E-Z Wrap Soft Foam Ear Protectors for Oxygen Nasal Cannulas - 1 Pair

E-Z Wrap Soft Foam Ear Protectors for Oxygen Nasal Cannulas - 1 Pair

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Salter Labs E-Z Wraps improve comfort and help prevent chafing and soreness during oxygen therapy, especially in the area behind and over the ears.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Salter Labs
  • Part Number(s) 1016-0-1
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00607411001048

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Total 129 Reviews
  • Don't stay

    Won't stay on need adhesive
    Written by wwoods-3381, IOWA2019-12-18
  • Good

    They are standard and as good as others I have tried.
    Written by alaskabear, 2019-11-22
  • ear

    these ear protectors do not stay on the cannula, i guess i would have to glue them closed to stay on the cannula not a fan
    Written by hymerr, 2019-11-14
  • can't keep them on the cannula

    They are hard to keep on the cannula when placing the cannula on the ear. Something to help hold them in place would be nice.
    Written by tpetersen1960, 2019-11-05
  • slippage

    I've used these before and my main complaint has been the need to keep them in place with tape. Comfortable. Will buy them again as needed.
    Written by gorsuch1937, 2019-04-14
  • They really help!

    The cannula tubes were rubbing behind my ears and causing sores. Any pressure caused some pain. I tried bandages, new skin and a couple of other things but they wouldn't stay on, and they looked ridiculous. These foam ear protectors work very well. The sores have healed, they are comfortable. I recommend you put a small strip of scotch tape around the ends and in the middle of the foam pads to keep them together ....but not too tight or you might not be able to adjust their location.
    Written by lvsizemore, 2019-04-01
  • thanks for the service fast five star on every thing

    thanks for the service fast five star on every thing
    Written by oldfart612003, 2018-12-25
  • Okay, but could be better

    They certainly improve the comfort in wearing the oxygen concentrator, but the foam needs to be more flexible so that it wraps more comfortably around the ear.
    Written by grover609, 2018-10-26
  • great

    great custmers sevice i recieved
    Written by goldjackel, 2018-10-12
  • Not workable as intended.

    It is a great product if only it could stick to the Cannulas.
    Written by chuckcatagnus, 2018-10-03
  • Great Idea

    Can’t keep them on . If they could find a way to keep them on it would be a great product.
    Written by rdmathis1940, 2018-09-23
  • Acceptable

    They are good if you tape them on. I would rather they came already assembled so you woudn't have to tape them.
    Written by dcarr001, 2018-09-23
  • Need Improvement

    Written by plkabk, 2018-09-12
  • they worked

    I wasn't sure if the soft foam ear protectors would work or not but it was better than I expected. My ears didn't hurt in the morning and using them also helped to keep the nasal cannulas in place over night. Last night was the first night I didn't have to adjust.
    Written by maryjotynes, 2018-09-08

    These are great. It sure beats trying to wrap toilet paper around the cannula. My wife loves these things. She doesn't wake-up with sore ears anymore.
    Written by ROBERTBISHOP-56217, 2018-08-14
  • Not as hoped.

    Find them unusable. Once put on the split keeps opening allowing it to separate from the tube
    Written by stuffmail_wayne-74386, 2018-08-05
  • ear pads

    worked well and made the oxygen tubing more comfortable
    Written by abennettrn, 2018-07-29
  • Will not stay on the tubing by themselves

    After less than an hour, the EZ Wrap come off the tubing. I taped each each, wrapping the tape onto itself, since it would not adhere to the foam. After a couple of days of use, they form a 90 degree angle and the tube exits at the angle. I may have to add a third piece of tape at the enter. But they DO do the job. I have not had any pain or chaffing since starting to use them.
    Written by johnsonr-94601, 2018-07-05
  • Larry

    Saved the backs of my ears that had been rubbed raw by the oxygen tube.
    Written by postspike, 2018-06-18
  • Great to work

    Nice people, very helpful, deliver as promised.
    Written by Happy One, 2018-06-09
  • wish i had ordered more than one pair

    perfect just like the photos on line
    Written by clmoad, 2018-06-06
  • Hubby's ears were sore

    Hope these help. He thinks so.
    Written by jjncj1985, 2018-05-24
  • As expected

    They are as good as I expected them to be, both the product and seller
    Written by williammentecky, 2018-05-16
  • Mr timothy r howell

    They are absolutely great excerpt y'all out to find a way to **** them on or somthing
    Written by Timothyhowell007, 2018-04-23
  • Excellent Service

    Thank you! Everything was as described. The products arrived in a timely manner.
    Written by AnnieBruiser, 2018-04-18
  • Won’t stay on!

