Bleep DreamPorts Adhesive Patches - 32 Pack for 16 Nights

Bleep DreamPorts Adhesive Patches - 32 Pack for 16 Nights

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Bleep DreamPorts are available in a single flexible size that really does fit all users; so no matter what the shape of your nose or nostrils these Bleep DreamPorts are the ones for you.

USAGE: DreamPort adhesive strips are hypoallergenic and disposable. The small breathing ports are also recyclable once the tape has been removed so DreamPorts are both clean and green! For complete instructions review the documentation that came with your equipment.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Bleep
  • Part Number(s) 100379
  • HCPCS Code A7033
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00850003157009
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)


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  • Finally

    This was my last resort having tried various pillows and covers for the straps but nothing was comfortable and I would wake up having removed the mask. These are easy, stay on all night and it worked with my Resmed just fine. Love these and recommend if you hate the straps.
    Written by Elle, Fishers, IN2020-03-25
  • Great product!

    Finally, a user friendly CPAP mask! No leaks (unless my mouth pops open), no strap to slip, no air/exhaust blowing into my eyes, no marks across my face for hours in the morning. What's not to like?
    Written by eileen-40312, North Carolina2020-01-14
  • Package damage

    Work very well but one of the packages was damaged in shipping Thanks
    Written by sralich69, 2019-10-06
  • AMAZING!!!!

    Just love this system. Whisper quiet and very easy to use. I’m a forever fan.
    Written by gvsullivans, Garden Valley, ID2019-04-23
  • Sleeping in Peace

    Finally sleeping in peace and through a full night. Prior to using the Dream Ports system , all i did was hearing leaking air - kept me awake. Tossed and turned and pulled on the head gear to try and keep it in place. I was using the Respironics Dream Wear or the Wisp. The wisp was a little better because it wouldn't leak air so much but DREAM PORTS are a god sent. The adhesive goes on easily enough and stays in place all night long - it never leaks air. If it does you did something wrong. When i remove them, sometimes there is a little mark - so little and goes away in a minute. With all other masks I had deep marks all across my face, that lasted for hours. The Bleeps Adhesive come off very easily if you pull them down from top to bottom. My Medicare supplier doesn't carry them so I am ordering them on line and paying for them by myself. The best price by far is Just wonder why all suppliers don't cover them. I have to use Riotech. Too bad. Maybe next year - Bleep System is a miracle
    Written by druzzie, 2019-03-26