SoClean 2 Automatic CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer + Tubing Adapter

SoClean 2 Automatic CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer + Tubing Adapter

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Try SoClean 2 with Tubing Adapter at home and if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. Love it or send it back, it's that simple!

The SoClean 2 cleans and sanitizes your CPAP equipment automatically every day so you'll go to sleep each night knowing your sleep therapy routine is germ, virus and bacteria free! SoClean 2 uses Activated Oxygen -- a powerful, natural sanitizing agent -- to thoroughly clean and disinfect without water or harsh, smelly chemicals.

At DirectHomeMedical we include a free adapter with every SoClean so you'll be sure to have everything you need right out of the box. Choose from the following free adapters when adding the SoClean 2 to your shopping cart:

  • Fisher & Paykel: SleepStyle 600, ICON, ICON+ and F&P SleepStyle Series Machines
  • Philips Respironics: SystemOne, DreamStation and DreamStation Go Series Machines
  • ResMed: S9, AirMini, AirSense 10, AirStart 10 and AirCurve 10 Machines
  • Somnetics: Transcend Series Machines
  • HDM Z1 & Z2: Z1 & Z2 Series Machines

Activated Oxygen has been used in hospitals, food production and water purification for many years. It is created when a third atom of oxygen combines with the two-atom oxygen molecule that makes up the air we breathe. The SoClean 2 generates Activated Oxygen from room air and pumps it through your CPAP equipment to destroy molds, bacteria and viruses. A special filter then converts the activated oxygen back into the air we breathe.

SoClean 2 has been independently lab tested and proven to destroy 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and mold using 100% natural and safe Activated Oxygen. No chemicals are used!

SoClean 2 is compatible with virtually all CPAP masks, headgear, tubing, and machines. For machines that use standard or premium tubing you simply attach the included Standard Tubing Adapter to the back of your sleep therapy device and SoClean 2 is ready to go. For machines with a heated humidifier a special tubing insert is included so the chamber can be automatically cleaned at the same time as your mask and tubing!

SoClean adapters are even available for machines that use heated tubing or have specialized tubing outlets -- like ClimateLine, ThermoSmart and SystemOne Heated Tubing -- just select the adapter for your machine when adding the SoClean 2 to your shopping cart.

soclean 2 cpap cleaner

After a simple initial setup, SoClean 2 will automatically sanitize your equipment each day so it's clean and ready for you to put on when you go to bed each night. And if you ever want to sanitize your equipment manually -- after a nap or just for extra protection -- it's as easy as the press of a button! SoClean 2 is simple to use and intelligently designed so you'll be sure your equipment is properly sanitized and disinfected whenever you use it.

The SoClean 2 cleans masks, headgear, tubing and humidifier chambers quickly and conveniently while they're still attached to your CPAP! When you wake up from a restful night's sleep, just place your mask, with headgear, in the SoClean 2's cleaning chamber with your hose still attached. Channel the hose through hose slot on the side of the SoClean 2 and close the lid. SoClean 2 will turn on automatically when it's time to clean your equipment.

Cleaning with SoClean 2 only takes a few minutes, but you should leave the lid on the unit securely closed for at least 2 hours after the initial cleaning cycle for proper sanitization. SoClean 2's cycle indicator lights will let you know when it is working and when the cleaning process is complete; and onscreen indicators will let you know the status of your SoClean unit at all times. SoClean will never operate without a mask and hose present, so if you forget to insert your mask one morning don't worry, just put it in when you get home for the night and press the manual cleaning button and let SoClean 2 get to work!

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SoClean Tubing Adapter Video User Guides

^frequently asked questions~
  • Could the SoClean 2 Have Turned the Cushion on My Mask Yellow?
    In rare instances the SoClean 2 may cause yellowing in mask cushions or plastics. This change is cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the mask.

  • Can I Use the SoClean 2 if My CPAP is Connected to Oxygen?
    Yes, you can use the SoClean 2 in conjunction with oxygen therapy. Just make sure that the oxygen flow is turned off whenever the SoClean 2 is activated. (An external oxygen flow into your CPAP system will reduce the effectiveness of the SoClean 2's active oxygen.)

  • Is the SoClean 2 Harmful or Could it Hurt the Environment?
    While some might mistakenly refer to ozone as smog, the two are distinctly different. Unlike pure ozone, smog contains a mixture of various toxic hydrocarbons that have no beneficial characteristics. The SoClean 2 uses natural, activated oxygen, in a closed system to sanitize CPAP equipment. Only pure oxygen is released back into the environment by the SoClean 2 device.

  • Can I Use the SoClean 2 with Any Mask?
    The SoClean 2 is not recommended for use with memory foam masks, like the AirTouch F20, or the CPAP PRO "No Mask."

  • Sometimes There is an Odor in my Mask After I Use the SoClean 2?
    A strong scent can occur if your equipment has not been treated with the Neutralizing Pre-Wash the first time you use the SoClean 2. It can also be a sign that the duration of your treatment is too long. Try lowering the duration of your treatment. If you still feel that the scent is too much, you can opt to run the treatment every other day.

  • Does the SoClean get rid of facial oils on my mask?
    The SoClean will inhibit facial oil build-up, but it will not remove the oils. Although the SoClean will sanitize and kill any germs, bacteria or other pathogens on your mask, some inert residue can be left behind. You may need to wipe off your mask from time to time, or even use the pre-wash provided.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer SoClean Inc.
  • In the Package SoClean 2 Device, Filter Cartridge, Check Valve Assembly, AC Power Supply with Cord, Pre-Wash, Free CPAP Adapter, User Manual, 2-Year Manufacturer's Standard Warranty.
  • Part Number(s) SC1200
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00187293000860
  • Warranty 2 Years
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country China (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) White
  • Size (Approx) 7.5 x 6.5 x 8.5 Inches (Chamber 7.5 x 4.5 x 5.0 Inches / Volume = 178 Cubic Inches)
  • Weight (Approx) 5.6 Lbs
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Power Specifications

  • AC (Wall) Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • AC Power Supply Size 1.55 x 1.30 x 3.10 Inches (Approx)
  • AC Power Cord Length 62 Inches (Approx)
  • Power Consumption Not Specified
  • DC (Mobile) Power Not Available
  • Battery Power Not Available


Average Rating of
Total 233 Reviews
  • SoClean 2 saves time

    We like the idea that CPAP equipment is cleaned without hand washing daily.
    Written by respite28, 2020-01-11
  • Cleaned well enough

    My equipment did get clean but the smell was intolerable. It irritated my throat so I will be returning for one that does not have ozone.
    Written by damitahanks, 2020-01-05
  • not happy

    The so clean looked and sounded awesome! I ordered it for my aging Mother. It has been trouble from the start! It was hooked up and leaked from the start. My Mom has to connect and disconnect every time she uses it. Now it has caused her to get a terrible rash all over her face! She has now discontinued using it. Going to hopefully get a solution to this problem or a refund.
    Written by buffybrainard, NORTH CAROLINA2020-01-02
  • works great

    Got it ,hooked it up. It works.
    Written by catania1168-99578, East Stroudsburg Pa.2019-12-31
  • SoClean 2

    It has a very strong odor in the mask and tubing after cleaning. I am not impressed with that part.
    Written by marion932, 2019-12-26
  • The SoClean 2 arrived when told it would arrive. Had the proper adapter for the Red Med.

    The SoClean 2 arrived when told it would arrive. Had the proper adapter for the Red Med. Grateful for YouTube as it gave me clear directions when I felt slightly confused. Could not have asked for a better experience for a very good price. Happily recommend them.
    Written by mmrbpurch68, Ballwin, MO2019-12-24
  • Easy to use!

