O2 Ear Buddies Oxygen Cannula Clips - 1 Pair


Each durable and lightweight O2 Ear Buddy is made of medical grade plastic and can be attached to a hat, headband, visor or wig and are easily transferable. The O2 Ear Buddies are available in white or clear to match whatever you're wearing or whichever color you prefer.

CLEAR O2 Ear Buddies have a minimalist, clear finish that blends effortlessly with cannula tubing, making them almost invisible when worn.

WHITE O2 Ear Buddies are bright and clean. They always look fresh, creating a clean, bright, vibrant look when worn with white headgear or hairstyles.


Product Information

  • Manufacturer O2 Ear Buddies
  • Part Number(s) CLR052 (Clear), BL231 (Black) Discontinued, WT378 (White)
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) Clear, White
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Average Rating of
Total 25 Reviews
  • Ear Saver

    I ordered two pairs for my father in law and he loved them! He has a pair on his baseball cap and we were able to put a pair on his glasses. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
    Written by karie-91473, Wisconsin2019-12-27
  • Cannula clips

    I think they are great as the oxygen hose doesn't pull my ears down. They need to lower the price as they are way too expensive!!!! $9.99 for a one inch piece of plastic is not good!!!I have gone thru three pairs since January...
    Written by jamegail1-90318, 2019-08-18
  • My ears no longer hurt,

    My ears sent me shopping for a product that would offer some relief. This product not only stopped the pain from having plastic slide around on your ear all the time but even if you step on the cannula tubes while walking your ears are not pulled back like trying to stop a horse. That alone is worth the 5 stars to a 24/7 wearer. For the first couple of days the tubes were tight under my neck at times but apparently they have worked themselves out. I currently use a baseball hat but i believe some nicer hats will work. I haven't taken the time to go shopping for a hat better to wear if I'm not wearing old blue jeans. If your ears hurt this is the best solution I know of.
    Written by oldman, Houston2019-03-21
  • Comfortable

    This was for my dad. He wore them for the 1st time at the hospital. He stated they were very comfortable.
    Written by carolynclement, 2018-11-25
  • Works Well

    These work so well for my husband. He frequently wears a ball cap, and the ear buddies keep his cannula tube from irritating his ears. Great idea!
    Written by cindymcatee, 2018-09-02
  • Great but broke at the outside hinge on both pairs

    I ordered two pairs of the black ear buddies and both of them broke about the same time, the clip that goes on the head band or hat broke off at the hinge, I got some clear buddies and hope they last longer than 8 months.
    Written by carlswanson60-14128, 2018-06-05
  • Great product

    I have put a pair of ear buddies on 3 different ball caps. They work great at keeping the cannula tubing off my ears. I use use a cannula made from stiffer tubing like the Westmed brand 0589. Using cannulas made with soft tubing has a habit of kinking.
    Written by victoradams, 2018-05-22
  • Life Saver

    Ear buddies has made my husband's life so much better. Having lost a good part of his ear from melanoma it was very difficult to keep his cannula on. These fixed the problem! Thank you Ear Buddies.
    Written by Pegbruhns, 2018-02-26
  • Excellent for hearing aid wearers.

    Looked all over for something to keep my husband from losing his behind-the-ear hearing aids when adjusting his cannulas. These clips are absolutely perfect for this situation. Surprised they aren't marketed for this purpose.
    Written by Ojai Race Fan, 2017-05-31
  • better design

    the idea is great, the design limits me placing them on anything but the thinnest fabric. and in bed, rolling onto one of these clips reminds me of sleeping in hair curlers when i was a teen. thin it down, add a simple hinge so it would attach to larger pieces of fabric, and consider something to hold the tubing in place so it won't slip out over night. personally i'd consider making a headband of something light weight and adding the clips to the bottom.
    Written by linterdit, 2017-05-06
  • Good but waaaay too expensive at $10

    Work well but much too expensive. They probably pay about $1 for these or less.
    Written by Techie, 2017-03-01
  • Hat clips

    Excellent Product, But seems expensive for bits of plastic. Keeps the tubing well away from my ears
    Written by Happy Ears, 2017-02-16
  • Does what it say, but could be better optimized.

    These helped to get the nasal cannula tubing off of my mother's ears, which gave her relief. However, they worked best with a hat, which meant that she wasn't comfortable wearing them for a very long period of time. I believe that the clips could be made such that they could be worn in longer hair (like barrettes or butterfly clips) instead of being attached to a larger hat/headband. We did attach them to alligator clips, in the end, and have been using them that way on and off.
    Written by K. M., 2017-02-13
  • Ear Buddies are Life Saver

    Due to surgery for melanoma of his ear my husband has very little of his ear left and it was difficult and painful to hold the cannula in place. The ear buddies work GREAT. They relieve the pressure on the ear and holdmthe tubing in place. Even at night when attached to a headband or hat.
    Written by Pegg B, 2017-02-07
  • description unclear

    Picture shows clip onto ball cap but did not get message from ad that hat/cap required. Does not clip onto glasses. Not pleased at all ! ! !
    Written by C J Smith, 2016-09-13
  • Kind of works

    The clips are a good idea but they are slick and come off too easily. Maybe need some ridges?
    Written by Joan, 2016-09-08
  • Ear pain avoidance

    This is a fabulous product for anyone who suffers from ear pain from using a cannula. Most especially, if you also wear hearing aids. I used to get sores where the upper ear joins the head.
    Written by Larry , 2016-03-11
  • O2 Ear Buddies Miracle

    This device really solved the problem. My husband had sores behind both ears. My only concern is the wear of headbands 24-7 and whether it will cause poor circulation. The verdict is out on this one. Excellent device and will purchase more just in case they are missed placed in the skilled nursing facility.
    Written by Dr. M Speights, 2016-01-11
  • Ear Buddies really work

    Once I attached them to a cap (which wasn't that easy) they worked great. I wear glasses, hearing aids and an oxygen cannula. Together, they put a lot of stress on my ears. These really help.
    Written by Art B, 2015-07-07
  • Great product

    Quick fix to the cannula rubbing on your ear. Love them!
    Written by Ed, 2015-04-29
  • WOW!

    a Top-shelf product here that really, really works... and works great! I have been on Oxygen therapy for 7 years, and not a lot in life hurts more aggravatingly than ear chafe caused by your cannula tubing. Ear Buddies solve this problem by taking the cannula off the ear entirely. They are very comfortable to wear to the extent that I don't even notice them. I intend to buy a couple more sets for spares. I most highly recommend Ear Buddies to anyone on oxygen.
    Written by Ed C, 2014-07-20
  • Great Product!

    My mother bought these for me. They gave me instant relief! No more sore ears!!
    Written by K A, 2014-07-03
  • Love Them!

    I bought these at a medical trade show 2 years ago. I love them. They move on my headband when my cannula catches on something. And if they didnt move it would choke me!! They give you instant relief and I feel are a easy & cheap solution to using oxygen. And I still have the same pair! Love Them!!!
    Written by Joe S, 2014-06-05
  • O2 Ear Buddies Oxygen Cannula Clips

    They are good idea but should be better designed to hold the hose from falling out as well as a fastener to the headband I tried using while in bed.
    Written by Ed R, 2014-04-02
  • no teeth won't hold

    the idea is good but the engineering lacks. the part that attaches to clothing needs a spring clip that opens and teeth to hold it on . the part that is suppose to hold the hose is smooth and the hose slips out
    Written by okie, 2014-03-31