ComfortGel (Original) NASAL Mask (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics ComfortGel (Original) NASAL Mask (DISCONTINUED)

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Discontinued Item:

For Reference: Discontinued April 2014


DirectHomeMedical's ComfortGel (Original) CPAP Mask Packs incude Respironics' updated, stronger mask frame and headgear clips.

The ComfortGel is easy to fit so you get the right fit the first time; and if you want to adjust your fit or re-customize the Gel after your first fitting don't worry, it's quick and easy to do at home or even on the road. The dual-layer blue gel system creates exceptional cushioning too so don't worry it's very comfortable! Whether you're hard to fit or always get it right the first time, the new ComfortGel makes CPAP and BiPAP therapy easier and more successful.

The ComfortGel comes with Respironics’ one-size-fits-most Premium Headgear. This unique headgear with EZ Peel™ tabs easily adjusts in four places for a secure, custom fit. The Premium Headgear evenly distributes tension, adds stability and helps to prevent mask leaks. ComfortGel and Headgear disassemble easily for cleaning and replacement.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • In the Package ComfortGel (Original) Nasal CPAP & BiPAP Mask with Adjustable Headgear.
  • Part Number(s) 1009040 (Petite) Discontinued, 1009041 (Small), 1009042 (Medium) Discontinued, 1009043 (Large) Discontinued
  • HCPCS Code A7034 A7035
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Warranty 90 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country China (Typical Origin)


Average Rating of
Total 63 Reviews
  • CPAP Mask

    Best price around and fast shipping. This is the same product as the other guys, just a lower price.
    Written by Need to breath at Night, 2014-04-18
  • review

    i have had them before and these are the same. the customer service was better than most. the only thing better would be if they were free. i shall return!
    Written by gerald, 2014-03-10
  • Good and comfortable mask but will not last.

    This mask is very nice, soft, will not too much air to escape without too much pressure to face. It is easy washable. Draw back - that jell after a few month start too change to liquid and every few month new mask is needed.
    Written by William, 2014-02-23
  • CPAP

    This mask is excellent! I've had sleep apnea for several years & have tried a few different types of mask's. This one is comfortable & easy to adjust.
    Written by S Olinger , 2014-01-11
  • ComfortGel Mask

    This is the best mask I have tried. Parts are easy to obtain, inexpensive. The mask is comfortable, very few leaking issues. I will probably stay with this mask.
    Written by Rick, 2013-12-31
  • Either leaks or is too tight

    The wait to see the CPap mask fitter with my sleep doctor was too long, so I ordered this one after reading the reviews. It is well-made, and I like the gel idea. However I cannot get it to fit my face without leaking as soon as I move to a different position. I've tried all the adjustments, and the only way I can keep it from blowing air out the sides (or bottom or top) is to tighten it until it presses too hard between my nose and lips. Guess I have to wait to see if my sleep doc. has any other ideas. I am getting more discouraged about this whole CPap business.
    Written by JMG, 2013-12-15
  • comfortable mask and head gear

    good price and good comfort for these masks and head gear. have been using them for about 2 years now. really helps my sleep and reduces noise for my wife. We both sleep better now.
    Written by SJS, 2013-11-25
  • Just Okay

    I wish I would have ordered the petite and not the small. I really do not like the forehead piece it's too big. I should have stuck to the one I had purchased before, but I was trying to save about $20 :-(
    Written by DMK, 2013-11-12
  • Best One I've Tried

    Although I've tried other masks, this is the one I always come back to because it's the most comfortable.
    Written by golfnut, 2013-11-12
  • sirs

    great, comfortable mask. They were speedy in sending it also. thanks.
    Written by pm, 2013-10-18
  • ComfortGel Nasal CPAP mask

    This nasal mask is a pleasure to use and fit and feel were excellent right out of the box. Most important, it didn't leak through the night. I've never got that kind of performance out of a full face mask. I will be able to comply with the treatments with this mask.
    Written by Doug D, 2013-10-12
  • good mask

    I have used the same mask for several years so I know it lasts well. the fit is good also.
    Written by braxton, 2013-09-28
  • ComfortGel (Original) NASAL CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

    Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got, and quickly.
    Written by RK, 2013-09-23
  • Comfort Gell Review

    Product looks good and seems to be more substantial, especially in the clip area.
    Written by Bill, 2013-09-18
  • Just what theDr Ordered!