    These are soft and helpful only if they stay on. Even when we used band aids to wrap them shut them stay on they fell off. Disappointed.
    Written by cpitts555, 2018-04-12
  • Comfortable, great price

    Very easy on the ears, comfortable
    Written by rtodd6, 2018-04-09
    The ear protectors do not stay on the tubing.
    Written by csellers1942, 2018-02-27
  • Very hard to keep in place

    Hard to keep in place, fall off during sleep, seam should have sticky device to be able to stay on.
    Written by gfred9148, 2018-02-12
  • soft wrap

    had sore above ear. this took care of it
    Written by dmurray548, 2018-01-30
  • Sore ear

    Protects my ears nicely !
    Written by gehowey, 2018-01-24
  • soft foam ear protectors

    love this product, very easy to use
    Written by wildeb918, 2018-01-14
  • Soft Foam Ear Protectors Work, but sometimes fall off

    They work well, so long as they stay on. I had to tape the protectors to keep them from falling off. But they are the only way to protect ears. They make a real difference
    Written by lisa39, 2018-01-12
  • For Glasses

    Excellent protection from glasses rubbing by ear.
    Written by Brad, 2017-09-24
  • Too small

    They are not wide enough. They will not stay on.
    Written by Burke, 2017-09-24
  • Could be longer

    Protects my ears but I am looking for a longer version to avoid the marks on my cheeks.
    Written by papagil39, 2017-09-22
  • Why slit?

    These will NOT stay closed along a curved tube. They are slit for easy installing, but the slit cannot be re-closed to hold together. Produce them UNSLIT and if I need to slit them, I will do it myself!
    Written by John F., 2017-09-17
  • ??

    I have read many complaint reviews about this product not staying in place but solve this issue that changes it from an ok catagory to excellent as follows. After putting the wrapper in place on the line I put a super glue gel product in the groves and hold closed for a few seconds. Problem solved, they will stay in place through showers or whatever forever.
    Written by Ben, 2017-09-14
  • protectors

    Not what I exected
    Written by terre, 2017-08-23

    These ear protectors worked poorly and didn't stay in place or last a few days.
    Written by Richard, 2017-08-13
  • Foam ear protectors

    There has to be a better Cannula out there. Anyone who has worn cannula any length of time will get an soreness on ears. The foam ear protectors do not stay in place
    Written by Smokey, 2017-08-06
  • right product to slove the problem

    good experience
    Written by interested party, 2017-06-24
  • great idea

    My hair gets in the way of using them easily but they are a great idea and I do use them at times.
    Written by Emp1, 2017-06-21
  • Relief

    The Foam Pads ease the pressure behind the ears from the tubing
    Written by Tom H, 2017-06-18
  • Could Be Better

    It was easy to insert the hoses from my cannula into the tube through the split but then the tubes kept coming off at night as the slits opened very easy. The only way I am able to use the tubes I bought is to scotch tape around each tube in the middle then they stay on.
    Written by James , 2017-06-03
  • Stops the pain

    E-Z Wrap Soft Foam Ear Protectors , No more pain above ears ,, but yes they come off , so take 2 pcs of tape Tape over both ends trouble ,,, glad I got them
    Written by Esther S, 2017-05-27
  • these do not work well.

    The e-z wrap foam ear protectors would be wonderful IF they stayed on the cannulas. I tried using self sticking bandage to wrap the protector and keep it closed but that defeated the purpose of a soft smooth surface aganist the skin. I won't be buying these again.
    Written by Edna, 2017-05-05
  • Had high hopes...

