SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP Machine with Built-In Humidifier (DISCONTINUED)

SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP Machine with Built-In Humidifier (DISCONTINUED)

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For Reference Only - Discontinued January 2014


The SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP detects and effectively responds to flow limitations, apneas and hypopneas to deliver the lowest therapy pressure possible for comfortable, successful sleep therapy. It provides everything you would expect from an advanced Auto-CPAP machine -- 4-20CM Pressure Range, Universal Power Supply, Automatic Leak Compensation, Ramp, and a built in Heated Humidifier -- but it also offers some innovative solutions you may not have expected...

Patients commonly arouse and experience awake states during sleep. During these periods airway pressure is not needed and can actually make it more difficult to get back to sleep. SensAwake uses flow to monitor patients' breathing patterns and promptly lowers pressure during wakeful states to aid the transition back to sleep. The result is more personalized therapy throughout the night -- during both sleep and awake states.

Using a Heated Humidifier during CPAP Therapy is proven to improve therapy acceptance and compliance. The SleepStyle 254's built in heated humidifier offers a truly integrated, compact, and practical solution. The humidifier features Ambient Tracking PLUS Technology that auto-adjusts humidification levels to compensate for changes in room temperature, and humidity loss during mouth/mask leak. In addition users can raise and lower humidity levels with the push of a button whenever desired. Both disposable and long life humidifier chambers are available.

Two kinds of noise can annoy you and your sleeping partner during sleep therapy. There is the noise of the APAP system and the gurgling noise (rainout) that results from condensation forming in the air tube. The SleepStyle 254 addresses both issues. It operates very quietly and, with Ambient Tracking PLUS, it automatically adjusts the level of humidification to minimize rainout noise, from condensation in the system, while maximizing overall comfort levels.

The SleepStyle 254 offers a USB SmartStick and Fisher & Paykels PerformanceMaximizer Software capabilities for easy monitoring of treatment efficacy and comprehensive patient management.

By identifying and automatically compensating for mouth or mask leaks the SleepStyle 254 ensures the patient is effectively treated all night.

With SensAwake the SleepStyle 254 will automatically lower pressure during wakeful states of sleep, but you can also activate the ramp automaticallly. With push button ease users can lower pressure at the start of sleep, or after waking during the night, and the SleepStyle system will raise it slowly over time to create a more comfortable overall sleep experience.

amara cpap mask brochure
SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP
Product Brochure (PDF)
amara cpap mask brochure
SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP
Users Manual (PDF)
amara cpap mask brochure
SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP
Specifications (PDF)
amara cpap mask video
SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP
Setup Video
amara cpap mask video
SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP
Cleaning & Care Video
amara cpap mask video
SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP
Travel Advice
Size (Approximate) APAP with Humidifier = 10.8 x 6.7 x 5.5 inches
Weight (Approximate) APAP with Humidifier = 4.2 lbs
Mask Compatibility Compatible with all CPAP/BiPAP Masks
Tubing Compatibility Compatible with all Standard & Performance CPAP Tubing.

Operating Modes CPAP & AUTO-CPAP (APAP)
Pressure Range 4cm to 20cm H20 (1 cm H20)
Ramp Time 20 minutes (SensAwake Triggered)
Ramp Start Pressure Lowest APAP Pressure
Altitude Compenstation Manual 0 - 9000 Feet
Sound Levels Average less than 30 dBA
Comfort Technologies SensAwake & Ambient Tracking PLUS
Leak Compensation Automatic
Auto On/Off No
Humidifier Internal Heated Humidifier Built In

Data Storage on USB SmartStick Total run hours, average compliance hours per night

Universal Power Supply 100-115V 220-240V; 50-60 Hz
External Power Supply NA (The SleepStyle Series uses an internal power supply so there is no external "power brick" just a slimline power cord!)

Water Capacity 400ML at Recommended Water Level

APAP 2-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
  • In the Package SleepStyle 254 Auto-CPAP Machine, Travel Bag, Starter Filter, 6-Foot Breathing Tube, USB SmartStick, Two Humidifier Chambers, Water Funnel, Users Manual, Power Cord, 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Part Number(s) HC254
  • HCPCS Insurance Code E0601
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.
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