eXciteOSA Sleep Apnea Therapy Device Starter Pack

eXciteOSA Sleep Apnea Therapy Device Starter Pack

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Try eXciteOSA Sleep Therapy Device at home and if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. Love it or send it back, it's that simple!

eXciteOSA is the only product of its kind authorized for the treatment of OSA; and it is available by prescription only. A standard CPAP or BiPAP prescription is not valid for the purchase of eXciteOSA. eXciteOSA prescriptions must state "eXciteOSA" or something similar. Click here to download a eXciteOSA Prescription Form to bring to your doctor.

The eXciteOSA Daytime Therapy Device (formerly known as Snoozeal) uses safe, mild electrical currents to exercise and strengthen your tongue muscles and help reduce snoring and treat mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Use eXciteOSA whenever it's convenient for 20 minutes a day, every day for 6 weeks. After that, use eXciteOSA once a week to keep your muscles toned. You'll be able to monitor your therapy progress, track results, and share data with your doctor easily using the free eXciteOSA App.

what causes snoring

When we sleep our tongue and throat muscles are known to relax. In some people, these over relaxed muscles cause the tongue to fall back in the mouth, partially blocking the airway and resulting in snoring. Snoring deprives the body of quality sleep which in turn can cause problems in daytime routines, work, and relationships.

snoring indicates sleep apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is caused by a fully obstructed airway interrupting breathing and sleep. Loud snoring is often recognized as an early symptom of Sleep Apnea. Night after night of this interrupted sleep can have a big impact on quality of life and health. In particular, there is a strong link between Sleep Apnea and other conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension and Strokes.

eXciteOSA targets tongue muscles and snoring

eXciteOSA is a daytime therapy that targets the root cause of snoring and mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea, weak tongue muscles, by using safe electrical currents to stimulate and improve muscle function in the mouth and tongue. In effect, eXciteOSA gives your tongue muscles a "work out" exercising them like any other muscle group.

snoring indicates sleep apnea

eXciteOSA is clinically proven to strengthen tongue muscles and reduce snoring over time. The strengthend tongue muscle no longer blocks the airway at night, allowing for a restful night's sleep. The body can rest, recharge and repair itself. You wake up bright, refreshed and ready to face each new day!

snoring indicates sleep apnea

Sleep therapy has never been so easy to control, treat, maintain and track. Once you receive your eXciteOSA Therapy Device be sure to download the free eXciteOSA App on your Smartphone. Through the App you can control your therapy intensity, track your progress and see improvements, share that data with your physician and continue to follow and maintain your treatment plan. Download the eXciteOSA App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. At the time of shipment DirectHomeMedical will register your name, phone number and email address on the Excite OSA Portal to activate your device.

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer Signifier Medical Technologies
  • In the Package Control Unit, Mouthpiece, USB Charging Cable, Printed User Manual, Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Part Number(s) 13010
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 060627480048
  • Warranty 1 Year - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Intended Use eXciteOSA is indicated for use to reduce snoring for patients that are 18 years or older. Contraindications: Do not use eXciteOSA if you are pregnant or may be pregnant; you have a pacemaker or implanted electrodes; you have temporary or permanent implants, dental braces or jewellery in your mouth; you are suffering from mouth ulceration; you have or are suspected of having sleep apnea with an AHI of greater than 15. Safety and effectiveness in the above conditions has not been established. Read all instructions before use.
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.
  • Country United Kingdom (Typical Origin)


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  • .I was desperate to get off of CPAP.

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    I've been using CPAP for many years. It worked fine, but it dried my mouth and my eyes out so much that I just had to get away from it. I even thought about just not using it. Then I saw the ExciteOSA and asked my doctor about it. He didn't know anything about it, but he trusted me and gave me the script so I could see if it worked. I didn't like to use it, but I stuck with it and used it for six weeks. Then I stopped using my CPAP and started to use the new Bongo system. I did well on it, so I decided to drop the BONGO too and go without anything. I got some mouth tape to keep my mouth shut when I sleep (I don't like chin straps) and I'm doing just fine. I use the system two to three times a week now for 20 minutes each time and that's it. I put on the mouth tape when I go to be and I'm doing very well. I waited a long time to write this review because I wanted to see if it lasted (I mean the results). They have and now my mouth and eyes are much better. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it worked for me. My CPAP readings had highs around 14, sometimes 20, or as low as 6 or 7. So I wasn't the worst patient, but I did need CPAP. I needed to use it or my BP would just start to climb and keep going up over time. My wife says that I don't snore now, just a tiny bit once in a while. So I know it worked for me. By the way, customer support is quick and good. But most of all, they are responsive. I complained about something once, and the next day, the issue was fixed - they fixed it by changing the settings at their end. So when I connected, it was changed to they way that I wanted it to be. That was really nice and made me feel like I was important to them. Give it a try, all you have to lose is that mask! Yes, it's expensive, so I guess it's up to you - What's it worth to you to be CPAP free? It was worth $750 to me.
    Written by BarryH, Panama City FL2021-12-17
  • .Works but you have to use it.

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    I have used Excite OSA for the full 40+ days, and I was very careful about it. I only missed 2-3 days. It seemed to work well. It's easy to use, I just kept it by the bed and used it each night while reading or watching TV. My wife said I snored less; and I think I was less tired during the day. But after the initial 40+ days I dropped off and didn't use it properly for the following month, only using it 2-3 times in that whole month. I guess that's my own fault... The good thing is I started it again today and it's started me on the 40+ day routine again. I'm fine with that. Glad it's paying attention. It does alert you that you should keep using it; but I kept being like "I'll do that later tonight" and then I'd forget.
    Written by 3StLeonards, Buffalo2021-06-21
  • .Easy daytime treatment for snoring

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    Easy device to use, it has already helped a lot with my snoring. I'm going into week 4 out of the 6 week 20 min/day program. I used to wear an nighttime appliance that fit on my teeth to help with snoring but but this is much easier. I don't have to wear the appliance at nighttime anymore. I also notice that I am feeling far more rested, have more energy to want to exercise and my headaches are gone.
    Written by Maria, Vancouver, Canada2020-05-29