12 Volt DC Power Cord for eQuinox  Concentrators (DISCONTINUED)

Caire 12 Volt DC Power Cord for eQuinox Concentrators (DISCONTINUED)

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Discontinued Item:

For Reference: Discontinued February 2020


When the eQuinox is connected to DC power it will run at all Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose settings as long as sufficient power is available. If available power from the DC power source falls below 11.5 Volts the eQuinox will revert to battery operation (if a charged battery is available and installed).

Batteries inside the eQuinox WILL charge when the oxygen concentrator is connected to DC power as long as sufficient power is available... When running on DC power the eQuinox will dedicate power supplied to run the unit first; any power left over will be used as a trickle charge to re-charge the battery.

USAGE NOTES: When using the eQuinox Oxygen Concentrator in an automobile, boat, or on other DC sources with the 12 Volt DC Power Cord, make sure the vehicle is started and running before connecting the Oxygen Concentrator. When DC power is removed, the device will automatically switch over to battery power, as long as a battery is installed in the unit and charged.

Actual performance of the eQuinox on DC power may vary depending upon usage conditions of the motor vehicle. Some vehicles may not be able to support full functionality on DC power. For complete operating instructions refer to your eQuinox Oxygen Concentrator User Manual.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Caire SeQual AirSep
  • Part Number(s) 4830-SEQ
  • HCPCS Code E1358
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Warranty 1 Year - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Country China (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) Black
  • Size (Approx) 3 Feet


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    We needed a new DC power cable, ordered it online and it assent right away and ariivedin good order. Thank you fo your very good customer service
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