    I'd hoped that these items would relieve the irritation behind the ears. It does but the tubes don't stay in place and tend to fall off. I may trysome kind of tape to hold them in place.
    Written by Lynn, 2017-05-03
  • dont work

    These were totally useless they pop open when you bend them around your ear
    Written by john, 2017-03-27
  • Useful for protection from eyeglass ear-pieces

    I believe these would be very helpful in protecting the ears from wire eyeglass frames. I have the plastic frames and a pad does help. At the point where the ear-piece widens, the pad slips and I have to reach up and readjust it a bit; however, it's still the best thing I have found for that purpose.
    Written by M. McCord, 2017-01-28
  • EZ Wraps

    This item is a life saver for my elderly father - the oxygen tubing was leaving him with a sore and these helped so much so that he could heal -
    Written by Sue, 2016-11-23
  • excelent

    they worked great
    Written by chuck, 2016-07-10
  • Foam Ear Protectors

    Product just as described. Good product and does help with ear discomfort from oxygen hose.
    Written by Ed, 2016-05-13
  • Not Satisfied

    Like others have said, I cannot keep these things on cannula so they fail to suit my purpose long term. They just keep popping off and if you wear your cannula at night, you are searching around your pillow in the morning to find them as they will be off and gone before morning.
    Written by Ron, 2016-05-08
  • Very Comfortable

    These foam protectors do make the cannula much more comfortable but the tend to fall off too easily. If the slit were serrated instead of straight they would probably stay on better and last longer.
    Written by Mel Maz, 2016-05-07
  • Cannula foam earpieces

    Tend to drop off but, overall they do the job.
    Written by Denise, 2016-04-18
  • Soft Foam Ear Protectors

    I have to rate this item very poor. I haven't been able to keep the protectors attached to the cannula , especially during sleep periods. They don't seem to stay in place once positioned. I was hoping the would relieve the pressure at the top of my ears but they haven't stayed in place long enough for that to happen.
    Written by James G A, 2016-04-07
  • A good idea

    These seem like good idea, because my husband wears hearing aids and glasses and now the oxygen over his ears. The three of them caused a of of chaffing which was very uncomfortable, so I thought these foam covers would give some much needed padding. Hiwever they have a slit down them in order to get them over the nasal tubing and they roate around and do not stay on. My husband has a habit of taking his oxygen off and on a lot so they are more trouble than they are worth.
    Written by J. Hoffmam, 2016-03-29
  • Mostly good

    I use this to help prevent tubing marks across my face during the night. I put it on with a little bit of paper tape on both ends and that seems to do the job. Really wish there was some other way to fasten it but this works.
    Written by Esb, 2016-03-17
  • Excellent

    Excellent product.
    Written by Gail, 2016-03-05
  • Wonderful relief!

    To those complaining about them not staying on the tubing.. put the slit on the side of the tubing and waalaa.. no more popping off! My ears were bleeding, still after 3 years... I had tried all kinds of home inventions and then ran across this site and, here it is! Love it!
    Written by jkh, 2016-01-19

    This id a great product. I use it daily and would suggest you try it.
    Written by BOB C., 2016-01-09

    Written by DON, 2015-12-30
  • ear protectors

    wish they would stay on a little better but very happy to have the product. have helped sore ears immensely.
    Written by J.R.C., 2015-12-17
  • Ear product

    I find it works pretty good but has a tendency to fall off the tubing.
    Written by Beverly, 2015-11-08
  • no more sore ears

    what can I say, tape them at one end, worth the bother, for sure.
    Written by Cynthia, 2015-09-15
  • Won't stay on

    They were comfortable but even with tape they didn't bend and stay on. The fold opens up and flips off. I use me skin and wrap it around the cannula and that works and does stay.
    Written by Flo, 2015-05-21
  • Poor design

    I read the other reviews of this product and thought they would be worth a try with some modifications. I was wrong. These foam protectors do not stay on the oxygen. I tried taping the ends, which helped, but the foam would bunch up anytime the tubing was pulled. Don't waste your money on this product!
    Written by Chuck , 2015-04-27
  • Foam Ear Protectors

    The foam ear protectors do not stay on the tubing. I tried taping it but the tape broke out my skin.
    Written by jen, 2015-04-13
  • don't work

    they fall off they dont stay on they fall off i am constantly putting them back on so now they are off for good.
    Written by Linda, 2015-03-29
  • sore ears no more

