TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

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The TrueBlue Nasal CPAP Mask's premium blue gel nasal cushion conforms naturally to the shape of your nose; while a soft outer membrane (or flap) covering the cushion expands and contracts to improve fit and comfort without irritating the skin, or pinching, at problem spots like the nasal bridge.

One of the TrueBlue Mask's most unique innovations is the soft, silicone freeform spring that sits between the nasal cushion and mask frame. The Freeform spring is designed to move and shift in any direction, creating an auto-adjusting seal that moves as you do -- limiting cushion movement on the face and reducing sleep disturbances and leaks -- even for the most active sleepers.

TrueBlue Headgear is designed to be worn more loosely than traditional CPAP headgear. It has wide, soft fabric side straps that converge into a single back panel with a crown strap for added stability. Five points of adjustment allow you to create a comfortable, custom fit; and durable, soft plastic talon clips are included to make it easy to take off and put on the mask once you've found your best fit.

Angled exhalation micro ports in the elbow of the TrueBlue mask make operation quiet and redirect air away from the user and bed partners. The 360° swivel elbow means tubing can be channeled in any direction -- up, down or to the side -- to help prevent pulling, snagging and dragging.

Designed expressly for this mask, the TrueBlue's forehead pad is enhanced with three soft gel cushions. The wide design of the forehead pad distributes pressure evenly across the forehead and swivels gently to align properly with the face.

TrueBlue is available in five sizes -- Petite, Small, Medium, MediumWide & Large -- to fit a wide range of users. Save money and have a backup cushion by upgrading to a DuoPack, with two cushions, in your shopping cart; or if you're not sure which size will fit you best, upgrade to a FitPack with multiple cushion sizes so you can try each to find your best fit.

trueblue cpap mask brochure
TrueBlue CPAP Mask
Brochure (PDF)
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TrueBlue CPAP Mask
Instructions For Use (PDF)
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TrueBlue CPAP Mask
Sizing Gauge (PDF)
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TrueBlue CPAP Mask
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TrueBlue CPAP Mask
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Respironics CPAP Mask Materials List
Respironics Mask
Materials List (PDF)
Philips Respironics
Philips Respironics

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • In the Package TrueBlue Nasal CPAP & BiPAP Mask with Adjustable Headgear
  • Part Number(s) 1071800 (Petite), 1071801 (Small), 1071803 (Medium), 1071804 (MediumWide), 1071805 (Large), 1071818 (DuoPack Petite), 1071819 (DuoPack Small), 1071820 (DuoPack Medium), 1071821 (DuoPack MediumWide), 1071822 (DuoPack Large), 1071816 (FitPack Small & Medium), 1071817 (FitPack MediumWide & Large)
  • HCPCS Insurance Code A7034 A7035
  • GTIN / UPC Code 6069595004368, 6069595004375, 6069595004382, 6069595004399, 6069595004405
  • Warranty 90 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country of Origin United States of America (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Size(s) Petite, Small, Medium, MediumWide, Large
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Mask Performance

  • Type Nasal Cushion Mask
  • Recommended Pressure Levels 3-30 CM H2O


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  • Great mask

    Works really well and better than the nasal mask that I have been using.pbm6678-50067,

  • Cant get good seal

    you cant get a good seal make red marks dbmunos,

  • A+ experience

    Great prices and great service. Wish I would have found them long ago. alsowers,

  • Improved

    Been using this mask for 4 years now. Get a ne one annually. Headgear is now softer than before giving better comfort Steve,

  • A little bulky but good sleep

    Coming from a DreamWear mask to this one, I notice I'm falling asleep quicker and getting better sleep. I don't feel the air pushing into my nose as forcefully (too forcefully) as the DW mask. It's peaceful. It's on the bulky side and lacks a quick release feature, but I've got that on order. Tom T,

  • cpap supplies

    Great transaction with this trusted seller! Jane,

  • Most comfortable for me

    This headgear is the most comfortable and easy to,put on that I've ever used. It also does s great job of keeping the mask in place Diana Ruth,

  • Barry

    Very good productBarry,

  • TrueBlue nasal CPAP mask.

    I spent months waiting to "hear back" from a local home health equipment company on mask replacement. Finally had enough and was lucky to find Direct Home Medical. No issues, no hassles. Just placed my order and am once again sleeping like a baby. Terri,

  • Not for me

    This mask for me was very uncomfortable and had an elaborate head system that is very difficult to make fit correctly. Dennis,

  • TrueBlue CPap Mask

    I have been using cpap for over eight years and this mask works better than others I have tried. I am a side sleeper and the accordion design allows flexibility so there is less air leakage. SueB,

  • Poor fit

    the mask is good quality and nice features but just did not fit my face properly. Larry S,

  • TrueBlue Gel Nasal CPAP Mask

    Very Happy with mask. almost no leakage even if i shift onto side. Comfortable fit jim,