DreamPort CPAP Mask Solution

DreamPort CPAP Mask Solution

Bleep's DreamPort is Coming Soon!


DreamPort is currently in development by Bleep, LLC. To learn more please visit BleepSleep.com and check back here for periodic updates.

The DreamPort Solution from Bleep is flexible, lightweight and very easy to use. It also doesn't have any headgear, instead it is held in place by adhesive strips to hold the breathing ports in place all throughout the night. Unlike your traditional CPAP mask, these adhesive strips won’'t leave any marks on your face that can take hours to disappear. Applying the DreamPort Solution takes only seconds and then you are ready to sleep comfortably on your back, stomach or whatever suits you!

The adhesive strips attached to the breathing ports that hold the DreamPort Solution in place are made using a hypoallergenic tape, they are also disposable which will help prevent the build up of bacteria. The DreamPort patented design ensures no leaks throughout the night, that means nothing enters the nostril except the stream of air from your CPAP machine. These gentle adhesive strips guarantee a much stronger seal than other masks on the market today.

The DreamPort Solution from Bleep helps CPAP users avoid the trial and error period that comes with finding other mask options through frequent trips to the doctor or supplier. The DreamPort Solution is one size fits all! With the DreamPort, there is no need to figure out when to replace your mask because each night you use two new disposable breathing ports with your DreamPort keeping your device free and clear of bacteria. The small breathing ports are also recyclable once the tape has been removed. These masks are both clean and green!

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