    What a good deal that I found on our SoCLEAN 2 machine! It is so easy to use! It had a strong smell the first couple of times that we used it but it eventually went away. Thanks for the great deal!
    Written by donnamabry24, Pascagoula, MS2019-12-21
  • I have not given the SoClean to my husband yet--it is a Christmas present, but the ease of ordering was fantastic!

    I will let you know how great the machine is after Christmas.
    Written by jswensen, Candler, North Carolina2019-12-20
  • Very pleased...

    Very easy to use...after getting everything set up.
    Written by paulette-47322, 2019-12-16
  • Great price

    The product was a very good price and arrived quickly after ordering which isn't always the case since I live in Hawaii.
    Written by michaelj1581, Hawaii2019-12-14
  • Long live Direct home medical.

    Always excellent ! Thanks to management and staff.
    Written by kevinkacharya, It does what it says.2019-12-14
  • Awesome

    Easy to hook up and begin using with ease.
    Written by peterstesiak, Phoenix, Az2019-12-13
  • SoClean 2

    I love it, it's a great product, easy to use, quiet. Set one timer and it cleans everyday at the same time. Don't want to clean it for the day just leave the lid open.
    Written by slim382, 2019-12-07
  • Great service

    Good. Arrived on time. Quality product
    Written by beckylind95, 2019-11-22
  • Very Nice

    Great price and quick shipment
    Written by drlngus-28588, 2019-11-19
  • Best on line price on name brand products

    The soclean2 works perfectly with my Phillips Dreamstation with humidifier & heated hose. The adapter was a specified no-cost option configured for my machine. The SoClean2 allows for daily cleaning of CPAP & very easy to program to fit your needs!
    Written by mhbohun16, Dayton Ohio2019-11-06
  • so easy to use

    When you travel remember the gasket to the CPAP humidifier.
    Written by Rferryboat, 2019-10-01
  • Second one

    We built a second home in Connecticut, so I bought another one. I was so used to the one I have in Florida and I wanted the fresh clean feeling I get from it. Plus, I hate washing the hose and mask by hand!
    Written by user459, Broad Brook, CT2019-09-29
  • Ozone odor is unique

    Unit performs well. Takes getting use to ozone smell.
    Written by garynin0830, 2019-09-22
  • easy

    works just like it says smells clean easy to use
    Written by geralddavis-52955, 2019-09-17
  • great price

    fast shipping great price always buy here super people
    Written by ddspartan, 2019-09-11
  • Feel better knowing its clean.

    I didn't expect the noise at the beginning but its doing its job and happy with the purchase and knowing its cleaner. I had issues with understanding some of the directions by the brochures provided so I took to you tube but still unclear on some steps. Attaching the unit was easy but leaving it all together while its on or is it filled with water or not are the questions I still had after getting all the hoses attached. I have the fisher and paskel 600 series and YouTube was not real clear either but trial and error its working great so far. Direct home medical really made up my mine to purchase this thank you. Price and attachments for different cpap units included as well as free shipping great deal I've been watching these for a while.
    Written by slavaflow, Salt Lake City2019-09-02
  • Very easy to use

    Works good , has a slight order after cleaning I just let the unit run for a few minutes before use.
    Written by redc5vette, Henderson, Nv.2019-09-02
  • Cheaply Built

    Poor quality, probably won't last.
    Written by royinspection, CA2019-08-29
  • New SoClean User

    Easy to use it makes smell fresh
    Written by cmoats1, 2019-08-19
  • SoClean2

    Great Machine to have. you don't have to clean it the machine does it for you.
    Written by jerrysutter-15003, 2019-08-07
  • If you don't have one get one

    I have been sleeping a lot better since I have purchased So Clean. I did not realize how I was not getting everything clean... and the biggest thing is my allergies have not been an issue since I have started using and I am sleeping a lot better now. I love it and would recommend to anyone who is using CPAP.
    Written by fishingjeh, 2019-07-31
  • Why did I wait so long?

    I always hated CPAP because of the cleaning required. The SOCLEAN2 eliminates that drudgery. Now I can use my machine without all that hassle. The design and automatic cycle process is brilliant. Purchasing online couldn’t be easier and the discounted price was good too!
    Written by ilw4250, Columbia, SC2019-07-21
  • Best machine ever!

    Was a bit hesitant to buy this machine, but it was a godsend. The first time I used it and slept with my Cpap all my sinus problems disappeared.
    Written by spltatms, 2019-07-16
  • A little challenge setting it up with my ResMed with a different lid but have been using it for over a week and everything is so clean

    Would highly recommend it
    Written by letson818, Nh2019-07-12
  • Great sanitizer

    This purchase was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It works just as advertised.
    Written by terrypowers-36735, 2019-07-03
  • Gift for my son

    Purchased the unit for my son. He had been manually cleaning his c-pap machine every day, and I wanted to make his daily prep easier. He tells me the unit is making his mornings much simpler with not having to wash out the system every morning.
    Written by kmhighley, Columbus OH2019-06-29
  • RoyNeu1

    Mask and chin have a clean odor
    Written by royneu1, Texas2019-06-10
  • Great buy for my CPAP

    I love the experience, great prices and quality of SoClean 2.
    Written by elcadejo59, Florida2019-06-07
  • Love your Cpap.

    Perfect, thanks. Works as advertised.
    Written by vettenut2, Florida2019-06-07
  • I love it.

    It works excellent !! Thank you. I recommend it to all CPAP patients.
    Written by bobandrewseasthartford, 061082019-06-05
  • No need to worry about bacteria with this product. Easy to use and set up

    Husband loves it. He just pops
    Written by suejakm1220, Alabama2019-06-05

    Written by grgaz772, STUART, FL2019-06-03
  • Well-worth the purchase price.

    This device satisfies my cleaning requirements for the APAP equipment, and other respiratory devices.
    Written by jerrywebb45, Eastern NC2019-06-03
  • Unit is pretty big if you live in an RV

    I dont have any space in my bedroom area for the SoClean 2 unit. So I did not get to use the unit and had to return it before the trial.
    Written by schneid811, 2019-05-10
  • Quality looks good. To soon to tell about the operation.

    To soon to tell about the operation. Item was shipped promptly and as advertised
    Written by cpa032545, 2019-04-22
  • SoClean works well, but may be a bit hard on the tank.

    My so clean seems to work great, but I noticed it's a bit difficult to pull the tank out of my AirSense 10 machine when I'm getting ready to use it. I think the SoClean may be a bit hard on the tank. I'll keep using it though, I have noticed it seems so much fresher and feels much cleaner.
    Written by dschwartz928, Harvard, IL2019-04-16
  • Happy camper

    Happy camper. Exactly as advertised. Could not be more pleased!
    Written by GRAMPACOWBOY46, Excellent2019-04-14
  • Awesome unit

    This unit was so easy to set up and use!
    Written by klabonte67, 2019-04-10
  • No worries with SoClean 2

    The product is just as described, shipping was fast and arrived on time. The equipment does have an odor after using the SoClean. I just wash my mask after using the machine and the odor is less intrusive. I knew of this issue from other reviews, but the benefits out way the odor. I highly recommend this product
    Written by jim_guerrero53, 2019-03-27
  • Love the product, was misinformed when I called for advice

    I didn't see an adaptor listed for my CPAP machine. I called and was misinformed about which one to get. My machine does not need an adaptor. The product itself is great but I did spend half a day trying to follow instructions which made no sense for my machine.
    Written by joshkuperman, 2019-03-21
  • Makes my life so much easier!

