Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Transcend 365 Auto miniCPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

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Discontinued Item:

For Reference: Discontinued April 2023


Purchase a Transcend 365 Portable CPAP this week and we'll give you any mask free! Just add the Transcend 365 and Your Favorite CPAP Mask to your shopping cart; and enter Coupon Code FREEMASK to save.

Transcend 365 miniCPAP is the first and only CPAP machine to use patented Capillary Force Vaporizer™ (CFV) technology, which means the days of waiting 30 minutes for the water to warm up before getting the comfort of heated humidification are over. CFV technology moves water from the reservoir to a heating element within the Transcend 365 miniCPAP where it’s instantly vaporized, meaning you’ll get the comfort of full, heated humidification from your first breath.

Say goodbye to unwanted moisture in your mask and hose. Transcend 365's advanced Smart Humidifier™ senses and adapts to your breathing pattern so you get humidified air only when you inhale, which is when you need it. This breath-by-breath approach to humidification not only eliminates rainout, but also reduces the amount of water used by about half compared to a standard CPAP humidifier. The result of needing less water and using more advanced technology is a device that's efficient enough to be powered by a single P10 battery.

Thanks to patented Smart Power™ technology, the small but powerful Transcend P10 battery can power your entire unit – the Transcend 365 miniCPAP AND heated humidifier – for a full night of therapy. Add the P10 battery to your system and you’ll get both the CPAP therapy you need and the full comfort of heated humidification at home or on the go.

Transcend 365 is designed to provide CPAP users with an at-home sleep experience, even while travelling away from home. From thoughtful design elements that allow you to stack the P10 battery neatly under the Transcend 365 device to being able to power both the heated humidifier and miniCPAP from a single power source (AC or battery), Transcend 365's compact size and integrated components allow you to easily slip the device into your briefcase, purse, carry-on or backpack. Plus, it’s FAA-approved, so you can turn those long flights into hours of restful sleep.

Finding a mask you like can be tricky. In fact, being stuck with an uncomfortable mask is one of the top reasons that individuals with sleep apnea don’t use their CPAP machines. Transcend 365 miniCPAP eliminates that issue entirely. Unlike some other travel CPAPs, Transcend 365 can be used with ANY CPAP mask and ANY CPAP hose with a standard 22mm connection. So, keep on using the mask you like and have come to rely on and avoid the hassle of trying to adjust to a new mask that just doesn't fit.

Transcend 365 miniCPAP comes equipped with a beautiful 2.4 inch color LCD screen and large, tactile buttons to make it easy to navigate menu screens, manage your settings, and turn on your CPAP therapy in the dark. Plus, Transcend 365's data management system stores your compliance data internally, so you can view last night's report on the device's color LCD screen or download a more detailed report.

Transcend 365 users can take an active role in CPAP sleep therapy with MySleepDash, a mobile application that keeps you informed about your sleep. From information about your therapy hours to pressure and leak summaries, MySleepDash allows you to monitor your nightly CPAP therapy and progress. You can also quickly review the settings of your device, access Frequently Asked Questions, and download or share your compliance with your healthcare provider. In addition to the MySleepDash App, Windows PC users may download Transcend Desktop Software to view data on a computer.

At just 27.7 dBA, Transcend 365 is as quiet as a whisper. Featuring unique air-bearing blower technology coupled with built-in sound and vibration dampening, Transcend 365 delivers a quiet, restful night of sleep.

Transcend 365 miniCPAP's ramp technology helps you fall asleep more comfortably by delivering a lower pressure when you first turn on the device and go to bed; and then gradually increasing pressure over time until you reach the appropriate therapy level. Plus, Transcend 365's ramp is adjustable, so you can fine-tune your ramp times or turn off the ramp feature altogether to ensure you’re getting the restful sleep you deserve.

EZEX Pressure Relief helps you breathe easier and more comfortably while you sleep by reducing pressure on exhalation.

