Deluxe Style Chinstrap for CPAP Therapy

Deluxe Style Chinstrap for CPAP Therapy

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Chinstraps are often used by CPAP & BiPAP users to help keep the mouth closed during therapy. Chinstraps can help solve problems with mouth breathing and mouth leak and thus can encourage therapy compliance and better overall therapy results.

The Deluxe Chinstrap's adjustable design makes it easy to size for almost all users. It will generally cover part of the ears during use and can be warmer than other chinstraps.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer AG Industries
  • Part Number(s) AG302425
  • HCPCS Code A7036
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00673681247981
  • Warranty 30 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country United States of America (Typical Origin)

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) White
  • Available Size(s) One Size Fits Most
  • Materials Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


Average Rating of
Total 31 Reviews
  • Great service.

    Great customer service and very fast service. I will be back for future purchases and would recommend to other.
    Written by MagnoliaQuokka, 2020-01-14
  • Works for me.

    It's soft and comfortable. Without it, I have mouth leaks using a nasal mask. I modified it by attaching elastic straps directly to the front and back. My hair kept getting caught in the velcro on the straps that came with the chinstrap.
    Written by Central Virginian, VA2019-09-29
  • Best one I’ve found!

    I’ve had so much trouble finding a good chin strap. Constant loosening and dry mouth. No CPAP equipment is “attractive,” but this really does the job! Super velcro that really holds!
    Written by maureengc, 2018-08-11
  • Simple but Effective Chinstrap

    This simple elastic band type chinstrap works best for me to prevent leakage in combination with my OptiLife Nasal Pillow mask.
    Written by kwdavido, 2018-04-23
  • No snore

    Put a stop to chin drop and snoring.
    Written by ebwalkerjr-67794, 2018-04-18
  • tom van cleave

    This strap is great. Can you send me a reminder to reorder anoth strap in 3 months?
    Written by thomasvancleave, 2018-01-17
  • Chin strap

    Exactly what I wanted
    Written by Harry, 2017-09-06
  • Best chin strap

    Soft but strong. No marks like other straps leave
    Written by Tony, 2017-06-02
  • works

    this is the only chin strap I found to work for me. Yes, I did order the smaller size because all others were too big. Yes, it can become uncomfortable. Depending how much I move around. It presses on the lower ears and causes a little bit of painful area. I found that I have to adjust my cpap full face mask due to leaking to accommodate the added thickness of this one compared to others. However, the others didn't work and this does!!
    Written by dee, 2017-04-06
  • Best sleep

    I have been wakng up 8 or 9 times a night with extremely dry mouth. Since using the chin strap, i have been sleeping thru the night. YAY!
    Written by Varol, 2017-01-29
  • Keeps mouth shut all night

    The strap does well to keep the mouth shut all night. It stays in place throughout. Be sure not to pull too tight as it is not necessary and will reduce bed head marks. I have to be sure to locate far enough forward to not put pressure on my ears. Otherwise they will hurt a bit in the morning. I have small ears. So someone with bigger ears will have to take even more care.
    Written by Tinag, 2017-01-24
  • Chinstrap

    It doesn't seem to help me as much as I want like it to. And it's a little too big for me.
    Written by Wanda, 2016-12-29
  • Comfortable and helpful

    This chin strap is very comfortable. It's made of a soft material over the elastic and it's wide enough to keep my cheeks from blowing out when I'm unconscious. I put if over my ears and I thought the decrease in hearing might be a problem but the knit of the strap is loose enough that there's little loss of hearing. I use a full face mask and this strap fits under my chin instead of on my chin so the mask is not disturbed by the strap.
    Written by Bill, 2016-12-13
  • Chin strap is of inferior quality

    I have been using this chin strap for almost five years. But in the past year the same product has become less durable: its elastic strength is noticeably weaker with the result that I am going to be fortunate to get two months use out of it. In the past I have been able to use it for six months or more. I will no longer be purchasing this product.
    Written by Doug B, 2016-11-07
  • Keep it shut!

