Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable & Disposable VixOne Nebulizers

Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer with Reusable & Disposable VixOne Nebulizers

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The Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer is made for active patients who want the convenience of taking their aerosol treatments at home or on the go -- anywhere and everywhere. Traveler delivers a consistent and concentrated treatment of small particles that penetrates deeply into the lungs to deliver medication where it is needed most, regardless of where you happen to be. A simple, easy to use, one touch button starts your therapy without any confusing settings or procedures.

One of the smallest compressor nebulizer machines on the market, Traveler was designed with convenience and portability in mind. It is easy to hold in the palm of your hand and at less than one pound it won't weigh you down. Traveler comes complete with a stylish black Easy Tote Carrying Case. Easy Tote includes an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle; plus convenient inner pockets and dividers for storing all of your nebulizer equipment and supplies.

DeVilbiss Traveler offers versatile power options so you can use your nebulizer at home, on the road, and just about anywhere else you want to. The Universal AC Power Supply automatically adapts to power voltages in most locations around the world; while the DC Power Cord is great for use with the cigarette style power outlets found in most cars, boats and other vehicles.

For the ultimate in portability, add an optional integrated battery pack, to your Traveler package. The integrated rechargeable battery provides enough power for 2 complete treatments. And the battery pack will recharge automatically whenever plugged into AC or DC power!

Each Traveler Kit comes complete with two DeVilbiss VixOne Nebulizers -- one reusable and one disposable -- and tubing so you can get treatments started right away. VixOne Nebulizers combine a high-capacity medication bowl, a comfortable mouthpiece, and an anti-spill tee design to provide a secure seal and a highly efficient delivery system. With VixOne 84% of drug output volume is below 5 microns in size and the low residual volume reduces medication waste.

VixOne Nebulizers are great, but if you prefer to use a different nebulizer brand that's fine too! Traveler can be used with any standard nebulizer so you can choose whichever brand is right for you.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer Drive DeVilbiss
  • In the Package Traveler Compressor, AC Power Cord, DC Power Cord, Carrying Case, VixOne Reusable Nebulizer, VixOne Disposable Nebulizer, Tubing, Pediatric & Adult Face Masks (for Optional Use), Filters, Printed Instructions & Manufacturer's Warranty. Integrated battery pack and additional custom options available in shopping cart.
  • Part Number(s) 6910D-DR (Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System), 6910P-DR (Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System with Battery Pack)
  • HCPCS Code E0570
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00885304002529, 00885304002536
  • Warranty 3 Years
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.
  • Country of Origin China (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) Silver & Gray
  • Size (Approx) 3.4 x 2.2 x 3.8 Inches (8.00 x 6.25 x 5.50 Inches in Travel Bag)
  • Weight (Approx) 0.8 Lbs
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Performance Specifications

  • Treatment Time 10 Minutes
  • Nebulization Rate 0.15 ml Per Minute
  • Nebulization Capacity 6 ml
  • Mass Median Diameter ~ 5.0 Microns
  • Compressor Pressure Maximum 30 PSI or Greater
  • Compressor Flow Rates 6 LPM or Greater
  • Operating Mode Intermittent Use (30 Min ON / 30 Min OFF)

Power Specifications

  • AC (Wall) Power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
  • AC Power Supply Size 3.25 x 2.00 x 1.25 Inches (Approx)
  • AC Power Supply Weight 0.375 Pounds (Approx)
  • AC Power Cord Length 59 Inches (Approx)
  • Power Consumption 25 Watts Maximum
  • DC Power Cord Length 79 Inches (Approx)
  • Battery Power Optional Integrated Battery Pack

Battery Specifications

  • Battery Type NiMH (Nickel - Metal Hydride)
  • Battery Size 3.4 x 2.2 x 1.5 Inches (Approx)
  • Battery Weight 0.7 Lbs (Approx)
  • Battery Run Time 45 Minutes (Average)
  • Recharge Time 4-12 Hours (Typical Per Battery)
  • Battery Life 250 Cycles (Average)
  • Battery Notes This battery can be recharged, when attached to the Traveler Compressor, using the AC (wall) Power Cord or 12V DC Power Adapter. Store fully charged in a cool dry place. First charge will take at least 24 hours. For complete instructions review the documentation that came with your equipment.


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