Nasal Pillows for Breeze SleepGear & ADAM Circuit CPAP Masks - 1 Pair

Nasal Pillows for Breeze SleepGear & ADAM Circuit CPAP Masks - 1 Pair

4.00 Average Rating of 11 Reviews Read Reviews

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STYLE & SIZING NOTES: There are two styles of Breeze & ADAM Circuit Nasal Pillows -- Standard and Dilator. Standard pillows are designed to fit most users and come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Dilator Pillows, with longer stems that extend further into the nostrils, are available for people with longer nares. Dilator Pillows were originally available in Small, Medium and Large sizes; however the Small Dilator Pillow size has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

COLOR NOTES: Breeze & ADAM Circuit Nasal Pillows are color coded for easy identification as follows: Small Blue, Medium Clear, Large Green, Extra Large Lavendar, Small Dilator Gray (Discontinued), Medium Dilator White, Large Dilator Yellow.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Covidien, Puritan Bennett
  • Part Number(s) S-616323-00 (Small Blue), S-616324-00 (Medium Clear), S-616325-00 (Large Green), Y-101969-00 (Extra Large Lavendar), S-616355-00 (Small Dilator Gray Discontinued), S-616356-00 (Medium Dilator White), S-616357-00 (Large Dilator Yellow Discontinued)
  • HCPCS Insurance Code A7033
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Warranty 30 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country of Origin Mexico (Typical)


Average Rating of
Total 11 Reviews
  • Great product

    Great product, fit is perfect. Sure helps to have no leaks.rom623drh2,

  • Excellent Original Type Nasal Pillow.

    Product received as described. Quick shipping. Will re-order from Direct Home Medical for CPAP supplies in the near future.MauveGorilla,

  • Size difference

    I purchased these for use with my Adam Circuit. I normally use the Green Large size. I ordered these and found that they run larger than the OEM that came with my equipment. I am having a difficult time trying to use them as they do not separate very well and tend to mesh together creating air leaks against my nose.Ray Garcia,

  • Direct Home Medical's The Best

    Searched all over for the nasal pillows that I need for my headgear and could only find them on Direct Home Medical. They made my day. Mary Therese,

  • Nose pillows

    I use blue nasal pillows. They used to be a matte finish and now are shiny. The shiny pillows make my nose raw. Kathy,

  • Irritating Seams

    Been using this type of nasal pillows successfully (and comfortably) for over 20 years...until I purchased these. These nasal pillows appear to be produced using inferior molding equipment that leaves a 'seam', called 'flash' by those in the injection molding business. It is excess material left on the piece where the two halves of the mold meet. In this case, the flash irritates my nostrils and becomes so painful that it wakes me up. D H,

  • Rough seams

    One nasal pillow was fine but the second had a rough seam that made my nose sore. I contacted Customer Service and was given a few options to remedy the situation. I was told that all nasal pillows are from the appliance manufacturer and not a third party so re-ordering these is *not* an option for me. I placed this order with Direct Home Medical because I had had the same problem buying locally. I guess over the years Breeze has dropped their quality control because when I got my cpap 9 years ago I never had this problem. I will now be switching head gear to another brand. I have to say that Customer Service is outstanding and worked with me, never making excuses, just stating facts and treated me like a valued customer. Barb,

  • Nasal Pillows - for ADAM circuit

    I get the extra large purple pillows. As always, exactly what I expected and of great quality. It's good to have non-leaking pillows again. Thanks! Ken,

  • Nasal pillows for Adams head gear

    They work great for me, because you can sleep on your side with this head gear. Mike M.,

  • Breeze

    I have tried all kinds of masks the breeze is by far the best. i have used it for 11years very happy. The only thing is the plastic part that holds the pillows breaks doug a.,

  • Love the Breeze

    I've been using the Breeze for years. It's the best mask I've used and I hope it's around for a long time.Teddy,