6 Foot Ultra-Light White Slim Performance Tubing for CPAP & BiPAP Machines

Philips Respironics 6 Foot Ultra-Light White Slim Performance Tubing for CPAP & BiPAP Machines

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With the introduction of minimalist, ultra-light CPAP masks it is more important ever to reduce the dragging and pulling that can be caused by traditional, heavy CPAP hoses and tubing. Slim Performance Tubing solves that problem with reduced weight and added convenience.

Slim Peformance Tubing is pure white in color so it looks less clinical (and ugly) than standard gray CPAP tubing. It includes ergonomically designed end caps that are easier to grasp and remove; and the universal cuffs make it easy to connect this tubing to any CPAP mask.

It's not just for Philips Respironics CPAP & BiPAP Systems! Slim Performance Tubing will work with any machine that has 15 millimeter or "Slim" tubing capabilities and uses standard tubing connections.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • Part Number(s) 1074400
  • HCPCS Code A7037
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00694157857305
  • Warranty 30 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)


  • Compatible with all CPAP & BiPAP Machines that have "slim" or "15 millimeter" tubing capabilities with standard connectors.

Physical Specifications

  • Inner Diameter 15 MM
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


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  • Quick service and good prices

    The slim tubing is very flexible and provides sufficient airflow. Never experienced problems with hose leakage. Much better than my experience with no-name supplies.
    Written by albert-83983, 2019-02-22
  • Good product

    Product is great customer service is so so
    Written by WilliamCapozzoli, 2018-05-08
  • ultra light tubing

    I like the ease of moving in bed. Its light weight and moves with me.I dont like the fact that it can easily get holes it it.
    Written by P.Meyer, 2017-07-19
  • Great 15mm Hose

    I have a ResMed machine and have been using the ResMed Slime Line hose. This hose is cheaper, lighter and far more flexible. Very happy with my purchase
    Written by Greg, 2017-07-03
  • Exactly what I was looking for, light weight tubing

    I have searched high and low for a light weight Cpap tubing. This product fits my need exactly.
    Written by Bruce Matzke, 2017-04-23
  • Great tube at a great price

    I love this thin ultra light tube. I use a full face mask and I hate when the tube pulls when I toss and turn causing a break in the seal. With this tube, it's so light weight, it doesn't pull on my mask at all and I sleep better though the night. Also, direct home medical has great customer service and support.
    Written by Will, 2014-10-05