    Makes my life so much easier!
    Written by colleenannmcguigan, 2019-03-20
  • Great price!!!

    After applying the discount, very pleased with the price. It was delivered as promised..when promised. Hopefully the machine will continue to do its job. So good.
    Written by mrstrain2, 2019-03-08
  • Breathing Freshness

    Happy to breathe clean air and sleep again.
    Written by freddyrivera-90340, 2019-02-26

    This unit sure does take the effort out of cleaning the mask, hose, and water chamber. Love that. I just hope that the effectiveness claim is correct as to amount of cleaning it does. I have seen so many claims on different products that are not even close to true. I am taking this on faith that the testing was done and proven for real. Not just someone saying so.
    Written by ronmarcy, 2019-02-23
  • Confusing Set Up

    Direct Medical was good but the machine is very difficult to figure out. Disconnect this thing and that thing, connect this and that… who knows? The directions are not good that come with it, so I checked out “youtube” videos. The best way to learn how to set up the contraption is through the SoClean website. They have videos. Step by step and pause the video for best results. I have no idea if this thing works or not, so I just have to take the word of the manufacturer. It does smell clean after usage with an ionization scent. The unit is large so I just keep it on my bedside table. I would not travel with it because of the size. I have the AirSense 10 home CPAP and Transcend Z1 travel CPAP. They should also come with all available adapters without having to pay extra. My package came with one adapter and had to pay for any other. I like that you can set up the cleaning cycle automatically so all you have to do is set it up properly every morning and let it do its thing. I would recommend an easier method to set up machine with illustrated steps build into a larger digital read out on the face of the machine. You can always clean your tubing and mask the good old fashioned way of warm water, soap, and vinegar ( Doctor Recommended) but it’s a bit messy and cumbersome to do it that way.
    Written by eacepay18, 2019-02-23
  • SoClean lives up to it's name!

    I've only had the machine for 2 weeks, but so far I'm loving it! It's simple to use and seems to really get the mask clean. At least it smells clean! lol. I'll update my review if anything should change!
    Written by spiekjoe, 2019-02-22

    Love this machine! The people at Direct HomeMedical were helpful with my questions as well. Most places only give a one year warranty but Direct HomeMedical offers a two year, bonus! As far as the SoClean 2 goes, it was easy to set up and it's easy to use. People who complain about the noise make me laugh, yes it makes noise for a few mins but you can set it to go off whenever you choose. Like when no one is home. For me the slight smell is no big deal either. I always set my humidifier to warm up for a few mins before using it, which means it blows just a small amount of air through it during this process, therefore it clears out any smell that may be there. If you don't have that option, just turn it on for a few seconds before placing the mask on your face. Bottom line is that it works great and I am not sure why I waited so long to buy one! No regrets here!
    Written by spinnerg, 2019-02-20
  • Clean Machine

    The device functions precisely as adertised. Set up is simple.
    Written by jcorbin71667, 2019-02-19
  • cleans but stinks

    The cleaner seems to clean well but my mask smells after cleaning.
    Written by kplach-18007, 2019-02-16
  • Easy to use

    Arrived when expected. Easy to set up and use. My husband is very happy with the way it work. When I had questions about delivery, received a quick response.
    Written by LAGRIFF7, 2019-02-13
  • Works great

    This saves me a lot of time each morning, and I don’t have to worry about my mask being sanitized.
    Written by tfbiles, 2019-02-08
  • So clean is an Awesome Product!

    So clean is awesome! Until I purchased this unit, I was dealing with a constant cold even though I would clean my tubing and mask 3 times a week. once I started using So clean it immediately went away. Thanks So clean!
    Written by ronaldgidrey, 2019-02-06
  • SoClean 2 Automatic CPAP Cleaner

    I am so glad that I was introduced to SoClean. It is the greatest CPAP Cleaner and makes ease in use of cleansing the tubes. I highly recommend the SoClean sanitizer.
    Written by welkins461, 2019-02-04
  • Confusing at first..

    It was very confusing to hook initially and took me a few days for it to not drain my resovior and flood my night table but I love it now. I had a severe sinus infection that I think was caused by my cpap equipment not being sanitized on a regular basis. Starting to feel better now.
    Written by pmg627, 2019-02-04
  • great

    The smell from the activated oxygen is not pleasant even after running for 20 seconds
    Written by vakinsey45, 2019-01-28
  • Excellent

    Easy to install on machine. Have more confidence that my mask and tubing are clean
    Written by ollye, 2019-01-24
  • Satisfied with purchase

    I've used my SoClean 2 for about a week. It does everything as advertised as far as I can tell. The odor it leaves hasn't been a problem and my CPAP gear smells fresh and clean for a change. Before, I was only washing my CPAP gear about once and week because of the annoyance of having to hand wash and dry. My only complaint so far is the lid is hard to open without using two hands. I'm satisfied with my purchase thus far.
    Written by henrywade42hww, 2019-01-23
  • Exceeded my expectations!

    I installed the adaptor without problem. Very easy to set up and operate. I am glad I decided to purchase this unit. I do not have a foul odor in the mask or tubing anymore.
    Written by doglasscock, 2019-01-13
  • good buy

    love the cleaning process and the results. My mask seems to be cleaner when I put it on. Do have a bit of a problem getting the mask in the machine where the air tube will fit out the side as designed.
    Written by brillo227, 2019-01-12
  • Love it

    I have only had mine for a couple of weeks, but it works great.
    Written by tremontip, 2019-01-09
  • Works Great

    The machine was easy to set up and use. Directions and the video were a great help. Took less than 5 minutes and it was ready to use. I like the way my mask smells when first put it on. I wish I would have known about this machine 10 years ago.
    Written by Skip, Grandville, Michigan2019-01-08
  • CPAP Cleaner

    Easy to set up. Easy to use. Should have gotten one sooner.
    Written by garyc87, 2019-01-07
  • Excellent

    Love it, saves so much time and sanitizes very well. I would recommend this product very much.
    Written by mkdk, 2019-01-06
  • so far so good , great company to do business with.

    nice helpful people , fast servive
    Written by desertwind1, 2019-01-06
  • Quality & Value

    It works as described. Quality, function and getting your dollars worth at the same time. Doesn't get any better than that. Better sleep too!
    Written by R985BT, 2019-01-05
  • So easy to use

    Wonderful not to have to take time to clean mask and hose and drip dry
    Written by davids1261, 2019-01-04
  • Fast Shipping

    Love the product and was surprised when the product arrived early!!
    Written by Senne2, 2018-12-19
  • Terrific item

    Cleaning cpap machine is a snap . Quick , convenient . Cannot understand how I used cpap without this before. Thoroughly delighted makes using cpap easy without concern growth of germs and unsanitary equipment. Would unquestionably recommend to anyone who is a cpap user. While I did get a discount, the benefits of using this device far outweigh the cost. Seller was outstanding. Quick and flawless delivery and shipping.
    Written by PAB389, 2018-12-14
  • so so far I like it

    It works so far okokok ok ok ok
    Written by ahponlyboy, 2018-12-09
  • Nascar Ron

    GREAT pricing, service and fast delivery.
    Written by ron47nascar, 2018-12-04
  • i can breathe again

    I now believe the tv ads because I experienced much better breathing within 4 days of using the soclean2 on my CPAP machine
    Written by russolsen1508, 2018-12-04
  • Excellent Product!

