FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask FitPack with Headgear

FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask FitPack with Headgear

4.08 Average Rating of 51 Reviews Read Reviews

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The FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask is recognized for its ease of use, comfort and stability. Each mask pack comes with three highly contoured silicone seals so you can try different sizes to find your best fit. The Full Face Seal with Air Cushion FlexiFit Technology automatically adjusts to a wide rang of facial contours with simple one-step ease so there are no complicated adjustments to worry about.

With the FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask patients who have suffered from mouth breathing or mouth leak can finally enjoy successful therapy and a quiet, peaceful night of sleep.

FlexiFit 431 mask headgear includes a unique glider mechanism and breathable straps that make it less intimidating, more adaptable and easier to put on and take off than other full face masks. In addition a crown strap complements the mask's under-chin design to maximize stability and eliminate the need for a chin strap or overtightening. Tapered velcro straps are secure and simple to adjust; and the easy-release cord releases the mask in one step making mask removal quick and easy without the need for continual adjustments.

The FlexiFit 431's advanced air diffuser system channels air away from your face and disperses it quietly through a series of fine holes so that the mask is quiet and there is no disturbing air draft to wake bed partners.


Product Information

  • Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
  • In the Package FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP & BiPAP Mask with Three Seals (Small, Medium, Large) and Adjustable Headgear
  • Part Number(s) HC431 (Small, Medium, Large)
  • HCPCS Insurance Code A7030 A7035
  • GTIN / UPC Code 9420012414625
  • Warranty 90 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country of Origin New Zealand, Mexico (Typical)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Size(s) Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Mask Performance

  • Type Full Face Cushion Mask
  • Recommended Pressure Levels 3-25 CM H2O


Average Rating of
Total 51 Reviews
  • head gear is a little shorter then my last one but overall a great mask.

    never used a different mask. im happy with this model and happy to be able to find it stillmessky35,

  • less than I expected

    I am looking for a full face mask that will cover nose and under the chin this odes but not good for a mouth breather. help restricted to what is on the web. They tried. George w,

  • well made, comfortable, good seal

    I have been using a flexifit 431 for a long time and have been very happy with it. I should replace it more often, I am sure. But is does the job, is comfortable, and makes a good seal. Steve,

  • product gave me a skin infection

    Received my mask on a Tuesday and by Thursday I had a bad reaction from the mask and I have used cpap products for 10+ years and never had a problem . Now I can't use my mask and a bad skin infection and I trip to my doctor. Thanks Jeff Schiffelbein,

  • Fit

    The mask was not long enough it hit on the bridge of my nose. Otherwise it was fine. Ray,

  • solves problem of nasal masks

    with a nasal mask i'd oepn my mouth and wake my partner. this mask has solved problem. comfortable Mike,

  • Very nice

    This is a nice mask unfortunately it was not comfortable for my spouse. He was disappointed. Was hoping it would be the right fit for him Dido,

  • Good Mask

    Good full face mask. Comfortable and does the job. DT,

  • Good seal but no quick connect

    This mask fits the contours of my face better than all others I have tried, but there is no way to disconnect the hose when one must get up in the night and so the entire mask must be removed each time. Then one must fight the straps and that funny slide connect in the dark or turn on the light. Martha,

  • Flexifit 431

    Great fit and able to sleep much better, since I've purchased the Flexifit 431. Fits well and very comfortable. TLV,

  • Flexfit 431 didn't work for me

    I didn't like the way this mask fit me. It leaked air. I could never get a good seal on it. It seems to be made of quality materials it just doesn't work for me. Cissy,

  • flexifit 431

    Would not recommend it. Ill fitting, too complex to use. jacob b,

  • Flexifit 431

    The mask is of good quality. it gives you the option on mask sizes. so if you don't know you are covered. Does tend to leak toward the end of the sleep cycle. Jeff,

  • Just what I needed.

