Everest 3 Travel CPAP (DISCONTINUED)

Everest 3 Travel CPAP (DISCONTINUED)

For Reference: Discontinued April 2012


The Everest 3 CPAP - The Everest 3 was designed and built from the ground up for travel, integration and reliability; but its many comfort features make it a great option for home use as well. Like earlier Everest systems the Everest 3 includes a wide pressure range of 4-20CM H2O, automatic altitude adjustment, and an adjustable ramp up to 45 minutes. In addition the Everest 3 offers a host of improvements like an ultra-quiet motor, internal compliance data storage, leak compensation, an updated humidifier, a lighter overall body design (just 1.8lbs), and longer overall battery life.

Whisper Quiet Operation - With its unique air bearing turbine blower the Everest 3 is one of the quietest CPAPs available today -- just 22 dbA on average! That’s important when you're trying to fall asleep and stay asleep! In addition the Everest 3 has adjustable pressure and ramp settings, so that therapy pressure and the amount of time needed to reach the prescribed pressure level can be set to your preferences. A ramp restart button is located conveniently on the front of the machine so, if you do wake up in the night, you can reset the ramp to make it easier to get back to sleep.

EVEREST 2 CPAP BATTERY PACKHeated Humidifier (Discontinued) - The Everest 3's Heated Humidifier includes a snap tight lid design and updated electical contacts to protect the system from accidental water damage and insure proper humidification during use. The humidifier weighs just 1lb (with empty chamber) and slides directly onto the base of the Everest 3 to create a single easy to pack unit. When assembled the Everest's Heated Humidifier adds only 2 inches to the height to unit. The Everest heated humidifier provides enough water for one night’s use, and the reservoir is simple to fill and easy to clean.

Battery Pack - The Everest 3 is the ONLY CPAP available with an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can be used when you're on the road, in the air, or as a backup at home. And because of the Everest 3's whisper quiet motor is energy efficient the battery pack will power the system for up to 12-hours between charges and will last a full night even with the heated humidifier! The Everest 3 has been approved for use on many airlines (check your airline to confirm current regulations). Because the battery and CPAP are fully integrated the pack will recharge automatically whenever you plug in your CPAP system and the battery will take over automatically should you experience a power outage. The battery weighs just 1.5lbs and adds approximately 1 inch to the height of the CPAP. It can be recharged from any wall socket or DC power source (via the optional Everest Mobile Power Adapter) by itself or while attached to the CPAP.

EVEREST 2 DATAREST CPAP SOFTWARE KITCompliance Tracking - The Everest 3 stores 13-months of daily compliance data internally using on-board memory. With the optional DataRest software kit (Discontinued) therapy compliance information can be transferred to your Windows PC or sent to your doctor for graphical data tracking , review and analysis.

  • Small and convenient measuring just 5 x 6 x 5 inches
  • Offers a wide pressure range of 4-20cm
  • Ultra quiet, air bearing turbine blower (Less than 22 dbA on average; less than 29 dbA on average with humidifier)
  • Patient adjustable ramp time of 5 - 45 minutes in 5-minute increments
  • Durable, lightweight construction weighs in at just 1.8 lbs
  • Stores 13 months of therapy compliance data using on-board memory
  • Universal Power Supply - Automatic voltage regulator and international power supply for operation on AC currents from 110 to 240 without adjustments. (Plug adapter may be needed for operation outside of the United States.)
  • Automatic altitude compensation up to 8,000 feet!
  • Available Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery Pack will power the CPAP with Heated Humidifier for a full night. Just 1.5lbs!
  • Available Integrated Heated Humidifier provides warm moist air for more comfortable therapy. Just 1lb!
  • Approved for use on many commercial airlines. Check with your airline for current requirements.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer AEIOmed
  • Part Number(s) 300140
  • HCPCS Code E0601 E0562
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Warranty 2 Years - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.


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