Transcend Wearable CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Somnetics Transcend Wearable CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Item:

For Reference: Discontinued October 2011


FREEDOM TO SLEEP ANYWHERE. Designed to fit today’s active lifestyle, Transcend and its revolutionary technology offer the first radical advancement since CPAPs were invented. Transcend gives you freedom you’ve only dreamed of in sleep therapy - freedom from stress, freedom of unlimited movement, and freedom to sleep anywhere you chose.

Transcend is the smallest, lightest, most portable and most practical sleep apnea therapy system available. It is perfect for traveling, whether you’re driving over the road, flying off to your next business meeting, or taking that well-deserved vacation.

Worn on the head, Transcend is quiet and vibration-free. The short hose and compact interface help prevent seal leaks and provide unlimited mobility. With Transcend, you’re free to roll over in bed – or even get up and walk around - when using the optional battery – without breaking the mask seal, disconnecting a hose, or sacrificing therapy.

NO POWER? NO PROBLEM. Transcend’s optional 8-Cell Battery Pack with Arm Band weighs just over half a pound and powers the Transcend for a full night! If you're near a DC Power source -- like those found in most cars, trucks and boats -- Transcend's mobile power adaptor is a great way to plug in. Whether you’re nestling into your tent under the stars, stretching out in your truck sleeper, or slumbering through a power outage at home the Transcend lets you sleep with confidence and comfort.

ADVANCED HUMIDIFICATION. Transcend’s heat moisture exchange technology, which is clinically proven in hospitals, provides warm, moist air to help you sleep comfortably without the aggravation of a water-filled humidifier.

And because Transcend is compatible with the most popular mask seals on the market, there’s no need to break in a new mask. Therapy compliance monitoring is a breeze too. Simply connect Transcend to your computer to download compliance data that can be emailed directly to your care provider.

Never before has sleep apnea therapy been this easy or fit your lifestyle so completely. With Transcend you have the freedom to sleep anywhere.


Product Information

  • Manufacturer Somnetics
  • Part Number(s) 503001
  • HCPCS Code E0601
  • GTIN / UPC Code
  • Prescription Item Prescription required for the purchase of this item.


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