    Almost no effort to work, lid DOES open easily (does NOT require 2 hands like a couple of reviews mentioned)...the smell is NOT bad (its just ozone....get over it)...only thing I could not get machine to do is switch to military time but who cares. Wonder machine!!
    Written by davidanesthesia, 2018-12-03
  • More confident using my CPAP

    The last time I used my CPAP, before SoClean, I developed a really bad sinus infection. Since using the SoClean for a few weeks, no infection!
    Written by maryrichards444, 2018-12-02
  • Really Makes a Difference!

    After just two weeks my congestion is almost gone and I am actually sleeping alot better with a clean CPAP!
    Written by leebeejay, 2018-11-29
  • Order with fabric masks.

    I use a SleepWeaver fabric mask. When I run the SoClean 2 through its cycle, the mask maintains an order--even if its been out of the machine for hours, or I've run air through the mask for 20 minutes or so.
    Written by rjbpromo, 2018-11-29
  • Very good...

    Just received our soclean2 machine and so far i am enjoying the cleaning it does. JJ McCarthy
    Written by jjlc1300, 2018-11-24
  • works great.

    support was great. takes the worry out of using a cpap machine
    Written by cjpauley-14676, 2018-11-22
  • Helena Alabama

    Easy transaction, competitive price, timely delivery.
    Written by papoy, 2018-11-22
  • Oh, that ozone.

    Everyone needs a cleaning method for their CPAP equipment. SoClean is the most thorough, but that ozone. It is said to be safe, but is it? I, sorry to say, sent mine back to the supplier, unopened. I simply did not dare to have ozone go inside by breathing apparatus. I will stay with soap and water with a shot of vinegar.
    Written by jeneanejack, 2018-11-22

    Anyone who uses a CPAP on a daily basis knows how much of a chore it is to keep the hose, type of mask and humidifier chamber clean everyday; And if you chose to skip a day or more you really are setting yourself up for unnecessary lung, pulmonary & other health problems. So, I really hope this product does clean the inside of the machine clean as well as the usual parts named above. I myself personally have an additional list of "Health related" chores I must do on a daily basis just to try to remain alive and somewhat healthy. The SoClean has definitely made one part of my daily routine much easier.
    Written by jewellrm-91406, 2018-11-21
  • SoClean Advantage

    The SoClean 2 was easy to set up. The initial cleaning, as instructed, helped to ready my BiPAP equipment for first time use.
    Written by cwozment, 2018-11-17
  • So far, it meets all expectations.

    Questions were answered quickly and professionally, great experience.
    Written by jfrlkr, 2018-11-16
  • Soclean

    Ordered on line and received on time.
    Written by alacombe, 2018-11-09
  • Great Unit!

    I was hesitant as the cost seemed a bit high. However, after using it for a week or so, I can't imagine being without it. I'm very happy with the unit and it works exceptionally well.
    Written by n7bd-62367, 2018-11-02
  • great product

    cpap cleaner was so easy to set up and works great
    Written by jeefervt, 2018-11-01
  • Leaves a unpleasant smell

    Product was shipped fast and arrived in good condition. I don't like the smell after cleaning.My neighbor likes his SO-clean and smell. GO FIGURE ! Maybe I will get use to it.
    Written by BIGMUSA53, 2018-10-28
  • Worth the expense

    I love it seem to sleep better and not coughing as much during the night
    Written by jab4jhb, 2018-10-25
  • SoClean 2

    The shipping was fast, setup was easy and the use of the machine is quite easy to do. Only issue is trying to open the machine is not one handed, it could be easier.
    Written by mredi1, 2018-10-24
  • Excellent Cleaning Device

    Ease of use provide fresh fragrance each time.
    Written by rspetrillo, 2018-10-24
  • Takes Up Too Much Room

    I expected this machine to make my life simpler, but it's causing me problems. The biggest problem is that it needs to be connected all the time to clean my CPAP machine and mask EVERYDAY!! I don't have space in my night table to keep the machine connected. I thought that I would be able to clean my equipment once a week and connect the SoBe Clean on an as needed basis. I'm disappointed that I have invested in the machine and would like to return it before my 30 days is up. Can you help me with that? How would I go about getting my refund. Please let me know as soon as possible as we are approaching the 30 day trial period. Thank you.
    Written by alobus51, 2018-10-19
  • SoClean2 is so clean

    My experience with the soclean2 has been excellent. It was delivered so quickly! Now I don't have to worry about cleaning my equipment at all. I just put it in the soclean2 and let it do the work. In the evening when I am ready for bed I just refill my humidifier and put on my mask. And it smells so fresh and clean. I am new to CPAP therapy and this really helps with my peace of mind knowing my equipment is clean.
    Written by kimachickie, 2018-10-16
  • Soclean So So

    The chemical smell from sanitizing is bad. The motor during its cycle is noisy. I guess it is doing what it is supposed to do. But you have to fix the smell. Direct Home Medical is awesome.
    Written by marino7, 2018-10-14
  • Works very well

    I think the so clean work very well it looks like my machine will last a lot longer with it
    Written by nielsendar, 2018-10-11
  • Brand new, works good now.

    Working good now. Ask me again next year.
    Written by norjim56, 2018-10-08
  • This is my third one

    This is my third SoClean (Yes, my wife and I use all of them). What more do I need to say?
    Written by pc44062, 2018-10-06
  • Better than I thought

    Ordering was very easy. Shipping was speedy and the price was better than anywhere else. I'll be happy to purchase from them when I need filters and prewash.
    Written by lesliejcxs, 2018-10-04
  • Great price and service!

    By far the best price that I found anywhere with quick and helpful customer service. I definitely recommend giving them a try!
    Written by jeradr236, 2018-09-25
  • Ec

    Great service fast shipping
    Written by fireball833, 2018-09-23
  • Best Health Decision

    Getting the SoClean 2 was one of the best health decisions I ever made about my health. My CPAP smells and feels so clean. I must take auto suppressing drugs and do not have an active immune system and so important to avoid germs. I am so happy with this purchase!
    Written by yarlewis85, 2018-09-21
  • Works great.

    I was worried about all these reviews with smell complaints. I have no issue. The smell if any is a clean refreshing smell. Put it on the timer and all good
    Written by rjpiesco, 2018-09-21
  • Great cleaner

    Easy to use. Put your mask in and forget until you use it. Great product, highly recommend.
    Written by seaside67, 2018-09-19
  • great product

    Great product, makes sanitizing my cpap mask and hoses a breeze. It is so nice knowing that my equipment is safe to use each and every night free of germs and harmful bacteria. The unit is so easy to use, just drop the mask in and it is automatically cleaned and sanitized effortlessly. I love it!
    Written by richard31415, 2018-09-17
  • Ease of use

    Soclean is reall hassle free after initial set up. Simply drop your mask in in the morning, then take it out in the evening.
    Written by respiller1, 2018-09-17
  • The VerdiCT is still out!

    Using through machine for only 2 weeks. My wife and I both have reoccurring sinusitis. Hoping that the Soclean will help keep us healthy. Should know in about a month of use.
    Written by bunboytoo-42376, 2018-09-11
  • SoClean

    So convenient. Makes caring for cPap items so much easier! Love it!
    Written by faycoleman5, 2018-09-09
  • Good machine once you have everything you need

    I purchased the machine not knowing I needed a defusser. To get the defusser you have to buy the adapter. DirectHomeMedical should have a prompt to asking what type of CPAP they are using with all the neccessary questions. This would ensure their customers are getting everything they need so they don't waste the 30 day return period if the machine doesn't work out for them. They should also be able to sell the defussers seperatly. But once I got the machine set up, it has been great. I love the timer that you can set to run when you want it to. For those who don't like the smell, let the your CPAP run for a minute before you put on the mask. It goes away.
    Written by tbeary4, 2018-09-05

    DHM Notes: Hello, We're sorry you had problems setting up your SoClean 2. We do try to make sure our customers get everything they need -- in terms of information and equipment -- when placing their order. We're not 100% sure what you mean by a "defusser"; but we do offer a wide range of machine specific adapters for free directly when you add the SoClean 2 to your cart on our site. You just select the adapter you need and we send it free! In addition we offer adapters as separate items directly on our site if you ever need to replace the one that comes with your unit. If there's something else you're looking for though please let us know. Take care!

