Water Chamber for PR System One REMstar Heated Humidifiers

Philips Respironics Water Chamber for PR System One REMstar Heated Humidifiers

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COMPATIBILITY: Two versions of the PR SystemOne Heated Humidifier were produced by Philips Respironics and each requires a different water chamber lid. If you're using an older 50 SERIES Humidifier choose a CLEAR lid in your shopping cart. If you're using the newer 60 SERIES Humidifier Chamber choose an option with a DARK GRAY lid. If you're uncertain of which chamber lid you require a Universal Chamber Kit (Part 1063785) is available with both lids so you can be certain of getting the right fit.

SYSTEM ONE 50 & 60 SERIES HUMIDIFIER DIFFERENCES: The newer 60 SERIES SystemOne Heated Humidifier includes the words "SYSTEM ONE" embossed on the top of the humidifier unit and have dark gray side panels; older 50 SERIES Heated Humidifiers did not include any wording on the humidifier unit and have light gray (ivory) colord side panels.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • Part Number(s) 1063785, 1136502
  • HCPCS Code A7046
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00606959002227, 00702754047828
  • Warranty 30 Days - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)


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  • Best price

    Minor item, but best price on internet....came a few days later....will certainly look here first for ant CPAP items I need Thanks !
    Written by val273, 2020-01-27
  • Remstar has a very poor latching system for their heated humidifier water chamber.

    I go through at least 3 to 4 chambers each year, as the latches break no matter how carefully I engage them. They really need to be beefed up to prevent this issue. The part that engages eventually breaks off. Recently I have had some of the extrusions lose their tension and they do not move forward far enough to latch. I have been wedging a toothpick behind it which allows it to work for several more times before it eventually breaks. If there is a better option to replace these water chambers I would be happy to try them.
    Written by whydoibother, 2020-01-25
    Great. Works well with my unit. Received it in a timely fashion.
    Written by wbeedee, 2020-01-06
  • As it was advertised. And it came with two lids.

    Ordered online as my regular CPAP supply business said they couldn't get one any longer. Found one on the internet about 1/3 the price they normally charged me AFTER the insurance had paid.
    Written by letssing76, 2019-12-21
  • Works Great!

    Ordered the product for my husband. Received it in an efficient time. He was able to utilize it that night. Worked great and has since then! Glad I found you and your services! Thank you!
    Written by lindaallen80, Palestine, Texas2019-12-05
  • Good service

    Good pricing, quick shippping
    Written by rgarrett25, 2019-11-10
  • Quick delivery

    Works perfectly in my cpap machine
    Written by arwilsonhome, Michigan2019-10-05
  • Happy customer

    Quick service and easy ordering
    Written by lgriggs-34035, AR2019-09-15
  • Perfect Replacement

    This water tank was an exact replacement for my broken one.
    Written by BMusick2-9886, 2019-09-13
  • Replacement chamber

    It is exactly as represented.
    Written by markaragland, Good2019-07-09
  • Fast service

    Exactly as stated with quick delivery service
    Written by djc2170, 2019-06-12
  • Remstar

    Thanks works great at the right price.
    Written by sdesselles, 2019-06-05
  • FastNEasy

    Ordering was very easy and fast. I will be buying again.
    Written by alan-11333, Winnebago, IL2019-05-02
  • Excellent price

    Oem for my machine. Np fast free shipping
    Written by lil_bekka_25, 2019-01-22
  • great service

    quick processing and delivery
    Written by mikeconley22, 2018-12-30
  • Water Chamber replacement

    Great web site, very easy to use,very good quality
    Written by johnyurkas, 2018-12-27
  • Perfect

    Just what I needed (kkkkk
    Written by braintaz, 2018-12-25
  • Highly recommended

    I received my order in a timely manner, I got exactly what I wanted. I definitely recommend this place for the quality of the product and the quick delivery.
    Written by breeblessed99, 2018-11-04
  • Joyce’s water trough!

    It arrived in perfect condition and is working well! Thank you.
    Written by joycemcwhorter, 2018-09-11
  • Excellent service!

    Great service and fast. Your representative was very helpful.
    Written by pvaras, 2018-09-10
  • Water chamber for cpap

    Very happy with my water chamber. Also liked the quick delivery !
    Written by rmiller-77383, 2018-08-17
  • First Class!!!

