Tender Grip Oxygen Cannula & Tubing Skin Fixation System - 1 Pair

Tender Grip Oxygen Cannula & Tubing Skin Fixation System - 1 Pair

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Quantity Price Each
1-4 $2.95
5-9 $1.95
10-24 $1.65
25+ $1.35


Tender Grips conform to the contours of the skin without pulling or stretching; and because they're tinted Tender Grips are practically invisible when worn. They're a great improvement to tape, causing virtually no discomfort or irritation even on sensitive skin. Tender Grips are Latex Free.

Each Tender Grip consists of an adhesive backing of micro porous tape that is applied to the skin. On top of the tape base is a clear fixation strap that enables you to position and secure the cannula or tubing in place. Tender Grips are moisture resistant so they'll hold securely without adhesion loss even with prolonged usage.


Product Information

  • Manufacturer Salter Labs
  • Part Number(s) 1005-0-1
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00607411001024
  • Country Mexico (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) Beige
  • Size (Approx) 1.125 Inch Circular Patches
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Average Rating of
Total 24 Reviews
  • Did not work for us

    My 85 year old sister has to take off oxygen to go to bathroom because hose is not long enough...wont work for her because she cant reapply when she gets in bed
    Written by pm64423, Nursing home in MO2019-11-28
  • too hard to get off

    Got this for my 83 year old mother that has to wear oxygen all the time and when she gets up to visit the bathroom, she has to take the oxygen off and put it back on because the hoses aren't long enough. Therefore, these do not work for her because she has to have a mirror to reapply and they are too hard to get off and on for her shaky hands.
    Written by pm64423, Missouri2019-11-25
  • Saved me

    I had such trouble with the tubing over my ears so they saved me.
    Written by linmarv, 2019-03-01
  • Genius

    These are wonderful. Perfect for sleeping with, I don’t have to worry about my canula slipping off. Love them.
    Written by chrissyweser, 2019-01-20
  • Not so GOOD!

    Can’t figure what it’s supposed to do. Won’t stick to face not sure where to put the tubing.
    Written by pschroat, 2018-09-23
  • Love this little gizmo!

    Works great and holds tuning in place overnight. Super happy in every way. A little baby oil takes off any adhesive left behind. A little hard to remove but probably wouldn't stay on all night without strong adhesive. Will buy again and again.
    Written by momvar, 2018-04-23
  • Painful grips..

    Your Tender Grip Oxygen Cannula are not Tender at all if that is what you are implying, it hurts like hell to get them off your skin, the small tabs break off if you have to reset your tubing or after washing your face, so far I have not found 1 item that has been good and will no longer order from your company (the last tender grips are now holding my tubing on the wall in my house) work real well for that purpose..
    Written by doubled41756, 2018-04-16

    DHM Notes: Hello and thank you for your comments about Tender Grips. They are a popular product; but many people do complain that they're too hard to remove. Of course if they were too easy to remove then they might not stick enough to hold the cannulas as they are supposed to. One tip that our users recommend is to "Use a facial swab or a washcloth with a dab of mineral oil (baby oil) to remove these VERY EASILY without irritation." We hope this helps and please let us know if we can be of further assistance in the future. Take care!

  • Holding o2 in place

    My o2 would come off during sleep, which was extremely dangerous for me. The skin fix work extremely well,with no slippage. But, they are hard to remove when you want them off. They are also very expensive.
    Written by Alice Shrewsberry, 2017-03-04
  • RN tip for removing these

    I see a lot of people complain about removing these without irritation. Use a facial swab or a washcloth with a dab of mineral oil (baby oil) to remove these VERY EASILY without irritation. This is what nurses use in ICUs & hospitals to remove adhesive on tender skin. Acetone ( nail polish remover) on non tender areas is even better but not for babies or the elderly with crepe like skin tissue.
    Written by Jeanne, 2017-02-15
  • Bad reaction from adhesive

    they were ok when I put them on, not what I was hoping for, however, when I went to take them off, the pain was extremely high. The patches would not come off easy enough and it felt like my skin was going to tear. It caused redness and a mark for a few days. I will not be trying again.
    Written by Susan, 2017-01-31
  • too harsh

    These were too harsh, very difficult to remove, felt like they were tearing my facial skin. Would not order them again.
    Written by Connie, 2017-01-29
  • Terrible

    This is a one time use only. It doesn't stick the second time you use it. So you would need a new set every time you take your cannula off.
    Written by MisJoy, 2017-01-01
  • waste of $$$$

    ridiculous...should have known...does not hold and terrible on already red cheeks
    Written by linda, 2016-10-26
  • Too difficult to remove

    These were great to hold cannula in place on our 13 month old boy but impossible to take off. It brought skin off his face on one side so much he's now bleeding. Going to search for something else today for poor guy. He's suffering enough without peeling skin off his face
    Written by Tom A, 2016-07-30
  • Great Product

    Highly recommend. Excellent product and excellent customer service!!
    Written by User, 2016-07-20
  • caution when using

    It does keep the cannula in place all night but getting the patches off in the am is not a pleasant experience. Patches really stick and can tear skin if not careful also leave red blotches where they attached to your skin, the glue residue is difficult to get off even after using two different soaps and rubbing alcohol.
    Written by Mike, 2016-04-22
  • a good help, but not perfect

    the "sticky stuff" that attached the product to the face did not come off the face when removing the product. Not good for sensitive skin. The product did, however, keep the cannula in place all night.
    Written by Terry, 2015-09-06
  • Tender grip

    Excellent product and fast shipping!
    Written by Heather, 2014-04-21
  • Great service!

    Great service!!!
    Written by Ronald, 2014-03-31
  • help when we thought there wasn't any

    The lady who uses the tender grips is 101 yrs. old and we really needed some way to keep the oxygen canula from coming off her face. Now, even when she pulls it off her ears, it still stays in her nose thanks to the tender grips which are quite strong! Thank you for a wonderful product.
    Written by Mona W , 2014-03-26
  • Great idea but needs a little improvement

    I ordered these for my husband as he requires O2 therapy 24/7 in hopes they would help keep his cannula in place while sleeping and taking naps. They do not hold well enough as his face rubs against the pillow or his forearm tucked under his head. They also did not hold up well when he perspires. The clear overlay piece is nice but does not re-attach well if you need to remove and replace the cannula (changing shirts). The hospital gave us a roll of Band-Aid like tape the last time he was there. It was the very best product so far but I have not been able to find it anywhere. Please keep trying! Thank you.
    Written by Mrs. B., 2014-02-08
  • I love these!

    I have been having such a time with my cannulas as they seem to want to lay right up under my eye, which drives me crazy. I ordered some of these and they are solving the problem, and they aren't real obvious either. I wouldn't be embarrassed at all to wear them to go shopping or anywhere. At last the cannula stays in place and I can place it where it's more comfortable for me. I don't know how many times one can take the cannula off and then put it back on without changing these tender grip things, but I've done it once and had no problem reattaching. I wish I would have done a search for comfort items and found these much earlier.
    Written by Cynthia L, 2014-02-02
  • Great for infants

    We have a new born with heart defect he is on oxygen. great for sensitive skin he prefers them over the nose style
    Written by Jeremy Y, 2013-04-01
  • Fast shipment!

    The shipment arrived fast and was exactly as described. My preemie grandson is on a cannula and these worked perfectly. Thanks!
    Written by Tammy, 2013-03-30