Hose Tubing Side Slot Plug for SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaners & Sanitizers

Hose Tubing Side Slot Plug for SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaners & Sanitizers

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USAGE: Insert the Hose Slot Plug into the unused tubing slot on your SoClean 2 device before use. The SoClean 2 will NOT operate if the slot plug is missing or improperly installed. The SoClean 2 comes complete with one Hose Tubing Slot Plug so this part is only required if the original Slot Plug has been lost or damaged.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer SoClean Inc.
  • Part Number(s) PN1214
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00705968374933
  • Warranty 30 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country China (Typical Origin)


  • SoClean 2 Not Compatible With SoClean (Original), SoClean 2 Go

Physical Specifications

  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


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Total 11 Reviews
  • Just what we wanted

    The part arrived very quickly so my husband only had to miss 2 nights on his Cpap machine.
    Written by prenaud100, 2019-09-23
  • GREAT!

    easy but took to long to receive item.
    Written by roseirwin56, 2019-09-18
  • Great backup!

    Excellent backup tubing plug for my SoClean 2 sanitizer. I recently had the plug fall out and couldn't figure out why sanitizer wouldn't work until I saw plug missing. While I easily found the plug on the floor, it got me thinking what would happen if it broke or if I really lost it. That's why I was so glad I found someone who sold them individually. Very satisfied with my purchase.
    Written by ACCOL, Spring Texas2019-09-10
  • Splug

    They were very responsive .came earlier than I thought it would
    Written by manthefish, 2019-05-08
  • hose slot plug

    Pricing was good, they called as I gave them an incorrect address for shipping and then shipped it - sooner than what I expected. No complaints...
    Written by teenatoney, 2019-05-07
  • So clean part

    Took 30 seconds to install
    Written by battlecreekk56-68348, 2019-03-29
  • fast and easy

    No shipping and received the product quickly
    Written by mrdavidtlow, 2019-01-29
  • Perfect

    On time fast delivery. Perfect
    Written by reedybryan, 2018-08-18
  • Perfect replacement

    Exact replacement. Fast delivery.
    Written by jtrain51, 2018-07-09
  • Tape your plug so you never lose it.

    As soon as you get your SoClean 2, tape your slot plug in with Scotch Tape or your tape of choice. This way, you avoid the risk of losing it.
    Written by R Mariano, 2015-03-20
  • Do not loose your SoClean Hose Tubing Slot Plug

    I saw the possibility of loosing the slot plug under the bed when it popped off the first time I opened the lid. So I secured mine with small piece of medical tape - the real sticky stuff. Glad to see that this part can be purchased separately. When you get your replacement, secure that little bugger with some tape!
    Written by Love my SoClean, 2014-11-13