Transcend 365 miniCPAP includes a convenient 'drying mode' to remove excess moisture from your mask and tubing. When you wake up in the morning, simply activate the 30-minute drying cycle to start a steady stream of air moving through the hose and mask. Not only does the drying mode ensure you’ll have a clean and dry mask waiting for you when it's time to go to bed, but it also reduces the chance of contaminant buildup.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer Transcend
  • In the Package Transcend 365 CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier, 6 Foot Hose, Reusable Filter, Universal AC Power Supply, International Travel Plug Set, Padded Travel Bag, Printed Quick Guide, USB 2.0 Cable
  • Part Number(s) 503091
  • HCPCS Code E0601
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00688961382696
  • Warranty 2 Years - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.
  • Country Indonesia (Typical Origin)

FAA Approved

  • FAA Compliant Label Included on Base of Unit for Easy Identification. This product meets FAA regulations for use on commercial flights within the US and all international flights that depart or arrive in the US. Click here for TSA / FAA information on traveling with sleep and oxygen therapy. Always contact your airline prior to your flight to confirm any requirements they may have (i.e. a copy of your prescription or a letter of medical necessity) for allowing your device on board.

Physical Specifications

  • Size (Approx) 7.8 x 3.8 x 4.5 Inches (CPAP with Heated Humidifier)
  • Weight (Approx) 1.7 Lbs (CPAP with Heated Humidifier)
  • Display Type Color LCD
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
    This Product Contains DBP (A Phthalate)

Performance Specifications

  • Ramp Adjustable from 0 to 45 Minutes
  • Sound Levels 27.7 dBA
  • Altitude Adjustment Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
  • Comfort Technology EZEX Pressure Relief
  • Filters Reusable Foam Pollen


  • Oxygen Not Compatible with Supplemental Oxygen

Therapy Data & Compliance

  • Data Storage Onboard
  • Data Viewing Transcend Desktop Software

Humidifier Specifications

  • Chamber Capacity 195 mL to Maximum Fill Line
  • Humidifier Chambers Long Life
  • Humidifier Power NA (Built in to CPAP Device)
  • Humidifier Settings 0 Off to 10 Maximum

Power Specifications

  • AC (Wall) Power Universal AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • AC Power Cord Length 64 Inches (Approx)
  • Battery Power Optional Accessory

Battery Specifications

  • Battery Type Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Battery
  • Battery Capacity 18.0 VDC, 5,200 mAH (93.6Wh)
  • Battery Size 8.5 x 4.4 x 1.1 Inches (Approx)
  • Battery Weight 1.55 Lbs (Approx)
  • Recharge Time 7 Hours (Typical Per Battery)
  • Battery Life300 Charge Cycles (Average)


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Total 7 Reviews
  • .tiny but works well

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    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-off
    The h20 reservoir could be a little bigger but otherwise a very good product.
    Written by Verified Shopper, NJ2022-05-15
  • .Saved me

    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    With covid and all of the ongoing insanity I needed a new CPAP and this one fit the bill. I love the humidifier which I really need in the winter and I have travelled a few times lately and it's great for that as well. Thanks Di Home Medical
    Written by iowafarmlife, Des Moines2022-01-16
  • .Not fully thought out

    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-off
    • star-off
    While I like the size and the portability, I am deeply disappointed in the humidifier, and really with the chamber for the water. There is just no way to dry the darn thing out. It uses a seal around where it attaches to the device that keeps the last bit of water in it. Also, on some cooler nights, water seems to condense somewhere within the device and it gathers between the chamber and the device and leaks onto the nightstand. That wouldn’t be so bad if the water that gets trapped in the chamber didn’t sometimes smell just a bit stale. Overall, I would not recommend this device to anyone.
    Written by MDGreg, Colorado2021-10-08
  • .Loud

    • star-on
    • star-off
    • star-off
    • star-off
    • star-off
    This machine is so loud that I cannot sleep with it. I tried to use it once and it kept me awake. I think that there is something wrong with this particular one.
    Written by Verified Shopper, home2021-07-11
  • .very noisy machine

    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-off
    • star-off
    • star-off
    had to return it - it sounded like a jet turbine winding up next to my ear every time I would breathe. probably 10x louder than my resmed unit. bummer since I really liked the form factor on this one.
    Written by Verified Shopper, 2020-10-28
  • .Just replaced my TII

    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    I had an older Transcend machine which I loved; but I wanted a humidifier for it. This seems to fit the bill. It's a very ingenious humidifier and so far it works very well. It's too cold out right now for us to go camping; but can't wait to try it out in the summer.
    Written by ubillinNH, New Kensington PA2020-01-22
  • .Great Travel Unit (Also Using at Home)

    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    • star-on
    Hey, what can I say. I totally love this new CPAP! The humidifier is crazy small but it works great. Very clever. I like the battery too because the device just sits right on it so there's no extra junk to deal with. Overall comfortable sleep therapy is here again.
    Written by patinnh, Hudson NH2019-07-31