    Fits perfectly (medium) & alleviates my clostrophoibia (1st time CPAP user) & ends middle of the night hassles which defeat my attempts to sleep.
    Written by OrchidRenee, 2013-08-23
  • Sleeping through the night

    This mask is fabulous and is easy to use.
    Written by Theresa, 2013-08-18
  • End user

    Good product at fair price
    Written by Mike D, 2013-08-07
  • C-PAP Mask

    Mask is well designed at functions as advertised. I am very satisfied with the product and especially the cost.
    Written by Larry G., 2013-07-20
  • perfect fit

    the only mask I care for.
    Written by george, 2013-07-12
  • Good deal

    Arrived promptly. Exactly what was ordered and needed. No problems. Fits and has been in use daily.
    Written by Donna, 2013-07-06

    nose cushion lesser quality than my old one
    Written by E Jones, 2013-06-15
  • Discovered the size I have been using in too Large

    I have been using a BiPap\CPAP since 2001. I discovered that I have to use a BiPap since I kept popping the CPAP off. I purchased from Direct Home Medical and they included a sizing chart for my nose since I use the 1/2 face mask. I always picked a large mask size since my head is the size of a basketball ;) They included a free sizing chart that NO ONE has told me in the 12 plus years I have been wearing these devices!! Guess who I will be ordering from next? AND, after I ordered, they called me and confirmed they had all of the info, (med scripts), and they were shipping my stuff out that DAY!!
    Written by John L., 2013-05-21
  • comfort gel mask

    I have been using this mask for a number of years and it works the best for me but the ease of this website and prompt delivery far surpases my experiences with other companies.
    Written by Tamara J., 2013-05-17
  • Nasal Mask

    The nasal mask I purchase is great. It was as described online and shipping was fast.
    Written by J, 2013-05-03
  • CPAP Mask

    Hard to put on.
    Written by Karen A., 2013-04-17
  • Outstanding!!!

    What a pleasant surprise. The mask arrived faster than promised - I did not use overnight shipping - and it was exactly what I was looking for. It was the best price by far. Thanks!!!
    Written by Dave, 2013-04-07
  • ComfortGel (Original) NASAL CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

    Written by C.RICE, 2013-03-25
  • C-pap mask

    Went back to the original C-pap mask. LOVING IT!! Thx
    Written by Barb, 2013-03-24
  • Excellent Service

    I love the Respironics Comfort Gel mask, it is so comfortable I foget I have it on. It is not noisy and it fits my face perfectly. Customer service was great, the mask arrived within days. I recommend buying from them.
    Written by AnaJulia, 2013-03-14
  • poor fit

    It is worth less I cannot get a seal on it
    Written by John, 2013-01-23
  • CPAP masks

    Arrived quickly, exactly what was needed and ordered
    Written by Kenneth, 2013-01-23
  • supplies

    The mask and hose are great, every thing is tops, prices are very very good. I will use directhomemedical from now on.
    Written by GLENN C., 2013-01-12
  • Comfort gel mask

    The gel piece is stiffer than on my last mask. The forhead piece isn't as soft and it causes pain or a sore spot on my head.
    Written by HJ, 2013-01-11
  • c pap nasal mask

    i am very happy with my mask, it fits perfact. i hadn't used my c pap machine for a while and was afraid i couldn't find the right parts but i did thanks to you.
    Written by cheryl h, 2013-01-07
  • Excellent

    Good product and excellent service.
    Written by Nicholas K., 2013-01-06
  • Great Mask

    I have used these for over 15 years, always a great fit and price. Direct Home Medical is easy to work with and very reliable. Best prices I could find any where.
    Written by Mike, 2013-01-06
  • Slept like a baby

    I bought this mask because i had my last one for a very long time with out a problem untill my dog ate it... yes true... very fast shipping...
    Written by A.Z. Barry, 2013-01-05
  • ComfortGet (Original) Nasal CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

    I find this mask to be very comfortable and stays in place.
    Written by Debrah Ekhoff, 2012-12-19
  • This mask is not all it's cracked up to be

    I thought this mask was going to be just like the first one I got but it wasn't. The gel that goes around the nose is flimsy and the plastic digs into my face. I tried to loosen the straps but even very loose it still dig in. I'm so not happy. I wake up with marks around my nose and am sore every morning.
    Written by Not breathing easy., 2012-12-10
  • CPAP Mask

    After going for a number of years without replacement equipment (no health insurance coverage), I purchased the above item mostly because of its cost. I received the mask very quickly for the supplier and hooked it up to machine and have absolutely no problems. Very happy with both the product and the supplier.
    Written by Ceil P., 2012-11-28
  • Prefer the Older Design

    This version does not have a complete cover over the silicon gel pack as the ProfileLite design did. Some people have silicon sentitive skin and this does not work.
    Written by Kevan W, 2012-11-26
  • Quietest CPAP

    Even thiugh this is an older model Thisis the best CPAP mask around. It has a VERY quiet exhalation port. the "new" version is SO noisy that I can't sleep. I am so happy I can still get this mask. I hope they will still be available as I have trued several other models and nothing else is as good as this one.
    Written by Kathryn, 2012-11-16
  • Quick Service

    Ordered C-Pap mask and received it a few days later. Quick and efficient.
    Written by RedChile, 2012-11-08
  • respirontics gel comfort mask and headgear Med

    We ordered 2 of the above item. They arrived in perfect condition and are exactly what we needed and wanted. Shipping was quick. We are impressed with this company and recommend them to anyone.
    Written by DD V, 2012-11-08
  • ComfortGel Nasal CPAP Mask

