15-Foot Tidy Tube Self-Retracting Oxygen Supply Tubing

15-Foot Tidy Tube Self-Retracting Oxygen Supply Tubing

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1-4 $34.95
5+ $29.95
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Tidy Tubing Coiled Self-Retracting Oxygen Supply Tubing gives oxygen users the freedom they deserve to move about the home, or get out and about, without constantly being tangled up by their oxygen supply tubing. Clear and odorless Tidy Tubing is made of medical grade polyurethane with a smooth bore for quiet operation; and it's high quality so it only needs to be replaced about once a year on average.

Tidy Tubes are available in three lengths that have an effective range of 5, 10 or 15 Feet. If you need a longer range connect up to three Tidy Tubes together for up to 45 Feet of effective operating range.

Each Tidy Tube comes complete with a swivel connector, a clothing clip to eliminate straining and pulling, and a disposable two foot soft nasal cannula. If you prefer a different cannula though don't worry, Tidy Tube is compatible with any standard nasal cannula including those from Salter, WestMed, Hudson RCI, and more. So, choose whichever cannula you prefer... Tidy Tubing is compatible!

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Captive Technologies
  • Part Number(s) 1835
  • HCPCS Insurance Code A4616
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Country of Origin (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Total Length (Aprox) 15-Inch Coiled Tube with 15-Foot Effective Range
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Average Rating of
Total 12 Reviews
  • Excited then disappointed

    I was excited when I found this item. I have been on O2 for years and and my main complaint was always tube tangling, length and tripping. I thought I found the answer but boy was I ever wrong!! This tubing was terrible. It is heavy, kinks, tangles and the worst I have ever used! What was a waste of money (not to mention expensive). Don't waste your time and money. Jwellybean,

  • Tidy Tube

    I use a 15ft tidy with two 7ft extension attached at home. It helps to keep extra tubing spread all over the floor. Wish it wasn't so "thick" of tubing, as it would be lighter. Then I could use two 15ft tidy's. It works great, just keep working the getting it lighter and in a 25ft would be ideal. Karen,

  • Tidy Tube

    Solved the problem/safety issue of yards of straight tubing all over the floor, twisting and kinking. Tidy tube works as advertised. Easy to connect. Betty,

  • Self retracting Oxigen Tubing

    I wish I had known about the Self Retracting Oxigen tube long time ago. My husband uses Oxigen 24/7 and it has been a major problem for him to navigate in the house with ALL that tubing following him. He has fallen few times tangling with it. Since he has the Self Retracting tubing he has Not had any problem with it. Is very visible and it coils next to him while sitting or in bed. Mara,

  • wasted money

    Clever idea but too heavy and a drag on movement. It can't really go around corners like a normal hose. Tried several ways to use it but went back to using two 25 foot hoses with swivel connection. Dana,

  • good idea but not very functional

    I was hoping to find a solution for the long tubing that my mom keeps tripping on. I tried multiples of the tubing, up to three. they were too heavy and still got caught on door jams. It seemed like the tight coils restricted the O2 flow as well. Adding just 1 section in the middle of the straight tubing did not work either as it catches on everything. Maybe slides better on tile or wood floors instead of carpet. LG,

  • Chucks Oxygen

    I love these supply tubes! Chuck,

  • Tidy Tubing

    Very happy with this tubing. I have purchased 3 of them. Perfect for my mom to access mobility around her home. CM,

  • Reduces trip hazard

    I'm still experimenting to see where best to put it. I've tried connecting it to my waist (the best, but not great), the first hose off the concentrator. I'm going to get a wide piece of elastic or similar and attach it to that. It definitely does work well just attached to your clothing. It IS worth trying.Txcat,

  • Tidy Tube

    Bought this tubing for my mom so she could access her house more easily. Works great for her. Bought a couple of them and hooked together to use on her stationary oxygen machine. Haven't had any problems with them. Will defiantly purchase again from Direct Home Medical. C. Moore,

  • Self retracting tubing

    I recently ordered this tubing because I was getting frustrated with the straight green tubing getting kinked and tangling up. While this new tubing gets tangled it doesn't happen as badly. I am happy with this purchase. Mary,

  • tangles easily

    Trip hazard was decreased, but my mom kept getting tubing tangled. She went back to the long green tubing, but I am still trying to find combinations of Tidy Tubing and regular tubing to accommodate her needs. Debbie,