  • Good value

    Arrived quickly and works great
    Written by cwlimbert, 2018-09-05
  • I love my so clean2

    It really is so easy to use
    Written by barbsorrels, 2018-09-04
  • Best investment ever!

    I have had sinus issues for a long time. Since I have been using So Clean I can breathe much better. I highly recommend this product. Excellent!! Thank you
    Written by hatchettsamantha20, 2018-09-02
  • It rocks

    Easy and works fantastic I love it
    Written by doyle613, 2018-08-30
  • Great service from

    Delivered promptly and with all correct parts. Best price I could find.
    Written by, 2018-08-28
  • Surpassed my expectations

    Great I can feel a clean difference
    Written by rcruzsr53, 2018-08-27
  • A CPAP got to have item

    My order arrived within 5 days. This product is a must have for anyone who uses a CPAP machine. Its quick and easy to set up and I am very happy I bought one. It sure provides peace of mind that my CPAP machine is always clean and ready for use on a daily basis.
    Written by nealjones-12825, 2018-08-27

    Written by redhawk821, 2018-08-26
  • SoClean review

    It is a well designed and well built piece of equipment. It makes cleaning a CPAP very simple. However a residual ozone odor makes us less likely to use it on a daily basis.
    Written by billhorn38, 2018-08-24
  • Excellent and convenient

    I enjoyed the experience. The people I dealt with were helpful and knowledgeable. I great experience.
    Written by FISH45FLY, 2018-08-24
  • Excellent system

    Arrived on time, packaged well, great price with the adapter using the coupon code. I'm glad I bought a Soclean.
    Written by ckostele, 2018-08-21
  • My So Clean maching

    I only have my CPAP cleaner less than two weeks. I have used it a total of 3 times *I was on vacation when it arrived*. The first two times I used it there was a very strong smell in the mask . I did as you instructed and ran my cleaner for approx. one half hour. Then I wiped it down with sterile water. The smell decreased a little. The third time I used it *currently* I find that the smell is much less. I found it very easy to get ready for use. The instructions were very clear. I only had to cut the tubing to begin sue. Being a Respiratory Therapist I realize the importance of clean equipment so when I saw your advertisement on television I was excited but a little weary . As I have said I am happy with my CPAP cleaner presently. It is much easier than washing and drying the equipment.So far I am very happy with my purchase. I will let you know in ab another week or two. Mary (Irisheyes)
    Written by Mill40, 2018-08-17
  • Great buy

    I was leery about spending $300 for this but after reading the reviews I took a chance. It really works. It is so nice to put my mask on every night with it smelling nice and clean. I am so glad I made this purchase.
    Written by gary307, 2018-08-17
  • Excellent machince

    Easy to install - works very well.
    Written by Sandrajoyce1951, 2018-08-16
  • SoClean 2

    Great price fast free shipping. Perfect online experience.
    Written by wayne0246, 2018-08-16
  • So Far Loving it my So Clean

    Easy to Use, no problems, only had a week but things look good
    Written by blgmama, 2018-08-16
  • Great service, super fast shipping and best price available.

    This was the BEST price on the Internet for the SoClean CPAP Cleaner. The shipping was super fast too. And when I realized that I had not ordered a connection for my particular CPAP machine, once I called they shipped me the extra part without charge, only shipping. Best place on Internet to order your CPAP equipment.
    Written by stilwell1130, 2018-08-05
  • Purifier

    A great Investment and you feel Much safer that Your CPAP is cleaned
    Written by sfuller-53118, 2018-07-25
  • Happy customer

    Good information on site, fair price and fast shipping
    Written by joeminafo, 2018-07-22
  • Love it!

    Very easy to operate and love that knowing there is no bacteria in the hose or mask.
    Written by dcpooh, 2018-07-19
  • SoClean2

    Once it is set up, the SoClean2 is very easy to use. When you get up in the morning, set the mask into the SoClean2, allign the hose, close the top and the rest is done by the cleaner. When you get ready for bed, open the SoClean2, pull out the mask and it is ready to use. After the first time use, you notice a smell in the hose and mask, which is a different but clean & fresh type smell. Used for a week so far and still not have run into any problems and it does not look like I will. Just wish it was a bit cheaper to purchase and the filter were more reasonable priced.
    Written by Jeanjer, 2018-07-16
  • A Sweet Breath of Life

    My wife is absolutely thrilled with her Soclean machine. She now wakes up in the morning with no coughing or wheezing, thanks to the units sanitizing. And her bipap mask smells fresh every time. Thanks Soclean.
    Written by paulzimmer1947, 2018-07-16
  • Great Price

    Best price I could find on the internet. Included the attachment for the AirSense 10 at no extra cost and free shipping.
    Written by garretbald063, 2018-07-08
  • Life just got easier

    Been using it for about 3 weeks. Love it.
    Written by jalsci, 2018-07-03
  • Still Evaluating

    Arrived promptly, tubing resize and hookup directions a bit confusing. Seems to work ok but have not found a tremendous difference.... yet.
    Written by bobt-12074, 2018-06-28
  • Strong ozone smell

    I've tried running the cpap for several minutes before putting on the mask but it still has a really strong ozone odor.
    Written by alh600, 2018-06-15
  • So Clean = So Good

    Love the device. Long term sinus issues cleared up ASAP. Really easy to use. Smells fresh and clean. Better sleep
    Written by MICHAELSSRP, 2018-06-12
  • Great buy all the way around

    Great price, great service, fast delivery.
    Written by buck1955, 2018-06-08
  • Excellent product works well

    Purchase was easy delivery was reasonable.
    Written by roofwizard-63467, 2018-06-07
  • Great price, very quick delivery

    So far, so good. Very easy to use, simple to understand, saves me a lot of sanitizing steps for my crap equipment.
    Written by bigdumbdog, 2018-04-23
  • Excellent Service and works great!

    Excellent Service and works great!
    Written by jholten, 2018-04-17
  • Much needed cleaner.

    Fresh mask every day is hard to beat.
    Written by KPDenton, 2018-04-10
  • SoClean2

    noisy during ozone generation, but not a major distraction or interruption construction flimsier than desirable for the price not measured, but does appear to clean as advertised
    Written by sosborne17, 2018-02-26
  • Easy as Pie !

    I got my SoClean machine and put on the new water reservor lid in about 5 minutes. I washed the mask, hose, and water resevor with the enclosed soap. Then filled the water reservor and used my B-Pap machine. The next morning, I just put my mask in the machine and it did the rest ! It feels so safe to have my equipment sanitized. Very much worth getting and helps keep me heathier. Thanks from a satisfied customer.
    Written by KarlByerley, 2018-02-24
  • Great Transaction

    everything was great arrived on time in good shape.
    Written by neilcamp, 2018-02-24
  • SoClean2

    This is a great product. It is very turnkey and easy to use - such an efficient way to make sure your CPAP or BiPAP equipment stays clean!
    Written by mmransier, 2018-02-13
  • Great product.