    Wraps do the job of protecting the ear from being chaffed by hose. They are easy to install but difficult to keep in place. This is to be expected because of the slit required to be installed. A little paper tape works to keep them in place very well. Overall I am satisfied the product.
    Written by George, 2015-03-17
  • ear protectors

    I purchased these ear protectors for my dad because his oxygen hose was irritating behing his ears. He said they help quite a bit.
    Written by Dawn, 2015-03-07
  • Waste of money

    Too thick,fell off too expensive for what the are.
    Written by Carol, 2015-03-05
  • Ez wrap soft foam ear protectors

    My father has received the protectors, and put them on and he loves them. With wearing the cannula 24/7, his ears became sore and unbearable. Using the foam protectors, makes it a little less tolerable. Thank you
    Written by Nancy F, 2015-02-05

    Written by DIANE, 2015-01-17
  • save your money

    doesn't work at all, terrible waste of time and money
    Written by cynj, 2015-01-15
  • keeping them on

    Take a narrow piece of paper tape about 1 1/2 inches long, wrap it around each end after putting the wraps on the tubing. Be sure the slit is on top so it will be on top of the tubing when on the ears. this keeps them on and in place
    Written by Shirley, 2014-11-12
  • Ear Protection for oxygen cannulas

    We have used these before and they definitely are helpful. Without them, my husband gets sores on his ears and I get creases on my cheeks. We know of no other product that helps with these problems.
    Written by Judy T, 2014-11-10
  • E-Z wrap

    They felt good but that lasted a very short time. They came off when worn to bed where they were needed the most since sleeping on you side puts pressure on the ear against the cannulas. I used them 2 nights and then discarded them
    Written by hs, 2014-11-07
  • soft foam ear protectors

    just having trouble keeping them on but very soft
    Written by marge, 2014-09-27
  • oxygen supplies

    delivered fast product worked better than expected
    Written by Bill, 2014-09-03
  • carl

    item doesn't stay in place, doesn't hold tape to seal split in middle of item
    Written by carl, 2014-09-02
  • Ear protectors

    Didn't know such things were made until recently. They work well except that they come off the tubing quite easily. Glad to have them anyway.
    Written by Nancy R., 2014-08-29
  • Everyone should have these

    Wish I had tried these earlier. I had no idea these would be so comfortable.
    Written by JimQ, 2014-08-09
  • EZ wrap ear protectors

    My husband prefers these as seem to fit tighter on his cannula.
    Written by J. D., 2014-06-15
  • comfort ear protectors

    They idea is good but for me they fall off so are therefore not working.
    Written by chris, 2014-05-24
  • Terrible

    They move and they are hard to get on.
    Written by K, 2014-05-19
  • Manditory

    My wife will not wear her cannula without them!
    Written by Bob, 2014-05-12
  • if I didn't have bad luck...

    I got them in a timely fashion but Doug, the oxygen user, lost one right away. I mean I never saw it on. The one we have keeps falling off so I understand how he lost it. Ha! Anyway, it was worth a try.
    Written by Lisa, 2014-05-07
  • ear protectors

    these work good if you put them on good don't sleep with them
    Written by s myers, 2014-04-26
  • Just an Idea

    I've been looking at these as a remedy to the face dent problem my wife encounters. Perhaps putting a very small piece of two sided tape, would keep them from slipping.
    Written by Bob, 2014-04-25
  • Great Value

    Super product for COPD sufferer. Great price and quick delivery. Thanks for the great value.
    Written by Jean A, 2014-03-23
  • Yet another use for these little babies!

    My major problem is the outrageous dents in my cheekbone area caused by the cannulas. As a side sleeper the dents have been a VERY major problem for me as they can last all day and into the evening only to be repeated again. These less than 'pretty' little 'divots' were becoming permanent! So, these little foam covers have really solved the problem. I started using a pair on my cheeks and they seem to spread the pressure of the cannula on the skin. The 'Ear-mates' brand is very good for this purpose as well as being a wee bit more flexible. You might wish to try both and see which works best for you front and/or back. As many reviews have mentioned, these don't stay on especially well; UNLESS you tape them on using silk tape which keeps them right where you put them. I've tried other tapes but they tend to get stuck to your skin more quickly as well as tending to be scratchy. Paper tape wasn't a bad option, but you must keep it very flat when wrapping so it doesn't create bumps. So, I've been using a pair about 3/4" above the nose aspect of the cannula, then tape them on carefully with silk tape and viola dents are 75% less obvious and a LOT less deep. Using narrow little strips of tape, spiral them up the foam until completely covered, using very little tape to connect them to the cannula. (the less tape the better as too much can create unwanted 'bumps'. When using them on the ears, I use 3 little strips. One top and bottom to attach them to the cannula and another around the center to keep the foam closed around it. It also works to tape them completely, but it's not quite as soft as the foam. So, those of you who have tried these and hated them, tape will solve whatever problems you may have had. I think they are WONDERFUL!!!
    Written by Patrise M, 2014-03-20
  • Soft ear wrap

