Headgear for AirFit™ P10 Series CPAP Masks

ResMed Headgear for AirFit™ P10 Series CPAP Masks

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QuickFit Headgear's split-strap design is auto-adjusting and simple to fit -- just spread the back straps apart for a looser fit, or bring them together for a tighter fit. QuickFit headgear slips on and off easily without any extra clips or adjustments required.

COLOR: QuickFit Headgear for AirFit CPAP Masks is available in two color schemes: gray with pink highlights and gray with blue highlights. Both color options are identically sized and can be used on any AirFit P10 or AirFit P10 For Her mask.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer ResMed
  • Part Number(s) 62935 (Gray with Blue Highlights), 62936 (Gray with Pink Highlights)
  • HCPCS Code A7035
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00619498629350, 00619498629367
  • Warranty 30 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country Australia (Typical Origin)


Average Rating of
Total 21 Reviews
  • Great price and speedy service

    I just received a new headgear strap for my Resmed P 10 C Pap mask. Great price and speedy service.
    Written by loriclabourot, Amazon E store2019-07-26
  • Not a complaint about DirectHomeMedical, but about the supplier...

    I've been using the P10 mask for over 5 years, and since at least last fall (maybe earlier, but my records for last year were lost) I have noticed that the elastic in the headgear (the blue-grey strap material) seems to have less elasticity than the original models. Previously, if I changed headgear on a 90 day schedule, I would find that the elastic strap had stretched between 1 to 1.5 inches in that time; now, it frequently stretches an inch within 30 days, necessitating much more frequent replacements to maintain a good seal (I'm a research scientist; I do the measurements when I replace parts). A 90 day cycle for replacing the silicon nasal pillows is still more than adequate to my needs, but since the straps provide the tension in the system, they now seem to be a weakening link! I'd be interested to know if the supplier has changed manufacturing process, or what is going on. If this continues, I may be looking for a different mask, despite my long-time general satisfaction with the P10.
    Written by tresthompson, Plano, TX2019-07-01
  • Quick Delivery

    I had a quick delivery and the price was lower than a competitor!
    Written by slowmow, very good fit2019-04-13

    Fits like a dream. Its been a long time since i had one thsat fits.
    Written by mumf7625, 2019-04-01
  • Not Hypoallergenic!

    The headgear is not made from a hypoallergenic fabric or material. It caused a terrible rash on both sides of my face that need medical treatment. Please change the headgear material for this great nasal pillow mask. Please??
    Written by ardeljan_panta, 2018-12-15
  • P10 Headgear and AirFit P10 Pillow

    I can't tolerate anything that puts the slightest pressure on the bridge of my nose. The AIRFIT P10 headgear and nasal pillow solved that problem and I get at least one year out each of them. I like the fact that you can purchase exactly what you need after figuring out your optimal combination.
    Written by jmmartin1000, 2018-12-10
  • Headgear for C-pap

    Easy to change. service fast and no shipping cost.
    Written by vickisears, 2018-06-17
  • Perfect fit

    This headgear band fit just as expected and now I can keep my mask for another year.
    Written by PinkFlamingoElephant-72123, 2018-06-03
  • P10 headgear

    The ladies headgear strap is a little smaller so after it stretches out it provides a much better seal for me than the men’s strap.
    Written by dsellman, 2018-04-11
  • flawless mask, but a defective very short lifespan strap, stretches out in about 2 months.

    These straps are the only downfall of an otherwise flawless product. The strap has a very short life span getting stretched out in only a few months. No matter if you wash them and leave them in the dryer for hours they do not shrink back to 20.25 inches, so you are likely to have to purchase another one for what I think is an unacceptable price.
    Written by Soup11, 2018-02-21

    DHM Notes: Hello, We recommend hand washing your headgear with a mild soap and allowing it to air dry after. Take care!

  • Eh

    The head strap was great but way too expensive in my opinion.
    Written by Ktcunningpork, 2018-01-24
  • CPAP Pillow Mask

    I like the lightweight mask, it's very comfortable, but the side straps are starting to show wear & fraying, and it's less than 1 month old.
    Written by chetwittkin, 2018-01-16
  • AirFit P10 Headgear

    First, Direct Home Medical is wonderful (5 Stars). They are helpful, offer great choices, fair prices, specials and guarantees. Quick delivery and you talk to real local people, not recorded phone tree systems where you can't understand the reps! My Nasal Pillows had been leaking and had become a real challenge during the night. The headband had stretched beyond repair. This new headband is terrific. The pillows no longer leak and it doesn't wake me at night. I only gave 4 stars because the headgear needs a better system to make adjustments. It is definitely an inexpensive, easy fix for leaking nasal pillows.
    Written by ricecris, 2017-05-01
  • Mask

    Good fit, gets loose in 3 months or so needs to be replaced
    Written by Mike , 2017-02-24
  • best headgear

    This headgear is great. This is the best mask I have ever used. I have been using cpap for more than 10 years. The air fit pillows mask gives me the best sleep ever. And it is easy to order replacement parts. Actual mask is holding up well.
    Written by R Davis, 2016-12-04
  • Pepe's view

    Well designed. Stays in place most nights. Only flaw, needs to be replaced every 3-4 months due to stretching
    Written by RPD, 2016-11-05
  • A bit big

    I seem to have difficulty getting a good fit. It lasts for about 4 days and then the it seems to get less supporting. I have had to sew it on each side to get a more firm seal. It has been suggested to change to a mask with adjustable straps which I will be considering to do in November.
    Written by Fran, 2016-07-08
  • excellent idea, no brainer

    Pluses: no adjustments needed; no bulky uncomfortable buckles to lay your head on; stays in place well once you're accustomed to it. Very light weight and comfortable, best on market for that! Minuses: stretches out up to 2 extra inches in a few month's wear. You can compensate by spreading the divided straps apart for a short while, then it's time to replace. Since you're often groggy and not sleeping as well when it's getting too loose, you may not notice for awhile!!! More durable elastic would make this a 10 star winner!
    Written by PlanoScientist, 2016-04-03

    I can manage it but slips during the night.
    Written by Cheryl, 2016-01-05
  • Love this headgear

    Have been a CPAP patient since 1986. The industry has come leaps and bounds from what it was then. Really enjoy this headgear and the accompanying nose pillows.
    Written by Rudy P, 2015-07-17
  • New headgear is always nice

    I love the AirFit P10, it has made CPAP therapy so much more pleasant. I don't even notice the mask is on. The only thing is the elastic headgear is not adjustable and tends to stretch out with use. Though I have had success with throwing the headgear in the dryer on low (it shrinks up a bit and is tight again for a few weeks), it' nice to have a new one every few months.
    Written by elaine, 2014-04-29