    Extremely easy to use. Cleans and sanitized beautifully. Highly recommended.
    Written by dhowel, 2018-02-13
  • Soclean 2 works like a charm

    Best price on internet using $45 discount and free shipping. Easy to hook up. A little noisy for the 9 minutes of ozone generation but I set it to go off when I’m no there. It does have an ozone smell like clean but not unpleasant. Was a little surprised to find out a new filter and check valve is required every six months. So far it seems they are reasonably expensive but still worth knowing I have a disinfected CPAP EVERY night and I love not having to take the time (at least 20 min) to clean and reassemble.
    Written by willbeth4, 2018-02-10
  • Device came quick, included adapter

    I received it with a few days. It included adapter and instructions. SoClean 2 makes a pumping sound when runs for 7 minutes. I believe it works, just have to trust.
    Written by LLBIKE, 2018-02-07
  • MAkes the bipap mask smell so fresh and clean

    Right from the start easy to use and makes the mask smell so good and clean
    Written by mwal659, 2018-01-30
  • First impression makes me wonder why I didn't buy one earlier

    First impression makes me wonder why I didn't buy one earlier. I haven't had it long enough, but my short use so far, about 2 weeks, is really impressed,
    Written by prefontd, 2018-01-29
  • Love it!!

    This machine is fabulous, no more taking it apart to clean ‘when I remember’. It’s now clean every day!
    Written by laurawaun, 2018-01-26
  • Fantastic ! I think???

    It makes soft noise; light glow red, then yellow, then green; there is an aroma when your cpap gear is reconnected. Is it clean? I’m not certain, I haven’t had the unit long enough. As of today, one week’s use: no mold and still no “crud” in the water chamber.
    Written by abounaandre, 2018-01-20
  • It is a very nice unit

    The SoClean is easy to use and so far after about a month has worked flawlessly. My only complaint is the smell that is in the mask as I first put it on after it is finished its process. Overtime it appears to be getting less and less of the aroma. As I write this I am glad I got it.
    Written by grandpuba54, 2018-01-19
  • 100% satisfied

    Arrived on time. Brand new product. Pleased with instructions. Setup the same day and glad I comfortable knowing that my equipment is sanitary.
    Written by compeanmac56, 2018-01-18
  • A Winner!

    While we are still evaluating the effectiveness of using the SoClean we are convinced it is a very simple and easy way to clean and sanitize the 2 CPAP's we are using it on. It is so much easier than trying to hand wash the CPAP's and not really knowing whether you are getting them cleaned or not. There is no messing with trying to dry out the hoses, etc., as this is all done automatically by the dry cleaning process of the SoClean. We are pleased with the SoClean System and at this point would highly recommend it to others.
    Written by delmar3060, 2018-01-17
  • Works good. Shipped fast.

    Ordered SoClean2 from with the best price I saw. Everywhere one else was selling it for $80 more. Shipped fast with the correct adapter. Works well. Been using it for a month without any problems.
    Written by zaraza69-99346, 2018-01-14
  • Best product, Best price

    No obvious competition but product has improved and not increased in price.
    Written by bgtmd-36611, 2018-01-13
  • Great machine

    Simple to setup, works like a dream. Stores mask when not using, cleans for next use, with no effort.
    Written by Tulio-87266, 2018-01-13
  • Greatful

    Thanks for the double discount! SoClean2 is the best money I have ever spent.
    Written by Phoenix312001, 2018-01-11
  • Easy Cleaner

    This machine is quick and easy to set up. Didn't know about the filter that needs to be replaced every six months or the filter on the tube that goes into the hydrator that needs to be replaced every six months. I can live with these conditions. The tough part that I had already read about is the ozone smell. It's quite prominent, not altogether unpleasant, but a bit difficult to get used to. Machine works as described. I would buy it again even knowing what I know now.
    Written by Tom K, 2017-09-30
  • Happy User

    Have heard about the So Clean on TV and radio. Finally made the decision to purchase the cleaner. WOW - what a difference. I'm sorry I didn't make the purchase sooner. The mask, headgear and hose come out smelling so nice - not more worries about did I get everything clean. Highly recommend to anyone debating on making the purchase. It's money well spent and so easy to use.
    Written by Yahtzeemama, 2017-09-13
  • Satisfaction

    High quality; excellent service; completely satisfied
    Written by Mike, 2017-09-12

    I am really excited about having a CLEAN CPAP machine! With Fall and Winter quickly approaching, I'm hoping not to get a many sinus infections! Knowing that Im doing the best thing by keeping my equipment clean is a good feeling. I was thankful for Direct Home Medical for having a special that day, ($45.00) off! It helped me make that decision to invest in a great cleaner! Also, I wasn't charged for the adapter that I had to have. Thank you so much!
    Written by Pleased Customer, 2017-09-10
  • Awesome!

    I've only used mine a few days but it is great!
    Written by Glenda P, 2017-08-25
  • Soclean

    The ordering and service were great. Couldn't ask for anything better.
    Written by Dennis, 2017-08-21
  • Just love it

    I received my SoClean 2 in a timely manner. It was very well packaged to protect it from shipping damage. I've been using it for a few days now and I'm very happy with the product and feel confident that it will work as advertised and will keep my CPAP equipment sanitized. I'm also very happy with the price, it was the best price I found while researching this item. I will recommend this items to others and will most likely purchase replacement filters (etc) from DirectHomeMedical as well. Many thanks!
    Written by Carol Keel , 2017-08-20
  • so clean

    Ordered the so clean sanitizer not happy to spend so much for it. However, it has made my life so much easier and less stressful knowing I am using a perfectly clean mask and bipap machine. Thanks.
    Written by nicci nuccio, 2017-08-18
  • SoClean2

    Works Good
    Written by Leon &, 2017-08-15
  • Very happy

    I am very happy with my SoClean 2 purchase. It was simple to set up. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. To me, after a cycle in the SoClean, my CPAP equipment has the refreshing hint of laundry hung outside to dry. It just smells clean. I love the idea of the automatic run time. I enjoy the freedom of not having to disassemble / reassemble my equipment for cleaning each day. Like many others, I wish I would have purchased SoClean sooner.
    Written by Steve, 2017-08-15
  • SO pleased with SOClean

    My husband is very pleased with his SoClean 2 Automatic CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer. I am pleased, also, because I have been relieved of the daily task of washing everything with soap and water!
    Written by Pat, 2017-08-14
  • So convenient

    I have only had the machine for 3-4 days. So far, it performs as described. The only reason I knocked off one star is because after sanitizing my mask etc, at night, when I put it on , for the first 5 minutes or so, there is a strange smell. After about 5 minutes, the smell went away. I have washed my mask etc in the pre-cleaner that came with the machine. So I don't know what is the problem.
    Written by CPAP user, 2017-08-14
  • So far, so good

    I have used this for three days and so far I guess it's doing it's job! I suppose this is one of those devices that the average user can't really quantify a specific result but has to take it on faith it's doing it's job! The only minor irritant is that the ozone smell is quite strong when first putting the headgear back on and lasts for several hours - but, I'm getting used to it.
    Written by Justin B., 2017-08-05
  • WOW

    Wow what a great machine and so easy to use, set up was simple and very easy
    Written by PHILLIP SCOTT, 2017-07-27
  • so clean 2

    Written by JAMES, 2017-07-19
  • One of the best purchases I've ever made.