    This is total waste since it will not stay on the tube, maybe a little glue strip to keep it wrapt will solve the problem.
    Written by Yoram, 2014-01-13
  • Helpful

    The ear protectors arrived very quickly. They easily slipped on to the tubing...and slipped out of place repeatedly. We just needed to add some medical tape to keep them in place, and then they were great for Dad's sore ears. He's a happy camper.
    Written by Cheryl, 2014-01-02
  • Comfortable

    Who knew that a short piece of rubber hose could be so comfortable? These rhings are a MUST for those whose ears can be chafed by cannulas.
    Written by Fred, 2013-12-28
  • they work, BUT...

    These work, but will not stay on the canula. have used some drops of super glue and that works for a bit, but the foam tears at the drops eventualy.
    Written by Hoyt M, 2013-12-21
  • Oxygen supplies

    I use these ear protectors for the nose cannula on my face and they work quite well. It keeps lines from forming on my cheeks. I highly recommend them.
    Written by Theresa , 2013-12-21
  • Dont Move or They Fall Off

    They dont stay on the oxygen tubing. I guess you can glue them on.
    Written by OG, 2013-12-10
  • ear protectrs

    The idea is a good one BUT!!! they won't stay on tried gluing but that didn't work , thhe glue will not stick to the sponge fiber
    Written by Betty, 2013-10-11
  • ear protectors

    I am not happy with the ear protectors. They do not stay in place, and I will not order them again.
    Written by Shirley, 2013-06-09
  • ear protectors

    They just to hard to keep on the tubing.
    Written by Doris, 2013-05-20
  • cannoula and ear soft foam protector

    very good service and fast I buy from you again
    Written by elias, 2013-04-27
  • Somewhat Happy

    These work but it takes one pair on each side to protect the hose from touching my cheeks as well as my ears. I'd like to see longer foam protectors. I also to have to wrap them with tape to make them stay on the hose line.
    Written by Somewhat Happy, 2013-04-21
  • E-Z Wrap Soft Foam Ear Protectors

    I'm sorry to say the ear protectors don't work very good, they come apart. There should be a way to seal that opening somehow after you put it on. I even tried to put it on with the opening on top, still didn't work, came loose right away.
    Written by Reva Z, 2013-04-11
  • comfy

    These ear pads are very nice. They are very comfortable. The only problem I had was keeping them on the tubes, so I used some cloth tape to keep them on.
    Written by Carol S.S., 2013-04-07
  • Great Invention

    My husband had been on oxygen for some time and began to complain of soreness behind his ears because of the tubes. In fact, there were actual sores on his ears. These ear protectors made the tubes much more comfortable for him and the sores quickly disappeared. My husband is off oxygen now, but I will keep the remaining protectors for possible future needs. Thank you.
    Written by Dana, 2013-02-23
  • Ear Wraps

    frustrating to use, they don't stay on
    Written by Carolyn, 2013-02-14
  • Fix this

    Comes off easily, won't stay on tubing.
    Written by DR Kent, 2013-02-02
  • waste of time and money

    The item I purchased for my mother did not work at all. We put them on and almost immediately they sprung off. They are poorly and obviously are intended for individuals that are completely unable to move and even then I doubt they would stay on.
    Written by Bonita L, 2013-01-30
  • Ear Wraps

    won't stay on, keep falling off.
    Written by N. Lockman, 2012-12-12
  • Good ear buffer

    The good - these things are great for keeping the cannula in place, i.e., no jamming the cannula up your nose when the hose gets stuck on something or stepped on (something I do myself way too often). They also make the hose more comfortable on your ears. The bad - they fall off too easily. They also slide up and down the hose so you are always adjusting (when they haven't fallen off). My wife suggested a spot of super glue. That sounds like it would fix it but I haven't tried it yet.
    Written by Rick, 2012-11-14
  • Didn't work for me

    I tried these but they just didn't work for me.
    Written by Jerry, 2012-11-13
  • NEW USE. These prevent the face lines!

