HypoAllergenic Filter for AirSense™ 10, AirStart ™ 10, AirCurve 10 & S9 CPAP Machines

HypoAllergenic Filter for AirSense™ 10, AirStart ™ 10, AirCurve 10 & S9 CPAP Machines

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Quantity Price Each
1-4 $3.75
5-9 $1.95
10-49 $1.45
50+ $0.95


USAGE: These filters are disposable and should be changed regularly when soiled. For complete instructions review the documentation that came with your equipment.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer DirectHomeMedical
  • Part Number(s) 36855-DHM
  • HCPCS Code A7038
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00619498368556


  • All S9 CPAP & BiLevel Machines (S9 Escape, S9 Elite, S9 AutoSet, S9 VPAP S, S9 VPAP Auto, S9 VPAP ST, S9 VPAP Adapt SV, etc.), All AirSense 10 CPAP Machines (AirSense 10, AirSense 10 Elite, AirSense 10 AutoSet, AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her, etc.), All AirStart 10 CPAP Machines, All AirCurve 10 BiLevel Machines (AirCurve 10 S, AirCurve 10 ST, AirCurve 10 VAuto, AirCurve 10 ASV, etc.)

Physical Specifications

  • Size (Approx) 2.125 x 1.4375 Inches
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Average Rating of
Total 31 Reviews
  • Great!

    A simple order ... but delivered on a timely basis. Thank you.
    Written by ckozer6688, 2019-12-01
  • Very Happy

    Great and it can fast and love!
    Written by gsdpuppies76, 2019-11-16
  • They work

    They work. I cannot say anything negative, after all, they are just filters and I have not had a bad experience with them.
    Written by lornamartin1961, 2019-03-17
  • Best to buy in quantity

    Less expensive in quantity. Always check the coupons !
    Written by Leeovrcash, 2019-02-12
  • CPAP Filters

    Great as always....We have used Direct many times.
    Written by ronaysteve, 2018-09-01
  • Great filters

    Collects more dust and pollen than the standard filter
    Written by dragon_fly_39, 2018-08-09
  • Ridiculous price for such a thin and not very substantial material.

    Very easy to use website.
    Written by tleeilg7, 2018-06-26
  • Filter

    Too early to tell, only changed once so far.
    Written by ChetWittkin, 2018-05-01
  • Great product for a fair price

    These appear to be filters manufactured for Resmed, and as such are excellent quality. Fair price from Direct Home Medical; so many other places offer questionable filters for ridiculously high prices. Thanks Direct Home Medical!
    Written by CPAPBrian, Columbia, South Carolina 2018-04-20
  • Breathing Easy

    I have ordered filters for my machine on 3 occasions now and have had not problems with my order, the cost, the delivery is as promised and they keep me breathing easy. Can't complain.
    Written by phlbaro, 2018-04-13
  • Great value filter

    Good value for quality hypoallergenic filters.
    Written by reys21-71858, 2018-01-18

    I received all of my hypoallergenic filters for Airsense 10. Thank you very much.
    Written by Bonnie, 2017-04-29
  • Hard to tell

    Kinda hard to tell. It works...
    Written by Dan, 2017-04-17
  • CPAP Filters

    Very thin, unlike originals that came with the machine. I will probably have to use 2 or 3 at a time instead of one original.
    Written by ChuckD, 2017-01-13
  • Great for allergy sufferers!

    I love these filters, I have terrible seasonal allergies, these make such a difference for me. They filter out particles that are so fine we cant see them. I cannot do without them.
    Written by Kelly Herndon, 2016-12-29
  • Breath Easy

    Filters are a must to keep the air clean. Delivery quick.
    Written by Laverne, 2016-11-03
  • Helps in a dry dusty environment

    This fine-filter is excellent for Denver's dry, dusty climate -- especially this year. I change the filter every 10 days, and I can see the darker color on the used filter. The fine dust from the dry environment, plus the dog and cat debris, can make a mess of my electronic equipment. I am happy with the extra protection this product provides.
    Written by RockyColo, 2016-11-01
  • Great Filters

    Types filters work well. The orginal filters that came with AirSense10 would only filter larg objects while staying white the entire use. These hypoallergenic filters work so much better. Depending where I use my cpap they need to be changed every 2-4 weeks and you can actually see that they work as they are nolonger new looking white. The also cleared up my sinus problem where my nose would close up and I would take off my mask in my sleep losing the help that the cpap was suppose to doing. Thanks.
    Written by Richard , 2016-05-02
  • S9 Cpap hypo allergenic filters

    This filters are far superior to the filters we were getting from the Medical Supplier of our Cpap--at 3 times the price!! We will definately stay with this company.
    Written by SueinSC, 2015-01-25
  • great value

    First time using this Company. Easy site to use, the Filters are just what I needed and so very reasonably priced. Order was here in just a few days. Thank you I will continue to buy from you.
    Written by SDL, 2014-11-07

    Great product
    Written by Ken, 2014-09-26
  • BEST ResMed S9 Filter for clean air

    This filter fits perfectly, filters the air of Allergens, odors etc and does it efficiently, without restricting the airflow. Even the visual appearance of the filter is easily seen to be superior to the standard filter and other Hypoallergenic filters, and at a much better price here than anywhere else I have seen.
    Written by Allergies no more, 2014-08-21
  • Great Price

    Just goes to show how some medical companies over charge big time.
    Written by Ana H, 2014-05-16
  • Hypoallergenic Filters

    These are great. With allergy season upon us, these keep pollen out of my VPAP machine allowing me to sleep without sneezing, and a stuffy nose. Great product, good price. Don't forget to adjust your machine for hypo-allergenic filters.
    Written by J. Robertson, 2014-03-28
  • Very helpful

    I have an IQAir air purifying system in my bedroom. I wasn't sure if an additional hypo-allergenic filter (instead of the standard) is needed for the cpap. But hey, what a surprise - after a month, I could actually see the grey-black color on the outside of the filter. A must have! Good price and fast delivery.
    Written by JF, 2013-11-11
  • Great value

    Two for less than the price of one charged by some companies.
    Written by Ray, 2013-09-03
  • Thank You

    Thank you
    Written by Rachel, 2013-06-29
  • Satisfied

    The filters were good quality.
    Written by Dan from Texas, 2013-06-24
  • Filters with a difference

    I notice a definite difference when I use these HypoAllergenic filters. Everybody's nose is different of course, but for the slight extra cost you just can't beat these.
    Written by MikeB, 2013-02-04
  • VPAP Filters

    Hands down the most reasonably price and best filter I've used so far. Even though I know the filter is supposed to protect the motor, like your furnace or air conditioner filter, I swear the air was sweeter after I installed the first and second one. Bravo Direct Home Medical. This is a must buy for anyone with a Resmed VPAP- or any other machine it will fit.
    Written by Scot W., 2012-11-22
  • Small but effective

    Better filtration than the standard, for only a little more.
    Written by William, 2012-09-09