    If you have a cpap device, this unit should come with it. No matter how much I cleaned my cpap before, it seemed like I always had a sinus infection. Bought this for myself for Christmas and I haven't had a sinus infection since. Works well, easy to use, if you don't have one get one.
    Written by Curt, 2017-06-06
  • Very handy

    Works great. I use it every morning. Easy and efficient way to keep my C-Pap mask, hose, and tank 99.9% germ free.
    Written by E.K. In MN, 2017-05-15
  • Great Machine

    Machine works great. Easy to set up following directions and was not time consuming. Have used it everyday since arrival.
    Written by William, 2017-05-15
  • Love Love Love!

    That should say it all! Yes it does have a slight carbon smell at first when removed from the cleaning cycle but you get used to it. I have had mine for 7 months and I just had to replace the filter and tubing. Simple and quick. No more washing hoses and water chamber. I also have notice no sinus infections from not cleaning my hoses in a timely manner because I forget. Save your pennies for this! I agree with the other reviewers "Worth Every Penny".
    Written by Miss Deb, 2017-05-12
  • I wish I bought this sooner

    I have been using a cpap machine for six years. I can't believe how quick and easy the SoClean system is. It takes no time out of your day. I am very pleased with the results.
    Written by Brigid, 2017-05-12
  • An okay device for lazy people

    It makes some noise, you can smell the ozone it is generating, it leaves an after-smell in your cpap gear, but it probably does some good especially if you do not regularly clean and disinfect your equipment by normal means.
    Written by BDA, 2017-05-03
  • Outstanding

    Outstanding equipment. Also, $150 cheaper than my local supplier I almost bought from. Did you hear me ? $150 cheaper ! To me that is a lot of money. It has performed as advertised.
    Written by Dwayne Cox, 2017-04-25
  • Wonderful!

    This machine is a must have for anyone using a cpap machine.... it is just as advertised .... you won't be sorry you purchased!
    Written by Pam, 2017-04-24
  • This is a Great Machine

    Got this set up and working in about 15 minutes. I have a CPAP with a humidifier and while I follow the cleaning recommendations, I was often getting a musty smell when I first put it on at night. With using the SoClean 2 I bought, everything smells clean and sanitized when I turn on the CPAP at bedtime. I noticed a few were critical of the smell, but I like the sanitized smell which gives me peace of mind. Also noticed I started feeling a bit more refreshed when I wake up in the morning. Great product and service.
    Written by Paul, 2017-04-24
  • Love it

    I have had my "So Clean 2" for 6 Months and I really love it! I just reordered the filter you are instructed to change every 6 months and I can see that it is important to do so to keep it working properly. My mask feels "So Clean" each night! I was sure to follow all their instructions. The instructions are simple and I love it!
    Written by Joni, 2017-04-19
  • Simple set up

    The set up of the unit was very easy. Ten years of cleaning my machine by hand ended when I purchased my SoClean. Would recommend use to any one tired of cleaning there cpap.
    Written by Terry S, 2017-04-18
  • Seems to do what it says.

    Only have had the machine for about 1 month so I cannot speak for longevity. I am a bit disappointed with the very strong odor it leaves in my mask after clesning. I have tried all the steps lister to troubleshoot this.
    Written by Terry, 2017-04-03
  • SO Convenient!

    I have no way of knowing if this thing actually works, but if it does what it's supposed to do (sanitize), it is definitely worth the price! My CPAP and goodies smell clean! I do still wash the part of the mask that touches my face with soap daily because I do have such oily skin. While still attached to the hose, pop the mask into the "container", snap down the lid and walk away. When I come home, my CPAP, hose, water tank and mask all smell ozone-y. That translates in my mind to clean! Easy to program, super easy to use.
    Written by Robbie, 2017-03-25
  • Pleased

    So far I am very pleased with this item. The only negative is the smell from the ozone so I remove my mask from inside the machine after its done and hang my mask on the headboard so the smell dissipates
    Written by Phil, 2017-03-13
  • Works as Advertised

    This is amazing! We started using it immediately and we saw results right away. My husband is not having so many nasal issues and is sleeping much better. I don't have to worry about keeping the CPAP clean to prevent colds and infections.
    Written by Kelly, 2017-03-13

    For anyone on pap equipment this is your answer to cleaning your mask, hose and unit simply. I am loving it, cause an unclean mask and hose helps colds and flus linger and I hate being sick.
    Written by Dan, 2017-02-16
  • C-Pap Cleaner

    I have used the cleaner now for about 4 days and it definitely makes a difference in the cleaning of my c-pap equipment. It smells so much better then when I was just washing my nose pillows with soap and water.
    Written by Wanda, 2017-02-12
  • Soclean 2

    After two weeks, I find the device does the job as advertised. It is relatively easy to set up and so far no problems. Like other reviewers, I found that the lingering ozone odor a little unpleasant. I run my CPAP machine a few minutes by itself and it reduces the odor considerably. The convenience and ease of use makes this machine an excellent choice.
    Written by Kennth Leinwand, 2017-02-07
  • SoClean

    So far so good, but I've only used it a few times. I have real issues with sinuses and URIs and hope the SoClean will keep infections at bay
    Written by Chris C, 2016-12-13
  • Great price

    Grt support said run machine 4 mins opened lid just aft 2 hrs and ran 2x abt 30 sec did help still some odor not as bad
    Written by Jss2, 2016-12-12
  • Not worth the health costs.

    I bought the SoClean 2 about 6-8 weeks ago. After 3 weeks my mask started turning green, I called the manufacture and they stated this is normal oxidation. About a week later I was in my pulmonary doctor with a terrible cough. He diagnosed a bacteria in my lungs, I told him about the green mask and he said STOP using immediately. Finally 3 weeks later and many antibiotics and steroids I am able to breath better. Waste of money DON'T BUY
    Written by Motty, 2016-12-08
  • SoClean2

    Excellent product! Very Happy
    Written by M. Mitchell, 2016-11-26
  • Great Product

    I have been using the SoClean Sanitizer for a week now and what a difference! My nose piece smell so much better,clean and fresh. Kind of a faint swimming pool smell for a second or two, I kind of like it, just knowing hose and all is clean and sanitized. Really easy to use and simple to set up. Happy with product and Home Direct Medical too.
    Written by Patrice, 2016-11-06
  • It is a godsend

    I saw it advertised on TV and recognized it as being the same equipment as used by the hospital. Check the price and found that with the coupon I could afford it. Ordered it on Thursday and received it on Friday. Previously, I washed my equipment weekly when I did not forget. My wife said that I did not do a very good job. Now, I just put the headgear into the machine when I wake up in the morning. It is automatically cleaned during the day. It is like haveing a new machine every day.
    Written by Terry, 2016-11-05
  • SoClean

    Great machine, seems like you are puttingn on new equipment every night, love it!!
    Written by Steve, 2016-11-04
  • Awesome machine

    I really like this machine as it makes my mask and tube smell clean. I am very happy with its performance.
    Written by claire s, 2016-10-13
  • Clean and Fresh in 7 Minutes

    Cleaning your CPAP machine is a daily drudge that needs to be done. And even cleaning daily doesn't really seem to get the hose as clean as it should be. On recommendation from a friend, I decided to try the SoClean2 CPAP cleaning machine. Ordered it one day; had it the next. It was easy to set up and use. And for the first time in a long time, I feel that my CPAP machine is really getting clean. It smells clean and fresh and I save a lot of time cleaning my machine every day. Set it up, and it's clean in 7 minutes!
    Written by MollysMom, 2016-09-20
  • Amazing Equipment

    So easy to use and does everything it says it can do. I do not like the smell post cleaning but can clear it by running BiPAP about 5 minutes post cleaning.
    Written by BroVic, 2016-07-24
  • Great product