    I finally found something that WORKS. Now I can sleep the side of my face at night without having to deal with the deep lines the canula leaves on my cheeks (that can last up to 3 hours after removing the canula). I only need oxygen at night so the "lines on the face" might not bother someone who needs oxygen 24/7, but it is a real pain for me to have to go to church or work with canula lines. I just wish someone would make longer versions of this foam that would go around the ear (if needed) and cushion the canula all the way to the nose tips. Unfortunately, I have to buy several - epecially if I also want to cushion my ear.
    Written by Shari, 2012-11-05
  • Another use for soft foam

    I wanted to use these on the section that is between the nasal section and the ears, because that's were I get "indents" while sleeping. They didn't stay on those sections, so I was disappointed.
    Written by Rosy, 2012-10-10
  • Ear Saver

    My poor ears tell you "thank you" Now when someone steps on my oxygen hose, I can feel it, but no longer think my ear is being pulled off.
    Written by Ev, 2012-09-26

    Written by CARMEN C., 2012-07-06
  • Satisfied

    Good product, will be even better once I figure out a way to keep it in place. Also very satisfied with the prompt shipping.
    Written by Hanna K, 2012-06-12
  • Good product

    I just got these and am so glad I ordered them. I am a side sleeper so every morning I would wake up to an indentation on my face where the canula tube had pressed against my face as I slept. Putting the foam ear protector on the tubing in the area where it would typically touch my face made all the difference, and now when I get up and look in the mirror, I don't have that ugly indentation that always took so long to go away. So far they seem to stay in place OK.
    Written by Donella L Scott, 2012-06-09
  • prevents chafing

    foam ear protectors..... great product..... drop or two of super glue and the last along time....
    Written by D.Bueker, 2012-06-08
  • Design

    The items work as intended however, in order to keep them on, I need to wrap them with tape. It would be nice if manufacturer would add some little velcro strips or something to serve this purpose.
    Written by Doris Stine, 2012-05-30
  • Ideal

    I purchased this item for my father who uses oxygen continuously. He finds the need for the ear protectors to keep his ears from becoming sore. Thanks so much for this item. Shipping was quick and easy!
    Written by Terry Tessier, 2012-05-22
  • Not so good

    The foam is very soft and would be great except that they do not stay in place and come off very easily. My recommendation is that you put double sided stick on them so once you set them on the oxygen hose they don't slip out of place.
    Written by Nancy Luckey, 2012-05-22
  • E-Z Wrap Foam Ear Protectors for Cannulas

    I am very happy with ear protectors,actually I use them on the hose on my face as the hose was causing me to get my face and neck irratated.The hose can 't touch my skin and makes the cannualas much more comfortable.
    Written by Laura Hutcheson, 2012-05-01
  • Foam Ear Protectors

    They work fine. Tough to keep in place, but they really do help.My ears were really hurting before. It's much better now.
    Written by Jeffery Hollaway, 2012-04-30
  • ear protectors

    After using the wraps for two days, they did not stay on the hose.
    Written by mcw, 2012-04-02
  • My wife loves your product

    We purchased the E-Z wrap soft foam ear protection for the Cannula and the first time she used it she loved it. She has been on oxygen at night for about six years and has always had trouble with the cannula leaving impressions on her face when she got up in the morning,. but the first time she used it with the E-Z wrap, no more marks on her face and it is 5 times more comfortable than any other cannula she has ever used. She would not be without this item from now on.
    Written by Ron Tuttle, 2012-03-24
  • O2 supplies

    Received my order in a timely manor, items were as pictured and good quality
    Written by Lisa, 2012-03-11
  • So-so

    I realize these are single use items, but I've been using a set for about a week. It helps with soreness somewhat, but the protectors don't stay on the tubing very well. Would probably work best for someone bedridden and not very active.
    Written by Linda, 2012-03-06