35-Foot GREEN Crush Resistant Multi-Channel Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing

35-Foot GREEN Crush Resistant Multi-Channel Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing

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1-4 $6.95
5-9 $5.95
10+ $4.95
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Each transparent green vinyl oxygen supply tube comes with standard connectors on both ends so that it is compatible with oxygen concentrators from all major manufacturers including SeQual, Inogen, Respironics, Invacare, Puritan Bennett, DeVilbiss, and others.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Salter Labs
  • Part Number(s) 2035G
  • HCPCS Insurance Code A4616
  • GTIN / UPC Code 607411200687
  • Country of Origin Mexico (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Average Rating of
Total 43 Reviews
  • heibie

    This tubing doesn't kink!!!!!!shanniemubby,

  • Wonderful Improvement

    The free oxygen tubing from Medicare always gets kinks after only a few days. I kept tripping on it, and got tired of always fixing it. Love the crush-free!CelticQ,


    This oxygen tube is quite resilent considering it gets stepped on by me and others in my house, it's dragged across the whole house, dodges kitties that want to play with it...lol Don't hesitate it's well worth the reasonable cost. Utakin2me,

  • Great product

    Great length tube for someone who wanders all around a townhouse apt. Patricia McLaughlin,

  • new green O2 tubing

    Been in use for two days, half is relaxed, half is still curly. So far so good. I wonder if anyone makes a product that will make this damned cat less enthused to play - and chew - on my tubing? Maybe an electrified tube??? So far my only defense is a water gun. Mike Neylon,

  • Just the right length.

    35' hose is perfect for my mom's situation! 25' was too short to access what she needed to in the house and 50' was too much hose to deal with and was getting a tad dangerous for her. Found this 35' and it's perfect. Jojan,

  • oxygen hose

    work well and the extra length works greativan corder,

  • Oxygen 24/7

    Haven't used this one yet but sure it will be fine and not kink!!!! Fred,

  • You can see the green tubing on the floor or rug better than the clear.

    I am so happy with this product - it does not kink or get hung up on the fridge or stove like the clear one did. sunnybunny,

  • Mr. E

    Delivered in a timely matter and works fine. Ed,

  • Last two orders seem different

    Is Salter Labs using different tubing? I have been on oxygen for a little over a year and have ordered the 35' tubing. The recent orders seem to kink more easily, and it coils up worse than in the orders of the past year. These new ones NEVER relax; and if I can untwist them, they are coiled right back up in the same day. I thought of purchasing the violet MedLine tubing but the reviews on those are even worse :( Shelley,

  • Oxygen Tubing

    The tubing had kinks in them.Diane,

  • Excellent

    Good length ... doesn't seem to kink like the clear tubingElizabeth R M,

  • When the VAS or medicare won't provide

    Seems that the 25ft. and 50ft. varieties of this product are all that large outfits provide; 35 ft. does away with having to wrap the tubing up so as to not having to drag extra along in going from room to room. bruce,

  • Disappointed

    This tubing kinks up and tangles up more than I thought it would. I have the 35 foot length so I wonder if it is the length that causes the problem? Overall much better than standard tubing. Susan,

  • 35-foot green crush resistent oxygen tubing

    This tubing is much better that the clear tubing, but it stills coils up when walking around apartment. At the best it has not kinked up like some of the clear tubing does. Spence,

  • Only a couple minor complaints

    This tubing is great. It's the perfect length because 25ft isn't long enough to get around the house with and 50ft is just overkill which caused more problems. It is definitely crush resistant because I run over it with my wheelchair all the time. It can take some abuse. My only complaints (or wishes) are that it gets twisted up all the time and I am constantly going back to unwind it. Also, I know the ends on it are standard, but I would love to have it available with the easy connect ends. For someone with weak hands or arms it can be hard to connect it to my oxygen tank or adapter. Mina,

  • 35-foot green crush resistant oxygen tubing

    This a very good product. I use this kind all the time. Wayne B,

  • Nice longer length for added movement

    The green tubing is strong, easy to see and this longer length gives me more freedom of movement when needed.Tina,

  • Almost the right one

    This product is great in size. The place I had been getting my tubing only had 25 and 50 foot sizes. 25 ft is too small; 50 ft. is way too long. 35 ft. is perfect. I thought I was getting crush proof tubing which doesn't kink. I've had one and it was great. This one does kink but it is holding up so far. Anne,

  • Tubing

    Works great! Just long enough. Also easy to see on the floor. Pat,

  • Can see better!

    I like this because you can see it better and I like the 35 foot line. Linda,

  • Great peace of mind

    I'm so happy to find someplace that sell 35 ft. tubing. My supplier does not sell that length anymore. I have a small house so with this footage I am not getting tangles as I walk around. Gloria,

  • Always prompt service and fast delivery

    As has been my previous experience. I made my order only and received the product within very quickly. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future. G. Lanier,


    The oxygen supply tubing was perfect in length. It has worked well for me.Gloria,

  • Green hose

    I love the 35 foot! 25 is to small and 50 is too big. Thanks Gwen F,

  • Perfect

    Hasn't snagged yet! Kevin,

  • New User

    This is the first time I ordered supplies on my own. My concentrator and supplies were being supplied by a commercial company using Medicare. Their demands supposedly fostered by Medicare made me go on my own. This tubing is superior to theirs. J.C.,

  • Tubing

    Lov this green oxygen tubing. Does not kink or roll up on itself. Great great productMyra P,

  • green hose

    kinks up RHONDA,

  • Eval. of 35

    Great product. Prevents people in my home from tripping over a clear tube. I strongly recommend this for your home. Rob H.,

  • My husband loves this green tubing!

    Aside from the fact that it is easy to see and you don't trip over it all the time, it doesn't kink up like a lot of the others I have used. Thank you for another wonderful product that has improved my life. Sometimes little things can make a world of difference. Barbara A ,

  • Oxygen supply tubing

    Quick delivery. Item appears to be as shown. Have not used it yet Rick,

  • Positive Review

    Our local medical supplier could provide only 25' and 50' long oxygen tubing--one was too short and the other way too long. We were happy to find the 35' tubing at a very reasonable price.Lizmary,

  • sight ease

    we are very impressed with the green o2 hose. It makes it much easier to see across the floor. It allows my husband to go anywhere on our first floor, as well as climb upstairs to bed. Oma,

  • 35-Foot GREEN Crush Resistant Multi-Channel Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing

    35 Foot is a perfect length for me. And I love the green tubing, it makes it easier for all friends & family to see it and not trip on it. Strong tubing, can stand on it and suffer NO PROBLEMS getting air. This size is hard to find for a lower price. Tammy,

  • Green Oxygen Supply Tubing

    Convenient length. Twists less than clear tubing. DHM has quick delivery. Terry H.,

  • Mr

    Excellent A dugger,

  • Great company

    Thet ship prompt and have great customer service.Quinton W ,



  • No tangle tubing

    Love the crush resistant tubing - no more tangles. Hank,

  • Green oxygen tubimg

    Perfect, just what I wanted at a great price. Bob,

  • Great!

    Exactly as described. Fast shipping. Recommended! JML,