Quattro™ FX Full Face CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

Quattro™ FX Full Face CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

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The Quattro FX's dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion features a supportive, inner layer that stabilizes the cushion while a soft, outer membrane gently inflates to create a safe and secure seal against the skin. The Quattro FX's Spring frame offers the same stability and angular adjustment as conventional full face masks but WITHOUT the annoying forehead support.

The Quattro FX uses a tension-reducing headgear design with a contoured crown strap that sits snug at the top of the head, avoiding sensitive areas around the back of the neck. Easy release clips, at the base of the mask, mean that headgear can be removed quickly without requiring any mask adjustments. Headgear is available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) so you can customize the fit of your mask. Quick release clips mean once you find your optimal headgear settings you won't have to adjust them each time you put on your mask.

The unique low profile design of the Quattro FX requires fewer points of contact with the face which helps to reduce the chances of skin irritation and pinching from the mask. In addition the clear line of sight offered by the Quattro FX means you can read or watch TV in bed without a forehead support to leave red marks or block your vision!

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  • Flexible, Durable Spring Frame - Stabilizes the mask on the face; soft enough to accommodate movement during sleep
  • 360° Elbow Rotation - Positions the tubing for ease of use
  • Swivel - Offers a convenient way to connect and disconnect air tubing
  • Dual-wall, Spring Air Cushion - Provides soft, even pressure distribution. Contoured cushion membrane around sensitive nasal bridge area rolls and inflates to gently meet the nose rather than stretch over it
  • Set-and-Forget Headgear Clips - Easy to grip for attaching and detaching while retaining headgear settings
  • Built-in Vent Design - Disperses air gently and quietly

Product Information

  • Manufacturer ResMed
  • In the Package Quattro FX Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Adjustable Headgear
  • Part Number(s) 61700 (Small), 61701 (Medium), 61702 (Large)
  • HCPCS Code A7030
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00619498617005, 00619498617012, 00619498617029
  • Warranty 90 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country of Origin Singapore (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Size(s) Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
    DEHP Free
    Phthalate Free
    PVC Free

Mask Performance

  • Type Full Face Mask
  • Pressure Levels 4-30 CM H2O (Recommended)


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Total 14 Reviews
  • Comfortable mask

    Works well with very less leakage
    Written by Davm1, 2018-08-15
  • magic snorer

    It makes very little noise at all unless I get on my back!
    Written by oldjoints2003, 2018-02-12
  • Great mask

    Works great, good fit,& good head gear.
    Written by Jeremy C. , 2017-03-30
  • Awesome device

    First I want people to know that I do not like ResMed as a company but there masks are the best masks I've ever used, in fact they are the only masks that works well with my face. From the Mirage Quattro, Quattro Air and quatro FX I've always been happy, I spend more to buy teamed masks because nothing else works.
    Written by Eric, 2017-02-06
  • Superb

    Great product and quick shipping
    Written by Kyle Hill, 2017-02-04
  • blows air onto forehead

    decent fit; no leaks but the air vent is angled so that the air hits me in the eyebrow/forehead area and makes it uncomfortable to fall asleep.
    Written by tried many masks, 2017-02-01
  • i think i found the right mask

    Since I had my machine I have been looking for a mask that is suitable for a restless sleeper. I tried about nasal only mask but I snore. I tried mouth only masks to get the extreme case of dry mouth that I wouldn't wish on a soul. so I was looking for a full mask that wasn't too bulky looking and was able to stay on my face the whole night. so far this does the trick.it does leave indentations on my face but satisfied with this mask..its soft and comfortable
    Written by v h johnson, 2016-11-27
  • review of full fae mask for CPAP/BiPAP machine-I have a Resmed

    the mask does not fit properly,it is too big for my face but too tight around my head (I do not have a big head) it is uncomfortable
    Written by corinne b, 2016-09-19
  • Comfortable but difficult to clean

    Far more comfortable than my Respironics Amara Full Face mask which use to leave welts on my forehead and take the skin off my nose. But not as easy to put on or clean.
    Written by Ray, 2013-09-03
  • Great Small Mask!

    I have used this mask for 1.5 years now. It is outstanding and by far the best mask I have ever used. I do not know why people in their reviews say they have problems with seal or leakage? This mask is really extra, extra ultra soft and molds nicely to your skin/face to make a solid seal. The soft inner mask removes quickly and easily to clean. Another nice thing about this mask is no more red marks on the forehead! I hated that in full face masks! This very small mask fits right around the bridge of your nose and just under your lower lip and seals great! You do not have to wear the headgear tight as it seals so well. It is well worth the higher price! I wont even look at another mask. I am not a Resmed stockholder! :>) I just want my fellow CPAP users to hear that there is a new outstanding mask for their comfort! 6 stars!
    Written by Mitchell, 2013-04-26
  • Very comfortable

    As a first time CPAP user I was very hesitant about wearing a mask. I had heard many horror stories, but I did my research and purchased this mask based off reviews. I was not dissapointed. This mask is very comfortable to wear.
    Written by Lori E, 2013-04-25
  • WIsh I could get a seal

    This is a very nicely designed mask; it's lightweight and the lack of a forehead support gives it a nice open feel. Unfortunately, I can't get a good seal. Using an Autopap machine, I can keep the mask sealed until pressure exceeds 12, at which point the seal at my eyes gives way and I get air blowing in my eyes. tried tightening it until the cheek straps are painful, but same result. If it fits your face, I'd certainly recommend it, but it wasn't for me.
    Written by Harryhawker, 2013-04-08
  • The best so far by far

    I have tried (and returned) six full face masks before receiving this mask. This mask fit me (fit being a very individual thing) the best of all full face masks I have tried. My only gripe (a minor gripe) is that I find the strap going across the top of the head to be slightly uncomfortable. I have only had one night with this mask but it is the only mask I have made it through a night with and actually slept! For the first time in months I am encouraged. Leave it to me to find what is likely the most expensive full face mask to be useful.
    Written by Glenn, 2012-11-15
  • Quattro FX CPAP Mask

    I am using the Quattro FX with a Resmed Auto (APAP) I find that the mask fits as close to perfect as any mask I have tried. No leaks, no slippage over a full night's sleep. I can even wear my glasses with it. Prior to the FX, I had a Quattro Full-Face mask and it always seemed to leak, under any pressure. Another feature about the FX that I like is no forehead device or adjustment. I would recommend the FX to anyone wanting a comfortable, well fitting mask. A bit pricy, but in my opinion, well worth every cent.
    Written by Darrell G, 2012-09-12