CPAP Moisture Therapy Skin Cream - 1.0 Ounce Tube

CPAP Moisture Therapy Skin Cream - 1.0 Ounce Tube

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Break the dry skin cycle and enjoy a good night's sleep again! Apply CPAP Moisture Therapy to facial areas where your mask and mask straps meet the skin, inside your nasal passages if you use a pillows mask, or anywhere you experience chafing or skin irriation due to your therapy. Also use CPAP Moisture Therapy when you get a new mask to prevent chafing from occuring!

CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream was designed especially for sleep therapy users, but it's great for oxygen therapy patients too! Apply a small amount of Moisture Therapy Cream behind the ears, on the nostrils or your upper lip... wherever nasal cannula and oxygen therapy chafing and soreness occur.

Apply CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream as often as needed to maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry or cracking skin. CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream comes from the makers of RoEzIt Therapy Products!

Product Information

  • Manufacturer LouSal Enterprises
  • Part Number(s) REICMT
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00852927004018
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)


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Total 24 Reviews
  • Good moisturizing cream

    I bought it to use in my dry nostrils, but my physician (a pulmonologist) said nothing should line your nostrils except the mucous membrane that is intended to protect that area. So now I use the CPAP cream under my nose & on my face.
    Written by dianneehlers, 2019-11-28
  • Red and Irritated Skin Issue Solved

    I have experienced some red and irritated skin under my noise from using my CPAP device. I have used the CPAP Moisture Therapy Skin Cream for about a week now. Not only has the cream eliminated my skin issue but it is also safe for my CPAP nasal mask!
    Written by garydamaschke, 2019-11-07
  • Price went up 40% in 3 weeks. Debating about this even though the product is very good.

    It does what I expected. It prevents sore, and help the mask seal. It was recommended by the respiratory therapist. I'm satisfied.
    Written by janlewellyn, 2019-01-03
  • As described fast shipping

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    Written by gossettluann, 2018-12-31
  • never received product

    I have never received my product
    Written by wwilliams8-77436, 2018-08-17
  • Great travel size

    I like the cream; petroleum free & cpap friendly.
    Written by monoagape, 2018-06-12
  • CPAP moisture cream

    Works great! It has helped heal the bridge of my nose
    Written by tshaffer3307, 2018-05-09
  • Good moisturizer

    This stuff works well, even as a general purpose moisturizer. I walked around Costco one day, and every single moisturizer there had either petroleum products or alchohols, both of which would possibly damage the mask. This has neither, and works well. I suppose we could quibble about the price per ounce, but a little goes a long way, so I don't think that's a fair guide. For little spot moisturizing, this does the trick. Sleep well, and cheers!
    Written by CPAPBrian, Columbia, SC 2018-05-02
  • CPAP cream

    Cream works really well. Very affordable
    Written by bkcurrier1, 2018-01-31
  • Nothing special

    I have very dry skin to begin with so I bought 2 tubes of this. Doesn't do anything for me.
    Written by kls5741, 2018-01-27
  • Cpap moisture therapy skin cream

    My cheeks were very sensitive and chapped by my cpap when I started using it. This cream has helped to heal it. Recommend it highly!
    Written by Jackie, 2017-08-04
  • Love this Skin Cream!

    I wish I had ordered 2 of them because I'm using it so much just because I love it. No you don't really have to use it so much, as needed only. My poor nose and other areas the cannula was in contact with are now refreshed and healed. Thanks!
    Written by Emp1, 2017-06-21
  • Skin Deep

    I am in LOVE with this product! I was getting concerned because my other skin care has oils, my cheeks were very red and dry. After using this cream consistently each night, by the 4th night I already saw and felt a difference.
    Written by Jen Deal, 2017-04-26
  • This stuff is amazing

    I have the most sensitive skin, and got a nasty rash from my cpap mask. After two days of using this at night and in the morning, my rash cleared right up. It also works great as a primer for makeup..just an added bonus. I will be ordering more.
    Written by Anna, 2017-03-10
  • CPAC moisture skin cream

    Great cream to use.
    Written by Dan , 2017-02-01
  • No more nose irritation

    Wonderful product. Since using this, I have no more irritation
    Written by Ellen, 2017-01-26
  • Moisture Therapy Skin Cream

    I was having problems with itching and irritation on my nose from my pillow mask. This cream has solved the problem!
    Written by DebbieK, 2016-11-30
  • Gentle and Soothing to the skin. Non-burning. A must have.

    I am relatively new to having to wear a CPAP mask (6 months) and found that my face was getting quite dry. I also was having problems with the inside of my nostrils getting dry, crusty and sore. Saline solutions were not enough by themselves and other nasal gels burned terribly. This cream can be used on my face, as well as inside the nostrils. It soothes the skin and helped heal the insides of the nostrils. It is non-burning. I love this product.
    Written by Debbie, 2016-09-26
  • good

    very good product
    Written by David R, 2015-12-11
  • This is the best

    I have only been using oxygen for a year and I have tried different products to help the skin on my face with the dry patches from the oxygen. All to no avail, until I read the reviews about this product online and bought it. It is absolutely wonderful. I know that it is for CPAP therapy, but it works great for people for are using oxygen.
    Written by Carlene A, 2015-05-13
  • Great products

    Very good for dry skin
    Written by JEKYLL, 2013-10-24
  • Great Product

    This small tube of miracle cream is great. It helped me clear up the red marks left by my mask and makes my skin feel softer. The products used in this are very good. It massages into the skin without any greasy feeling. I like this very much.
    Written by Dee, 2013-06-13
  • The best of many I've tried

    I've tried probably 4 different brands of nasal moisturizer for use with my CPAP, and I've liked this one best in terms of consistency, texture and smell. Highly recommended.
    Written by Heather, 2013-01-19
  • Smooth

    I have sensitive skin and I love the moisture therapy skin cream. It works on other sensitive skin besides the face. Great product!
    Written by Susan, 2012-12-21