    I thank you for your promptness and inexpensive product. I know I can count on you for my next purchase! Lily,

  • Not right product

    I try to use different angle to fit in my face, this product is not a good/right design. Edward,

  • quiet mask had it since 2006

    the bad reviews just don't have it fitted right. I have had this mask since 2006 and I have tried many others. I am a mouth breather. and this simple mask does the trick. the small 91 holes are quiet. the fewer larger hole masks are just louder and blow more direct air on your partner if you have one. no mask will be totally sealed unless your face is totally flat with no hair. your cpap will take care of the pressure so you do not have to have a full seal so it is not a problem! turn off your leak alarm. you don't need it... you need your sleep. be sure you have the correct size and fitting and the straps are tight enough. and you will be satisfied with this mask! H. L.,

  • Great fit

    This mask fits well and doesn't leave a mark on my nose. John,

  • flexfit 431


  • Bipap parts

    your service was great the parts are what I ordered. Paul R.,

  • Very disappointing

    The mask does not seal. Brian M.,

  • FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask w/Headgear

    This is a good quality product. Also I received the mask much quicker that I had anticipated. I plan to buy this product again.KJ,

  • Flexi-fit 431

    Not even close to a fit for my face. Pressure would seal for 2/3 min then seal would break lose. I have a Bi-pap machine set at 12/8, maybe too much pressure for this mask. Andy D,

  • mike

    It is a much better fitting full face mask than the ones i have used before, still leaks air some. Maybe if it had a thicker seal. Mike,

  • Best full face mask I've found

    In the last 4 years of wearing masks I have tried many advertised as wonderful that were far from it. This is the best full face mask I have ever tried. My second favorite was very similar but did not come with but one size cushion. I had ordered a medium before and thought it fit fairly well, but this model had small, medium, and large cushions. I discovered that the small was the perfect fit because I have always been known for my "moon pie face" with full cheeks. I love this mask. It is comfortable and does not cause irritation to the nose of my bridge as many others have. A best buy in my book. Carole K.,

  • New face mask

    It's much lighter than my old mask and fits fairly well with a minimum of adjusting. It came with the medium face gasket on it, which was a tad loose, so I switched it for the small one and it was just right. I also like that the forehead bar for the upper strap doesn't touch my forehead. One less face mark in the morning! I also find that this type of mask is cooler than my old one, and when you live in the Southwest, cool is good. Wendy E,

  • FlexiFit 431 Fi;; Face CPAP Mask fitPack with Headgear

    The mask fits great. This is the same mask that I have been using for while. I love how smooth the ordering process was, and even more how quickly my mask arrived. I will order from you again. Your prices were fair also. I do not currently have health insurance; therefore I paid out pocket for the mask. CAP,

  • FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask FitPack with Headgear

    I really like this mask. I'm a side sleeper and it works well. Debbie,

  • Great full face mask

    I like this mask the fabric headgear works well the rest point on the forehead is very soft. I use a 15 pressure. It fits good under chin even with my beard like any full mask it can ride up a little. It's a lot better value and performer than the Quattro mask. I'm glad I found it.Stock pi,

  • Works great

    Received equipment very quickly and in excellent condition. Works great. Will consider buying from you again. Jesse Q,

  • Outstanding

    Shipped quickly and arrived as advertised - will order from Direct Home Medical again! Martha,

  • FlexiFit Mask

    I was using a nose mask and struggling to breathe at times. I purchased this mask after reading some of the reviews. I installed the large seal that came with the mask and it fit perfectly. I can sleep through the night without any issues. It Rich F.,

  • FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask FitPack with Headgear

    Very pleased with whole process of ordering my CPAP Mask- and delivery was sooner then expected. It's great not to have to work with a local surgical supply office and to set up an appointment to have the representative to deliver! Will be definitely be ordering from DirectHome Medical again! Joanne O,

  • Very comfortable!

    I usually get a nasal mask, flexifit, so when I decided to go for the full face I went with a brand I knew. I'm not disappointed! Tho it took a few nights adjustment for me I found it comfortable and not overwhelming. Airflow is great. Service with Direct Home Medical was great. I'm glad I went for it! Now when I have sinus problems or a cold and can't breathe thru my nose, I can still sleep. Yay! Very important since I have 3 jobs I need to be alert and energetic! Debbie,

  • Full face mask

    Found this to be a very comfortable mask I breathe through my nose and my mouth and this mask is so nice and soft and padded that I do not have any discomfort or claustrophobic feeling. although it is a full mask it's light and it's clear.Valerie ,

  • substandard item.

    substandard item. Walter,

  • Comfortable

    With a mask it is what it is! I have found this mask to be comfortable and easy to adjust. I am new to cpap and the whole process is a challenge for me. I look forward to the day when I wake up refreshed and energized because I was able To withstand sleeping with CPAP all night long. Bee,

  • Best so far for leaks

    The mask goes past the chin, which gives it a better chance of sealing. Scott,

  • Disapointment

    Got mask quick good service. I have had poor performance from this mask. Maybe its my fault my jaw falls back when I sleep and leaks out the chin area. The description of the mask says it extends out under the chin, but it doesn't work well for me. The only way I can half way make it work is to cinch it down so tight my eyes bug out. Sleepless with mask marks in my face,

  • So Comfortable!

