask. good straps for securing the mask to my face to stop air leakage.
    Written by Jimmy Joe L, 2014-09-16
  • CPAP small mask

    This is the best "over the nose" mask I have used. There is no leaking of air around the edges to disturb my sleep and it is so small on my face that I don't feel overwhelmed and go off to sleep. I can even watch TV with it on!
    Written by Lisa G, 2014-03-05
  • Verry happy

    I have used other masks and I love this one Unfortunately I wore it out in about 2yr. So I guess I have to say it has small design weekness Where the elbow goes into mask it is soft plastic the weight of the hose causes constant pull on elbow With nightly movement it came apart/tore where hard plastic meets soft plastic. I believe it just wore out however I was able (I think, have not yet received it) order new soft plastic mask. I am in no way critizing just suggesting I love the mask and would buy new one if parts don't fix my problem
    Written by Daniel S , 2014-02-12
  • Too Much of a Mirage

    I decided to take a chance on trying out this mask. I liked the minimalist style and yet it seemed to be more of a mask than some that are designed in this fashion. I tried it out for a week and then happily went back to my old mask. I was tired out at the end of the week. It was the right mask, but it was leaking way to much and was never really going to fit well. Perhaps this would be a good mask for someone, but I am not that someone. There was no sense of this "floating" on my face. I had to tighten it too much to try and keep it from leaking. Not a good experience.
    Written by Starry, 2013-07-02
  • Mirage FX

    Love this nasal mask. I am very difficult to fit due to paralysis and nerve damage in my face from GB Syndrome. I love it. I'm a very active sleeper and have no problems with pressure areas or air leaks. Can't use my other mask I used to love before this one.
    Written by Suzanne G B, 2013-02-18