    As always I got what I ordered!!
    Written by lds246, 2018-08-13
  • Great business

    5 star. Be back . keep up the great service
    Written by mgay1959, 2018-08-13
  • Does not have an overfill line

    The older units used to have a do not overfill line. Now I have to guess. 9 out of 10 times when I insert in unit, it overflows. Works great though.
    Written by brian_em_oreilly, 2018-05-21
  • Great buy...great product.

    I have always liked the products and the price is unbeatable.
    Written by dandkpeterson, 2018-02-20
  • Great price and excellent quality

    Product fit perfectly and arrived quickly
    Written by jeffpomerantz-14549, 2018-02-11
  • Water Chamber Review

    The water chamber works well. It fit the CPAP perfectly. The only complaint I have is the water fill line. On the previous water chamber the line was painted on and easy to see. On this water chamber the fill line is etched into the plastic and very difficult to see unless the light is just right. Otherwise, it is a good product.
    Written by Don, 2017-07-14
  • Great replacement tank

    It works and fits flawlessly.
    Written by Luis, 2017-05-01
  • Better Reservoir

    Holds a bit more water. Lasts till morning without going dry. Nice
    Written by David, 2016-11-21
  • Perfect replacement

    It was a perfect replacement for my original chamber.
    Written by jeffkenn, 2015-09-25
  • Leaks badly after 7 months.

    The tank leaked profusely and I handled it with kid gloves.
    Written by Rick, 2015-09-01
  • No problem.

    Very easy to get and worked flawlessly.
    Written by New guy., 2015-07-21
  • Falls apart

    Sadly, I purchased a replacement humidifier tank after my original one was old and kind of grungy from hard water. That has started the trend of cracking, leaking, lousy humidifier tanks. I've gotten tired of ordering new ones (4 of them now) thinking I did something to the tank, returning one, and then getting a new one just to have it cracked too. Some duct tape goes a long way though! It just shouldn't have to come to that for any of us.
    Written by Leaky, 2015-06-18
  • Excellent

    Helpful staff and next day delivery Could not ask for more!
    Written by Steve, 2015-05-19
  • PR System One Water Chamber

    This product is the exact part replacement for my PR System One heated humidifier. It comes with covers for both my system and the previous model. Kind of a waste to throwaway the extra cover but it appears to be Respironics way of not having to stock two different models of chambers. The service from Directhomemedical is excellent, great prices and definitely meets my CPAP needs. Thank you.
    Written by Ed, 2014-04-28
  • Washability

    All the info available on this tank says it is dishwasher safe. However, washing it in a dishwasher weekly for a couple of months tends to break the little tabs off that hold the heating plate to the bottom. I an uneasy about using any adhesive on this because I may end up inhaling it. That said, these aren't too expensive, so I just make certian that I always have a spare.
    Written by Rick R, 2014-04-21
  • My Direct HomeMed Experience

    I have made several purchases thru DHM & they have more than lived up to my expectations. Their website is easy to maneuver thru & and their prices are fair. The live chat is great & very helpful. I'll surely turn to Direct HomeMed for my future needs.
    Written by Pete, 2014-04-03
  • water

    I took a guess and I got the right heater. I am happy with my purchase.
    Written by Rose, 2014-03-15
  • Water chamber

    Love using Direct Home Medical! Fast shipping and excellent value! I won't buy my sleep apnea supplies anywhere else.
    Written by RW, 2013-05-26
  • Item is perfect

    This is exactly what I needed. Ordering it online saved me money and the supplies arrived quickly. It couldn't have been easier.
    Written by C-pap user, 2013-04-09
  • Excellent value

    Looks, fits and works just like original at a lot less cost
    Written by Wyo breather, 2013-02-26
  • Quality Product

    My new water chamber is extremely well made; better made than the original one my machine came with. It's an excellent choice.
    Written by Kay R., 2012-08-15
  • thanks

    Thanks for the fast shipping.
    Written by beth, 2012-04-27
  • Warning about tap water

    Use only distilled water! Tap water will quickly adhere chemicals to the heating plate expelling tainted air into the nostrils and affecting the user's sense of smell, to the point that the user might think there is something medically wrong. The humidifier/heating plate must be replaced at that point.
    Written by Zane-Clair Greene, 2012-03-27
  • System one water chanber.

    The price is great, the chamber works real good in the humidifier. The seals seem to last around three months before a patient will notice the chamber starts to use more water, before replacement.
    Written by Brad Johnson, 2012-03-14