    I am really happy with my SoClean2. It makes my Cpap mask smell really fresh. There is a slightly different odor at first. It does go away after a few minutes.
    Written by S. Smith, 2016-06-30
  • CPAP Cleanse

    Great product. Was skeptical at first but really does work. Never felt I could really get the hose clean but this seems to do the trick. Compact and easy to use.
    Written by D. HAYNES, 2016-06-25
  • Best cleaning device for CPAP Equipment

    I purchased the SoClean 2 sanitizer as I work several different shifts and cleaning my equipment every single day would not fit my schedule. The SoClean 2 provides me a simple way to clean my equipment knowing each day it is fully sanitized. I do every week take time to clean all the parts. After they are dried I do a manual run with the sanitizer. This device has been a true lifesaver. It is easy to set up and very easy to use, in fact it does it by itself.
    Written by Mike S, 2016-05-06
  • So-clean

    Excellent machine! Set it and forget it.
    Written by Henry B, 2016-03-19
  • Excellent addition

    This has been the best addition to my CPAP world. It is so good to lay down at night and put a mask on that smells great. It is great not to have to wash out everything every other day. Now I can have a much needed break. I highly recommend this. It is described right on target as far as I am concerned!
    Written by Dee K, 2016-03-18
  • SoClean is a perfect solution

    I think it was worth every penny. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I love it. My CPAP is the Philips System One with humidifier, heated hose, and ResMed F10 full face mask. I refused to put up with the burden of manually cleaning my stuff, wasn't going to happen in my life. I think my sinuses have been clearer too since using SoClean. Unlike some reviewers I like the ozone smell, it reminds me of the pool at my gym which is cleaned by ozone too. To me it's a nice, clean smell. Contrarily, the smell of baby powder repulses me, so I guess I can understand the negative sentiments if you simply don't like the way ozone smells.The automated cycle is fantastic. Just drop the mask in when you wake up and close the lid... I set mine to run for 10 mins @ 10am. Every night before I go to bed I see the green light on the unit letting me know it's all set.This thing is a no brainer! I would recommend this product all day long.
    Written by Joey D, 2016-02-10
  • so-clean machine

    so far it seems to make a difference but only time will tell.
    Written by Judith, 2016-01-29
  • Great Product

    I love this machine! I never liked cleaning my CPAP now its done for me like magic.
    Written by Lansley, 2016-01-03
  • Nice and easy

    Using this on a Devilbiss Intellipap Auto. Didn't bother with the tube to humidifier as I empty it every day or two and it says it isn't necessary in this circumstance. The SOCLEAN difference was noticeable the first use. I purged the unit before putting it on for a couple minutes, slept well, the unit had the expected ozone odor but it mellowed quickly. If I forget to put my mask in the unit it's easy to do the manual cycle when I remember. The green light that says the CPAP is clean is a nice touch.
    Written by Bob, 2015-12-11
  • Great Product

    Wish I had bought a long time ago. Saves a lot of time and cleans bipap equipment much better than by hand. Easy set-up and daily changeover. Love it.
    Written by EAS , 2015-12-04
  • smell stronger than expected

    I'm sure it is doing a good job cleaning my equipment, but smell was stronger than I was expecting. Almost intolerable, required multiple cleaning with soap and water to try and remove scent. Hope it gets better.
    Written by beth, 2015-11-11
  • Great Product

    I have always struggled with keeping my equipment as clean as I'd like especially when traveling. This works great and is hassle free
    Written by Jerry, 2015-10-24
  • Profsrs

    Exactly as described. Fast delivery A++++++
    Written by Steve S, 2015-07-31
  • Every CPAP & BiPAP User Needs This!

    This is an amazing device. So simple to use. Now my CPAP is properly sanitized every day and it's all automatic. Well worth the cost.
    Written by Leslie M., 2015-06-16
  • easy cleaning

    this product makes cleaning sooo much faster and easier and more efficiently.
    Written by Bipap user, 2015-02-18
  • WOW what a great product

    I can't believe how well this item works, a little pricey but well worth the cost. Very pleased with the performance, My CPAP machine and mask have never felt this clean. Good by to sinus problems.
    Written by Jeff K, 2015-01-13
  • Living healthy

    I am so glad to have discovered an easy way to sanitize my CPAP equipment. I can rest easy knowing I am breathing sanitized equipment.
    Written by Helenofjoy, 2014-10-17
  • This cleaner is OK

    It seems to clean OK. However, the Resmed humidifier adapter needs improvement. Inserting the black hose through the humidifier opening into the humid chamber is a pain in the neck! It makes a buzzing sound for the initial 5-10 minutes while cleaning. Overall I gave it 4 stars because it is still easier than cleaning with soap, water and disinfectant!
    Written by Sam, 2014-10-17
  • So Clean. So Wonderful

    Can't believe I waited so long to buy this machine. What an idiot! Thought I could take care of my cpap materials myself. What an idiot! Just buy this machine and rest in peace each night knowing your equipment is clean and sanitized to hospital spec.
    Written by Texan, 2014-10-16
  • Odiferous

    I do like the ease of use of this product but I do have issues: there is an odor in my mask of a cross between burnt paper and new plastic after using the SoClean..I can get past it but someone with a sensitive olfactory could not.
    Written by Brian, 2014-07-30
  • The simple life

    Written by Seahunt, 2014-07-28
  • Love This Machine!

    I have my SoClean 2 set to run a 10-minute cleaning cycle, and I don't notice any residual odor. I *do* notice a big improvement in the ease of keeping my machine, humidifier and mask sanitized. I still take my mask apart and clean it weekly. One note for Devilbiss IntelliPAP machines (and use the attached humidifier): Using the SoClean 2 means you have to detach the machine from the humdifier each time you want to refill the humidifier chamber. It's a pain, but I still do it every night. See this instruction video on YouTube for info: This is not the fault of the SoClean 2 though; it's simply due to the design of the IntelliPAP. It's well worth the extra fiddling to fill the chamber and reinsert the black tubing to have sanitized equipment.
    Written by Margaret, 2014-07-17
  • review of So Clean -- So So

    I like this product for the ease of assembly and use, it seems to clean well too, but the smell of the remaining ozone is objectionable....I ran the unit for 20 minutes before use 12 hours after cleaning, and still the ozone smell was there. It took four days for it to die away - which means that I will use the unit weekly instead of I cannot find an alternative this is what I must use
    Written by Ted, 2014-07-13
  • Review of SoClean2

    SoClean 2 is perfect for my needs. I have a immune deficiency so I am susceptible to infections. SoClean2 has eliminated germs, bacteria and viruses from my BiPap mask and tubing which is important to someone with my immune deficiency.
    Written by Scot B, 2014-06-29
  • Love, love, love it.

    This makes cleaning the CPAP so easy and convenient. You don't have to take the machine apart and I think it is a great item.
    Written by Vickie, 2014-06-04
  • Great machine!

    This is a great little machine. Its so nice just to put your hose in the slot, close the lid and a couple of hours later everything is sanitized.
    Written by Mark C., 2014-06-02
  • SoClean

    The tube will not insert into my Fisher-Paykel 600, but the unit does a good job on the mask. (EDITORS NOTE: An adapter is availble for F&P 600 Series Tubing should you wish to purchase one.)
    Written by Richard, 2014-05-28
  • Makes a difference

    After using the SoClean for a few weeks, I've experienced a big improvement with upper respiratory issues. Great investment!
    Written by Nancy, 2014-05-21