Snugz Full Face CPAP Mask Liners - 2 Pack - 90 Night Supply

Snugz Full Face CPAP Mask Liners - 2 Pack - 90 Night Supply

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Let’s face it, the CPAP experience can sometimes leave a lot to be desired... Noisy mask leaks impede therapy effectiveness; and when you wake up you're faced with red marks and skin irritation. Snugz Full Face CPAP Mask Liners are made of soft, moisture-wicking fabric that wraps snugly around most full face mask cushions to improve comfort and help reduce noisy leaks, redness and irritation. One-size-fits-most Snugz feel great against your skin and help you look and feel better each morning.

snugz cpap mask liners improve fit

Snugz Full Face Liners wrap snugly around your mask and rest softly on your face. The liner helps to grip the skin and keep the mask in place around the nose and mouth reducing leaks and pinching and improving comfort.

Innovative Snugz Full Face Mask Liners will snugly fit practically any full-face mask so, unlike other products, you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong one or changing masks. For full compatibility information review the "compatibility" section on this page.

snugz cpap mask liners improve comfort

Breathable and moisture-wicking fibers make your skin feel cool, dry, and comfortable, while reducing pressure marks, skin breakdown, and pressure sores. Snugz provides a protective barrier for people with sensitivities to mask materials.

snugz cpap mask liners reduce leaks

Super soft Snugz liners fit your face better and eliminate those large, noisy leaks that wake you up. This better seal is especially beneficial for high-pressure/high-flow CPAP or BiPAP users and can reduce nightly sleep disturbances and AHI.

snugz cpap mask liners save money

By reducing the oils and sweat absorbed by the mask cushion, Snugz Mask Liners lessen the burden of cleaning and replacing your masks. Snugz liners are easily washed with your normal laundry. Plus, each two-pack will last up to 90 days—making Snugz over 300% cheaper overall than flimsy disposable liners.

CARING FOR SNUGZ: Snugz Liners are low maintenance. Simply toss liners in with your regular laundry between uses to keep them fresh. You can throw Snugz in the dryer as well! Feel free to use fabric softener -- just steer clear of harsh chemicals and bleach, as they may irritate skin. We recommend having at least one Snugz for each day of the week so you can cycle it through with your weekly laundry.

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^fitting tips & tricks~
  1. Feel free to give your Snugz a few stretches with your hands before applying it to your mask if you feel that it’s too tight on your mask.
  2. Make sure the BLACK seam is on the hard plastic part of your mask, as indicated in the instructions, while the seam without the black line is on the rubber part of your mask. The seam with the black line is slightly thicker and tends to lift the mask off your face too much (causing leaks) and may also leave lines on your face. The seam without black is much softer and thinner and is meant to be on the rubber part of the mask.
  3. Make sure you pull the seam without the black line inward into the mask enough. It should align with the inner edge of the rubber so when looking at the open side of the mask, you cannot see any rubber. This will ensure that the thinnest and softest part of the Snugz is on your face and that the edge of the Snugz will not cause lines.
  4. When applying the mask to your face, first start with the mask high so your nose is in the middle of the mask. Then, slide the mask down over your nose bridge. This will help spread the nose bridge portion of your mask cushion more naturally over your nose for a better fit and better seal. If you feel like the nose bridge portion of the rubber mask cushion is compressed too much by the Snugz CPAP full mask liner, you can use your thumbs to spread the mask cushion open as you slide it down over your nose.
  5. Note that the breathability of Snugz WILL leave you with a different sensation on your skin -- your skin will feel cooler and dry. For some people, this can take some getting used to, but it is what will help keep your skin irritation-free.”

^frequently asked questions~

A better seal does not necessarily mean a more airtight seal. Snugz provides a better seal by allowing some "micro-leakage" through the fabric. This breathability not only keeps your mask feeling cooler, but prevents a sweaty, slippery mask cushion surface that will inevitably slip and lead to loud noisy leaks that wake you up. With Snugz, those leaks should be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, and your sleep quality should improve. Your CPAP machine may register some leakage and it may be possible to feel some leakage through the Snugz fabric. Modern CPAP machines, however, automatically adjust for such leakage and what matters most is your AHI and having fewer disturbances. While it’s always smart to check with your care provider, if you are sleeping better with reduced disturbances, and your AHI is low, your Snugz is doing its job.

When properly placed on your mask, Snugz should not restrict air flow. Adjust your Snugz to cover only the cushion of the mask and not your nostrils or mouth. Also, make sure that the CO2 exhalation ports (a set of small holes usually located on the front of the mask) are clear and not blocked or restricted. These ports are the only place you should feel air escaping. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your sleep professional.

Snugz CPAP Mask Liners are made with a blend of very soft, moisture-wicking nylon fiber and spandex. This moisture-wicking blend makes your mask feel cool, dry, and comfortable against your soft skin; while reducing pressure marks, skin break down, and pressure sores.

Yes, we have plenty of customers with facial hair that are enjoying a better CPAP experience with Snugz.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer WakeWell
  • In the Package 2 Machine Washable Snugz Liners
  • Part Number(s) CAP7001
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00860286000916
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)


  • Snugz Full-Face Mask Liners will fit all sizes of all full face masks except for the ResMed Mirage Quattro, the extra-large F&P Forma, and the large Respironics ComfortGel. They are also not recommended for minimalist under-the-nose masks such as the Respironics Amara View or DreamWear Full and the ResMed AirFit F30, or total face masks such as the Respironics FitLife.

Physical Specifications

  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
    Silicone Free


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  • .It stops my mask from leaking air!

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    I finally get a quiet night's sleep.
    Written by PoisedPenguin-20448, 2021-11-16
  • .At Laaast!

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    I've used various liners in the past but these Snugzzz liners are the best. I like that they're reusable because that's better for the planet; but it also saves money overall. Also I have a few different masks (all full face) and these work so I can use whichever one I want. Overall a good buy.
    Written by longhornplayer1967, Houston TX2021-09-15
  • .Face pillow

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    There nice but don’t hold up well for the cost, dirty quick and come apart in the washer
    Written by GleamingSheep-84291, Ann Arbor mich2021-09-13
  • .Will not fit

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    Will not buy from them again
    Written by LivelyJaguar-84951, 2021-06-26