Replacement Column Pair (Sieve Beds) for Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrators

Replacement Column Pair (Sieve Beds) for Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrators

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COMPATIBILITY: There are two different replacement column pairs available for InogenOne G3 POCs. Older InogenOne G3 devices, with flow settings from 1-4, use Standard Column Pairs (Part RP-320). Newer InogenOne G3 devices, with flow settings from 1-5, use "High Flow" Column Pairs (Part RP-321). Both column pairs look very similar; however High Flow Column Pairs usually include a blue sticker on the base of each column, and the letters HF in the column serial number. Also the dust covers on Standard Replacement Columns are typically black while the dust covers on High Flow Replacement Columns are typically orange.

USAGE: Column Pairs (Sieve Beds) should only be replaced as needed. When replacement is required the InogenOne G3 will alert you to the need with a Low Priority Alert reading "O2 Service Soon". This alert means that the columns should be replaced within 30-days. Column replacement is a simple process, that can be completed at home, without any special tools. For full instructions see the "Column Change Procedure" section of Chapter 6 of the InogenOne G3 User Manual.

inogenone g3 user manual
InogenOne G3
User Manual (PDF)

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Inogen
  • Part Number(s) RP-320
  • HCPCS Insurance Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code
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  • Sieve Beds

    I let my 10 yo grandson install them.smarsha6,

  • Fixed the problem

    It stopped the dinging and were very easy to change. Made my wife happy!wayler45,

  • Ease of installation

    Included instructions make columns easy and quick to replace therefore, with overnight shipping, I was back in business in one day. K Mann,

  • A great way to save money

    I ordered new cyclinders and replacement filters for my Ingen one G3 oxygen concentrator. It's much cheaper to do it yourself and it's easy. It comes with instructions and even has a phone number if you're having problems. This is my second time replacing my own filters for my Inogen one G3. Thanks Direct Home Medical. Crystal ,

  • Worked as directed, don't forget to reset the machine after installation

    The new canisters do what they need to do. Replaced the canisters and turned it on. Started working but after an hour or two would beep constantly. Looked at the bottom of the box and saw reset instructions. Did the reset and no more issues. Will by again in 18 months when the canisters wear out. Richard,

  • Rapid delivery

    As soon as I place my order for the two column pair, I receive the order within two-three days. I'm happy about that. Without a doubt, DHM takes care of their customers. Ronald,

  • 2nd time a charm

    The first set of columns arrive with one having the boot cover off and the second totally trashed. neither the original box or shipping box showed damaged and the missing parts of the cylinder were not in the box, implying it was packed that way. New ones sent and return label. New ones work fine. Bruce,

  • Very pleased

    Customer service was great. Questions were answered as order was completed. Delivery was as promised, 2 days. Price was good. Couldn't be happier with my experience. Will definitely return for future orders for my Inogen One. Sue F.,

  • Inogen - Column Pair

    I didn't Know that the Column Pair in the Inogen One G3 needed to be replaced, let alone that the replacement was before a year of buying it. I needed my concentrator to work perfectly for a long trip I was taking. I came to this website and chat with a customer representative, and I bought it immediately while chatting. Didn't have to go any place else. It came on time for my trip and solved my problem. Carioppe,

  • Very Satisfied

    The product arrived in a timely fashion and was exactly what I needed. O2 Addict,



  • speedy response

    I ordered some supplies for my portable concentrator and was very pleased to receive my shipment within a couple days. I had expected 8-10 days for the shipment to be processed and sent and it was great to get it so fast. Mainly because I was unable to use it until I got the item I ordered. I was stuck at home with the bigger unit. I will definitely get all my future supplies from Direct Home Medical Moe S,