    I am a mouth breather. I was using a full face mask but could never get a good seal. I switched to a nose mask but was concerned about my mouth breathing. The chinstrap enables me to keep my mouth closed when using the nose mask. I find the water reservoir almost dry every morning while I had a sizable amount of water left using the face mask. The nose mask is working properly, thanks in part to the chinstrap.
    Written by dan p, 2016-11-05
  • Jeff

    Works very good. Stays in place all night. Only down side is its a little to wide.
    Written by Jeff, 2016-03-08
  • Finally - a chin strap that works and stays in place

    Gotta love this strap. The best thing about it is it comes with two narrow Velcro straps that you can attach to the main wide chin strap - one to go across your forehead, and the other to go across the back of your head ... The whole thing then kind of sits on your head like a baseball catcher's mask ... Comfortable and stays in place. Highly recommend to anyone trying to eliminate air leaks through their mouth - takes a day or two of trial and error, but awesome when you get it right ....
    Written by Ed, 2016-01-03
  • cpap chin strap.

    This is the BEST chin strap I've ever purchased.
    Written by Charlotte, 2015-09-30
  • Chin strap

    Causes the mask to leak. Wife hates it I had to go back to old chin strap.
    Written by Jerry B, 2015-09-12
  • The Best!!

    This is the best chin strap I have ever owned. I been using CPAP for over 15 years and this one is the most comfortable.
    Written by Rich, 2015-05-13
  • Great chin strap

    Holds my mouth closed well. Not as cumbersome as other chin straps I have used in the past.
    Written by Mark C., 2015-02-18
  • Right fit and easy to use

    I found the "Deluxe Style Chinstrap" to be a great fit for my head size and shape. It does cover my ears completely but this is not uncomfortable as it is made of a soft material. The fact that it completely cradles the chin makes it very effective for keeping my mouth closed while I sleep.
    Written by Jack, 2015-01-18
  • Chin Strap

    The chin straps arrived as promised. The quality was as anticipated and am now using one. The strap is wide enough to support the chin without sliding off of the top of my head. Essentially, the strap stays where I put it at night and remains in the same location on my head when I wake in the morning. Best strap I have had in using CPAP for 17 years.
    Written by Ron F, 2014-11-03
  • Deluxe chin strap

    Very good product at a fair price
    Written by chuck l, 2014-09-29
  • To Wide

    I love the chin strap but had to cut it lengthwise in half. It is so wide that it comvered my mouth. Now I like it.
    Written by Bobbie, 2014-05-15
  • AG deluxe chin strap

    The best chin strap I have had yet, including others from AG Industries.
    Written by Andy , 2014-04-04
  • Chin Strap

    I ordered this chin strap because of its adjustability. It works very well for me, helping me keep my mouth closed over a dental sleep apnea appliance. It stays in place all night.
    Written by Bon, 2013-02-04
  • keeps mouth shut while sleeping

    tried others straps but this one is strong enough to hold my mouth shut while sleeping. handwash and use softener then let dry. if there were another design I would try adding a soft rubbery inner. but not sure if that would feel better but something to try.
    Written by eric v., 2012-11-20
  • Keeps my mouth closed!!!

    I have tried other chinstraps, but they weren't comfortable and didn't keep my mouth shut unless I made it very tight. This chinstrap is soft and comfortable and wide so it holds the jaw closed. I like to have two so when I wash one (in the washing machine) I always have the other available.
    Written by Ro, 2012-08-21
  • Great Chin Strap

    This is the best chin strap I have tried so far. It is secure and really keeps my mouth closed. The only improvement I would suggest is if it were about 1/2 inch narrower but not a huge issue,
    Written by Vicki Morris, 2012-06-11
  • Completely Satisfied

    For eight years I have been in search of a chinstrap that is comfortable and would not leave marks on my face. I've now found one. The Deluxe Chinstrap for CPAP &BiPap Therapy is the most comfortable chinstrap I've owned. The Best part. No marks on my face in the morning.
    Written by Tony Scalise, 2012-03-02