360-Degree Swivel Adapter for Hose-to-Hose Connections with CPAP & BiPAP

Philips Respironics 360-Degree Swivel Adapter for Hose-to-Hose Connections with CPAP & BiPAP

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USAGE: These adapters swivel; for non-swivel connections see our EZ HOSE TUBING EXTENDER ADAPTER elsewhere on this site.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • Part Number(s) 7041
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00311701025651
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)


Average Rating of
Total 8 Reviews
  • Good stuff

    Works well. Good service.
    Written by CuriousDragon-71566, 2020-04-21
  • Necessary for me

    Now that I'm actually sleeping I tear the bed apart worse then ever BUT these give me the ability to add hose that doesn't get wound up. I need at least 8 feet of hose or I pull the machine off the nightstand at times and these keep the relatively straight for me. What's worked best is a 6 foot and two 2 foot hoses using these to keep it straight. Without these its a disaster waiting to happen....that did all too often.
    Written by paul-45802, 2018-11-08
  • Happy Camper

    Swivel adapter worked great. Didn't really need the swivel feature, but it doesn't hurt. Connects the regular hose to the two foot extension, makes it easier to disconnect from the system at night.
    Written by James Clifford, 2017-06-19
  • Leaks air

    I used (or tried to) with the climate air tubing and a 2ft hose. This adapter leaks air and is useless as an adapter.
    Written by Litmus, 2017-04-05
  • The right connector for extension hoses.

    A simple, sturdy male-male connector that's required for stringing two standard CPAP hoses/tubings together, or adding an extension tube that also has standard female-female fittings. Plus, the swivel feature keeps the tubing from twisting or kinking.
    Written by Sho50 , 2014-01-22
  • Good for hose connections

    I purchased two 2 foot hoses and used the connecter to make one 4 foot hose. Works fine.
    Written by stamppurr, 2013-05-25
  • 360 Degree Swivel Adaptor

    This adapter is great when you need to connect more than one hose together to relocate your air devise and keeps hoses from getting twisted up.
    Written by Snoring Bob, 2013-04-07
  • good to have

    this device is useful if you want to add a short hose, say 18 inches, to the regular 6 foot hose to increase the length a little bit. adding more swiveling components keeps the hose from putting torque on the face mask or CPAP unit.
    Written by bob, 2013-01-15