System One BiPAP AUTO 760 BiLevel (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics System One BiPAP AUTO 760 BiLevel (DISCONTINUED)

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Discontinued Item:

For Reference: Discontinued August 2016


The System One BiPAP AUTO includes all of the great features you expect from a sleep therapy system including a wide pressure range (4-25cm), patient adjustable ramp, AUTOMATIC altitude adjustment, data card, the latest BiFlex comfort technologies, and a universal power supply. In addition the BiPAP AUTO is an auto-adjusting bi-level system so it will adjust your inhalation and expiration levels throughout the night, to ensure you are receiving optimum pressure, for the most comfortable and successful sleep experience. On top of this the BiPAP AUTO features resistance control technologies that adjust to different mask styles, and advanced therapy tracking capabilities -- including advanced event detection, response and reporting.

Respironics natural and clinically-proven "flex" technologies enhance traditional pressure therapy to improve comfort and increase compliance. Bi-Flex, on the BiPAP AUTO, offers pressure relief at inhalation and exhalation to make BiPAP therapy more like natural breathing. By tracking each breath, Bi-Flex pressure relief technology always delivers pressure relief just when it is needed for an improved sleep experience.

Many sleep therapy users find that the addition of heated humidity to their sleep therapy system improves comfort and helps with overall compliance. The optional System One Heated Humidifier measures and adapts to changes in room temperature, therapy flow, and humidity levels to deliver a precise, user selected, level of humidity at the mask regardless of external changes. Include System One Heated Tubing to provide protection from rainout and allow greater humidity levels than traditional non-heated tubing systems. The System One's Revolutionary Dry Box technology isolates the humidfier's water source from the inner workings of the device to protect against accidental spillage and water damage.

System One Resistance Control achieves complete system comfort by enabling the device and mask to work optimally together. Through simple settings, the System One Resistance Control instructs your BiPAP to compensate for variable resistance characteristics related to different masks. The result is synchronous pressure delivery and the assurance you can enjoy the full benefits of Respironics Flex comfort technologies no matter which mask is used.

The System One BiPAP AUTO tracks, and adjusts therapy levels to respond to, many common OSA related events including Hypopneas, Flow Limitation, Respiratory Effort Related Arousal, Snores, and Leaks. In addition the BiPAP AUTO can detect many symptoms beyond classic OSA -- such as clear airway apneas, obstructed airway apneas, and periodic breathing -- that may indicate the need for specialized therapy.

The upgraded BiPAP Auto 760 is SleepMapper Compatible with Bluetooth built-in! SleepMapper is a secure mobile sleep therapy monitoring solution designed to help you understand and enhance your sleep therapy experience. SleepMapper works with the data stored on your BiPAP to provide personalized therapy tracking, feedback, and coaching. With SleepMapper information is easy to see, simple to find, and convenient to use. Learn More

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Product Information

  • Manufacturer Philips Respironics
  • In the Package PR System One BiPAP Auto 760 BiLevel with Bluetooth, SD Data Card, Carrying Case, 2 Reusable Foam Filters, 1 Ultra Fine Filter, Printed Users Manual, Power Cord & External AC Power Supply, 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty (BiPAP Only). Heated Humidifier, Heated Tubing, and Additional Custom Options Available in Shopping Cart.
  • Part Number(s) DS760BT (BiPAP Auto 760), DS760HBT (BiPAP Auto 760 with Heated Humidifier), DS760TBT (BiPAP Auto 760 with Heated Humidifier and SystemOne Heated Tubing)
  • HCPCS Code E0472
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Warranty 2 Years - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)

FAA Approved

  • FAA Compliant Label Included on Base of Unit for Easy Identification. This product meets FAA regulations for use on commercial flights within the US and all international flights that depart or arrive in the US. Click here for TSA / FAA information on traveling with sleep and oxygen therapy. Always contact your airline prior to your flight to confirm any requirements they may have (i.e. a copy of your prescription or a letter of medical necessity) for allowing your device on board.


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  • .Has all the bells and whistles

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    This machine has all of the features I could imagine. I thought the heated tube was silly, but after trying it I love it - rain out is a thing of the past. The machine is also nice and quiet (I suspect most of the newer machines are all pretty unite). The Bluetooth feature has potential, but the Respironics sleep mapper application stinks! Why would you develope an app for the phone that doesn't provide any useful info? (Get the sleepyhead software it works great) - I just wish the sleepyhead software could make use of the Bluetooth. One thing I don't like is the chamber for the humidifier (as compared to the 'M' series). If you aren't careful when you fill it up, water spills out all over the place. If you fill it above the line the machine makes an awful gurgling when you use it. Be aware if you order it with a humidifier then use only the bipap (like when you travel) you will be missing and end plate - it isn't a huge deal, it is only cosmetic, but still... All in all I am glad I bought this to replace my 'M' series bipap auto.
    Written by Verified Shopper, 2015-10-27
  • .Entering the world of BIPAP

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    This unit is easy to set up, it has good selection of patient setting controls, and is nice and quiet. BIPAP is new to me and so glad I was able to get this as it turns out my exhalation is not the strongest.
    Written by Verified Shopper, 2015-10-01
  • .Rested

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    I still can't believe the difference the BiPAP machine has made. My sleep has improved and I'm getting up feeling more rested.
    Written by bdorf, 2013-07-29