Bella Loops Headgear for Swift™ FX and Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks - 1 Pair

ResMed Bella Loops Headgear for Swift™ FX and Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks - 1 Pair

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Each Bella Loops pack includes one pair of Bella Loops with buckles, and one pair of soft sleeves in pink or gray depending on the color selected at checkout.

COLOR: Bella Loops are available in two colors -- Pink & Gray.

COMPATIBILITY: Bella Loops come standard with all Swift FX Bella & Swift FX Bella Gray Masks. They can also be used as an alternate headgear style with all Swift FX Series Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks.

NOTE: While the fittings are compatible, Bella Loops are NOT recommended for use with Swift FX Nano Masks. This is due to subtle differences in the mask design required to position nasal pillows properly against the face.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer ResMed
  • Part Number(s) 61582 (Gray), 61581 (Pink)
  • HCPCS Code A7035
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00619498615827, 00619498615810
  • Country Australia, China (Typical Origin)


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Total 19 Reviews
  • Great company Great Prices

    Easy to order and fast delivery
    Written by thom3500, 2019-09-03
  • Big improvement for nighttime

    Have used a nasal mask for 3 years and struggled to keep it positioned in my nose at night. Ended up learning to sleep holding it in place which led to many wake ups during in the night. Found this style mask and it has made a world of difference ! Easily adjustable and so light I am almost not aware it is on. Wish I had found this years ago and will NEVER go back to other style mask. My local supplier should offer this mask but I will continue to order online.
    Written by ellncat, Minnesota2019-07-30
  • Have to have my Bella Loops!

    These used to be included in the Bella Swift Nasal CPAP set for an optional fit so your head would not be wrapped in head gear when using the CAPAP. I can't stand for my head to be wrapped when sleeping so the Bella Loops was perfect for me. Now instead of the loops being included I have to purchase then separately out of pocket. Realo Drugs in New Bern, NC will NOT buy purchase sets that the loops are included for their customers..... my insurance would cover it too! My friend that also purchases her set up thru Realo Drugs in New Bern, NC uses the Bella Swift set up also has to purchase the Bella Loops separately out of pocket also.....
    Written by nbrhodes1, New Bern, NC2019-07-21
  • Great product thank you

    Great product and fast shipping
    Written by dazzlemewhite, Ohio2019-06-02
  • Comfortable fit

    Bella loops more comfortable than other headgear. Do not cause issues with hair.
    Written by angel_51350, Columbus, OH2019-04-27
  • Perfect fit and comfortable.

    I have been using different masks for a number of years. When I decided to try this Bella Looks Headgear and Bella Nasal Pillows I found that they very comfortable, stayed in place all night, easy on and off and easy to keep clean. Now for the ladies, there is no head gear and dosen't mess with your hair, which I love. I would definitely recommend these to any one who is using a CPAP machine. I truly believe the love of the machine is the mask you wear.
    Written by slepine47, 2019-02-19
  • Just what I have been looking for!

    I like these so much better than an "over the head" type headgear. Headgear has always given me a headache. These have solved that problem. I sleep better and feel better due to not having headaches. I also do not wake up in the night from the warmth of the headgear.
    Written by pennycbullock, 2019-01-30
  • I wish I had discovered this years ago.

    I have had the strap that goes over my head and it’s blocked my view to TV, uncomfortable and worst things is it has broken my hair at the place the strap goes over. With the new one, it doesn’t obstruct my view of TV, it’s very comfortable and it WONT break my hair!!!
    Written by jdh4vols, 2018-12-04
  • These are awesome.

    The Bella loops are awesome. You do not even know they are there. I have only had one mask leak since I started using the Bella loops and that was because my hose got caught on the edge of the bed. Please never stop selling these.
    Written by Judy , 2017-06-21
  • Bella Loops for Swift Nasal Mask

    I like the loops, but unfortunately, the backs of my ears tend to break out from them and itch. I put Vaseline behind my ears and wrap the loops with tissue or cloth to try to protect my ears. The straps on my face tend to leave marks unless I again fold up a tissue and place it under the straps. Having said this, I have used this mask for a few years now. I still find it less cumbersome than a lot of masks out there, and it doesn't leave me with "hat hair" in the morning.
    Written by Mellie, 2017-06-19
  • Great Experience

    The item I ordered arrived very quickly. Smooth transaction.
    Written by Raine, 2017-01-31

    the best, simple and effective.
    Written by tom v, 2016-07-03
  • Great concept!

    It's wonderful not having a full headgear. No more straps slipping down my head in the middle of the night. It still takes some time to get used to though. My ears are toughening up. I've been using it a week and it's getting better. Easy to put on and take off. Very glad I switched!
    Written by Pam, 2014-05-09
  • Surprisingly comfortable!

    A nice option to try if you want an alternative to head gear. I ordered them along with my Swift FX for Women and find both the Bella Loops and headgear equally comfortable, so I'm very happy with my purchases and suggest you also treat yourself to the hose clips you can buy on this site as well so you don't experience the "hose drag" that can pull your mask out of position. You will indeed, sleep like a baby! Thank you!
    Written by NoMoreSleeplessNights!, 2013-10-20
  • Ear loops for FX

    Nice addition to the Swift FX. Good to alternate with the standard headgear.
    Written by BDA, 2013-10-14
  • comfortable

    Bella loops are comfortable, less disturbed sleep adjusting the head gear.
    Written by Patty, 2013-08-30
  • They are uncomfortable

    They don't prevent leaks. They are uncomfortable to wear. I sleep on my side. Not a good purchase.
    Written by Karen , 2013-05-23
  • Love the simpler headgear.

    It is simple and so much more comfortable. I love it and am sleeping so much better.
    Written by Pat Langer, 2012-05-01
  • Great Addition to the FX

    The ear loops have made it possible for me to use the FX with none to minimal leaks. If you like the FX but are fighting leaks with the tradition headset, I recommend you try the ear loops!
    Written by Barbara DaRe, 2012-02-28