Salter 1600 (Original) Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

Salter 1600 (Original) Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

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1-4 $3.75
5-9 $2.45
10-49 $1.65
50+ $0.85


The Oxygen Supply Tube on the Salter 1600 Nasal Cannula includes a three-channel, crush and kink-resistant design. The over-the-ear style headset ensures secure positioning, allowing for more freedom of movement without worrying about shifts or oxygen loss.

USAGE: This cannula is disposable and should be discarded and replaced when it becomes soiled, discolored or the prongs become stiff. For best performance cannulas should be replaced at least once every 14 days. For complete instructions review the documentation that came with your equipment.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Salter Labs
  • Part Number(s) 1600
  • HCPCS Code A4615
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00607411100253
  • Country Mexico (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Cannula Specifications

  • Max Cannula Flow 6 LPM
  • Cannula Prong Style Front Profile = Tapered
    Side Profile = Tapered Curve Towards User
  • Supply Tubing Style 3 Channel Supply Tube

Cannula Dimensions (Approximate)

  • Cannula Length 8.5 Feet (7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tube, 1.5 Foot Bolo)
  • Faceplate Width 2.5 Inches
  • Prong Length 0.375 Inches
  • Prong Width 0.1875 - 0.25 Inches
  • Prong Separation 0.4375 - 0.5 Inches


Average Rating of
Total 15 Reviews
  • Best tubing

    I like their cannulas because they aren’t those soft ones. Those don’t stay tight. And the tubing doesn’t kink up.
    Written by dtill5725, Arvada, Co2020-02-27
  • success

    This softer nasal cannula was less annoying to the patient; that spells success because she pulled it out much less frequently!
    Written by lindamalamy, 2020-01-01
  • Most Comfortable Cannula

    The best style for comfort and delivery of oxygen.
    Written by queenoflakegeorge, 2019-12-09
  • good,

    good, would like to try soft with longer prongs
    Written by VioletElk, 2019-07-24
  • A better slide

    The Original Nasal Cannulas are somewhat stiffer than the soft ones but the neck slide stays in place and doesn't require continual repositioning. That is the main reason I like these better.
    Written by goldmetals, 2019-06-05
  • As spectacular as my last purchase

    So it was time to re-order nasal cannulas. The overpriced people who provide my oxygen machine automatically sent two four-foot cannulas with two green tubings. I'm assuming the green tubing was to make the cannula system longer. But there weren't any connectors! Genius? Not really. Glad I contacted DHM way back when I did. I got a dozen cannulas for the price of one of what Rite Aid was selling. I can't believe I was once desperate enough to shell out almost $16 for one cannula. Bonus! The cannulas purchased through DHM are comfortable! No stiff nostril hoses to offend the nasal cavity. Keep up the good work guys. Glad you could help me out.
    Written by snwadding, 2019-05-01
  • 1600 Nasal Cannula with 7 foot oxygen supply tubing

    It is exactly what I expected and I like it. At night I have a little trouble keeping it in my nose.
    Written by ljacs51, 2018-07-31
  • oxygen supplies

    Excellent company
    Written by dancinbobbin, 2016-01-10
  • pokes your nose causing it to bleed

    too hard
    Written by Conrad , 2014-11-01

    Written by J. H., 2013-04-01
  • excellant

    I thought the products were top notch and will be ordering again very soon
    Written by thomas, 2013-02-20
  • best cannula I've used to date.

    This works in the conventional over ear method, plus works well in an under then over the ear method also. Giving your cheeks a break. Stays put no matter what I do it seems. Price is good also. DHM has great delivery also.
    Written by Rich, 2012-12-10
  • Most comfortable

    The quality of the tubing is much better than most and it's very comfortable when sleeping!
    Written by Chris, 2012-11-12
  • Works for me

    The quality is great, the delivery was great and the price was unbeatable. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Written by Elwood Bartlett, 2012-03-19
  • Better than most

    This nasal cannula is the most comfortable one that I have used so far. It is very soft and stays in place on the face because it is stabilized by the large section under the nose piece. I gave all my other ones away.
    Written by Jeanette F, 2012-03-03