    This is much better than the first mask I had from a local supplier! It fits well, I'm sleeping better. Really love it. Cathryn,

  • So much better

    I had been using a ResMed since I started on a CPAP and I was never really happy. When I found this mask I liked what I saw. The best feature is that it goes under the chin which helps keep it sealed and your mouth shut. My mouth does open still as some points throughout the night but with my mouth being enclosed in the mask it makes a big difference. The pads are pretty good to. I found best to start the CPAP then put the mask on and then lift it slightly to inflate the pads and gets a great seal after that. The part that goes to your forehead could be softer but just takes initial adjustment and is fine. The straps are awkward at first but the quick release is great. Robert,

  • Best Comfort and Fit

    This was easy to fit. There is more comfort on the bridge of the nose. The design takes pressure off of my jaw and lower teeth. It tucks comfortable under the chin. No more red marks and sores. Easy to clean and assemble. Pat K.,

  • Tried and True

    I have been using a BiPap for over 10 years, tried various full face masks. I found this mask to be the only one I order now and it has been years. Leaking is not as bad as most, it is the most comfortable, and would not buy any other mask anymore. Arian,

  • Good Mask

    This is my second mask since getting the Bipap machine, and my first full face mask. I'm very pleased with the mask overall. Still have to tighten down to stop leakage, but that said it is fairly comfortable. I am now using the Bipap all night now instead of only about 3 to 4 hours due to discomfort.Luther M,

  • ok, but not great

    This mask..just like all the other full face masks i have tried..leaks unless its ratched down so tight it causes me discomfort..my ipap pressure is 17....it leaks especially around one side of my chin.....other than that it works ok.. me,

  • Works Well

    I looked at all the full-face masks and decided on this one because it had below the chin coverage. I turned out to be right. Too bad I paid for insurance; I should have had more faith in my decision making. My wife complimented me on my choice. It is very quiet and she has noticed better sleep on both sides of the bed. David,

  • Small or Medium?

    Had this mask for years. Only problem being is that I am in-between a small and medium and this causes air leakage unless you tighten it up a lot. However it is easy to assemble and reorder separately from the rest of the gear. Holds up pretty well also and the velcro stays put. Like 2 draw,

  • My CPAP Mask I ordered.

    My order came quickly and the mask is good quality. Im very happy with my order!! Thank you very much!! Jorge R.,

  • Finally found a good mask

    Shirley, Do you have the correct size insert or whatever it is called? They come in small, medium and large. It depends mostly on the shape of your face rather than the size which one you use. Also getting all of the various straps secured correctly. Takes a little fiddling to get the fit right but it's absolutely the best of all the ones I have tried. Johanne Henrickson,

  • Problems of the past !

    I have used a CPAP to sleep with for 30+ years. Masks have always been a problem (leaks around edges, "dry mouth", "dry eyes", etc). Although I have used the mask for only 4-5 days the foregoing problems seem to be a thing of the past. I also feel that the pressure supplied by the CPAP Machine could possibly be lowered with this full face mask. I am in the process of discussing this with my doctor. The latch on the side is a little difficult to master, however 15 minutes or so of practice should alleviate any problems. Practice imperative if you take diuretics. Alan Cooper,

  • flexfix 431

    The Mask is comfortable and I really like the way it feels but it leaks below and around my chin I am going to have to return it I was so hoping this would work because the ones they keep bring me has gotten my jaw out of whack so I don't what to try. Shirley Messick,

  • Flexi-Fit 431 to the Rescue

    No mask is great, but this gets close. I have been on several different ones, Ultra Mirage (nose bridge lacerated to get a seal, fake face farts eventually anyway), Quattro FX (the worst ever made), I could go on....but with dangerous, impossible to seal, leaks into the eyes, I turned to the FlexiFit 431 after much research. I wasn't disappointed. This one still causes some nose bridge problem, but it is easily fixed with a short strip of adhesive on the nose below the mask seal. With sideways movement can get a few face farts but this mask is far more resistant than others to this. I am going to try the CPAP Seal from cpapseal.com. Hoping for a complete solution to the infernal mask problem. Peter M,