    Written by Dennis, 2012-10-31
  • cpap mask

    Great mask for comfort and easy to sleep in
    Written by Dee, 2012-10-29
  • Comfort Gel (Original) Mask

    I have used the Comfort Classic Mask for five years with little to no problems other than I felt the elastic in the headgear should lasted longer than it does. Looking at the popularity of the Comfort Gel on your website I thought I would try a newer type mask. I don't like the Comfort Gel because it is bulkier and wider than the Comfort Classic. The strap attachments stick out much further and push on my pillow causing the mask to get off center on my face and leaking. I am going to stick with what I have been using.
    Written by Pat, 2012-09-22
  • I love this mask

    I've tried several different masks and I will continue using this one as long as it's produced. It's the most comfortable mask that I've ever used, it's super easy to adjust and the seal it provides is great. If you're looking for a well made mask that's comfortable and easy to adjust, this is it.
    Written by bigbill1961, 2012-09-16
  • NoMoreSnore

    Fantastic product at a great price. Love comfort gel mask and have been using for approx 8 years now.
    Written by NoMoreSnore, 2012-09-02
  • Absolutely awesome

    I ordered my two c-pap masks in the morning and by the early afternoon, I had confirmation that the order had just shipped. All I can say is 'WOW", what service. I wish more companies were like Direct Home Medical.
    Written by Vickie, 2012-08-21
  • Great Prices & Great Service

    I did a lot of internet searching to find not just the best price but the best information on CPAP Masks and accessories. The prices were very good from Direct Home Medical, ordering was easy and the items came as promised. Certainly will buy from them again.
    Written by George, 2012-08-17
  • the orginal

    I try new masks and always come back to this one
    Written by Diane, 2012-08-09
  • comfort great

    I've used 4 other masks including a cloth bag type. This is the most comfortable of all and it is almost leak proof. It takes some getting used to but has a lot of adjustments (good). I would recommend it to all restless sleepers.
    Written by Vernon, 2012-08-05
  • CPAP mask pack with headgear

    it good, perpected condition
    Written by steven, 2012-08-05
  • Affordable and Comfortable

    Works better than one I got from my Doctor and much more comfortable. Wish I had ordered earlier and it was half the price of local medical suppliers.
    Written by Judy B., 2012-07-19
  • Great mask for the price

    I bought this mask as a replacement for a more expensive one that I had been using. The feature that attracted me to this mask (beyond the great price) was the headgear quick release. No "dragging" the lower straps and the mask upward on your face when you need to remove it, or conversely downward when putting the mask onto your face. The quick release makes it a "breeze" to put on or take off. The mask does not have vent holes like my former mask. I was concerned that a CO2 build-up would happen due to not replacing air in the mask and tube after each exhalation. This has not been a problem, so my concerns were unfounded. The only negative that I have regarding this nask is that the gel pad that contacts my upper lip directly under my nose is rather narrow, increasing the contact force on that part of my face. After using the mask for 3 nights now, this has not turned-out to be a significant problem. The "trick" us to simply adjust the strap tension to only be tight enough to seal but no more. When properly done, the force on my face is acceptable and fairly comfortable. Bottom line, this is a great mask and the price is right.
    Written by G R Westfall, 2012-06-10
  • Great mask

    Good fit, comfortable headgear, great price. Thanks!
    Written by Christopher Zirpolo, 2012-05-14
  • ComfortGel (Original) NASAL CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

    Received in great shape,and on time! The mask is the most comfortable for me as it sleeps well in several positions.
    Written by Mitchell Lee, 2012-05-10
  • Great deal

    This was a lot less expensive than other medical supply outlets. Very happy with purchase and quick shipping. Customer service was also very helpful
    Written by Steve, 2012-03-26
  • ComfortGel Nasal CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

    This is almost like the original item that was sent to me by my original respirtronics supplyer. Only the headgear was different, a full head covering, white in color, with no snap in ball attachments. This appears to be easier to put on at night, and take off in the morning. If only there were more of the silicone covering to get a slightly better seal around the nose, and less air leakage around the mask and nose.
    Written by Thomas P. Lansing, Sr., 2012-03-24
  • great price and service

    very happy with masks they are 200.00 cheaper than Canada, great service, would buy again
    Written by jimmy k, 2012-03-22
  • CPAP Mask With Headgear Nearly Perfect

    I like the comfort and exhale rate for your ComfortGel CPAP mask. The headgear could be better. The ball type quick release is harder to use than the clip style quick release headgear and it is not as well made in the strapping. Also, if I could reorder, I would have gotten a smaller size. I ordered a large and a medium probably would have been a better fit. There were little guidelines for me to use until I tried it on--then it was too late.
    Written by John Stikes, 2012-03-16
  • Great product, fantastic customer service!

    I placed my order on Friday, and received it on Monday...much faster than I had expected! Also, I had called the customer service number with a question, and had to leave a message; someone called me back within the hour, which I greatly appreciated. I will definitely order with them again! Thank you, DirectHome Medical!
    Written by E. Segura, 2012-03-02