StretchWise Headgear for F&P Pilairo & Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks

StretchWise Headgear for F&P Pilairo & Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks

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StretchWise headgear offers a stable, minimalist design with an unobtrusive, low profile fit. It is made from soft, latex-free elasticized thread with intelligent-stretch properties. StretchWise headgear comes in one convenient size to fit a wide range of users. The headgear automatically customizes to the wearer; no manual adjustments are necessary and it won't leave marks and indentations on the face.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Number(s) 400HC322
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 09420012427199
  • Warranty 30 Days
    Warranty Notes: Warranty applies to primary item. Accessory and parts warranties may vary. Review manufacturer's documentation for full details.
  • Country New Zealand (Typical Origin)


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Total 18 Reviews
  • F & P Pilaro Q Headgear

    Was very pleased with Stretch Wise Headgear. Direct Home Medical gets an excellent review for great, fast service. I will definitely order products again.
    Written by Margaret, 2017-05-14
  • I have used the strap for years,works great.

    I have used the strap for years,works great.
    Written by James L., 2016-09-15
  • Pilaro Q strap

    The pilaro Q strap was an exact replacement for the original. It fits well.
    Written by drgas , 2016-08-18
  • Stretch wise headgear

    Love this minimalist headgear! Arrived from Direct Home Medical quickly-- very satisfied.
    Written by Dede, 2016-02-11
  • Pretty good

    I like this headgear but wish it was adjustable.
    Written by Marie, 2016-02-09
  • Pilairo headgear

    I love the small head strap. It stays in place and doesn't leave morning marks on the face.
    Written by Susan, 2015-05-26
  • Stretchwise headgear only lasts 3 -6 months

    This product only lasts 3 to a maximum of 6 months, the elastic deteriorates badly and loses elasticity. Also twice the plastic clips have broken. Inferior quality product !! Both supplier and manufacturer claim this is normal wear and tear !!
    Written by FG, 2015-01-11
  • Just what I wanted!

    Ordered this headgear because my original one stretched out and the nasal pillow wouldn't fit properly. I can only receive one paid for by Medicare every six months and I have a couple months to go before I can get it through Medicare, so I had to pay for this one. This company sold me the item for less than any other company on the internet. I know the price was the best because I researched them all. In addition the delivery was made in TWO days FREE of charge. What more could you ask for? Great price and free delivery.. Direct Home Medical has earned my future business.
    Written by Robert, 2014-11-12
  • Pilaro stretch headband

    I don't like headgear on my head and am unable to wear the pillows with ear bands so the Pilaro stretch headband works great. Also the nosepiece keeps the pillows in place without leaking.
    Written by Virginia, 2014-06-26
  • Stretch

    Works great for a couple weeks, then starts to stretch out and soon becomes too lose to keep mask in place. Decided not to replace with a new one, as it would do the same. If F&P can ensure better quality, I will try again.
    Written by TheColoradoWildcat, 2014-01-20
  • Stretch wise headgear for Air Pilairo

    I enjoyed the experience upon ordering from Direct Home Medical. I found it extremely easy to find my stretch wise headgear on their site. Also the information and follow up from customer service was excellent.
    Written by Mark A. , 2013-11-11
  • Needed but costly

    I have now purchased 5 replacement headbands. They all work as expected but do wear out or break, the plastic clips, or stretch out, the elastic band, too quickly.
    Written by Bob, 2013-08-21
  • Best Price

    This was the best price, fast shipping. will order again from this seller.
    Written by Roger S, 2013-08-15
  • CPAP Head Straps

    I purchased two of these straps after the original strap's clip broke. The first new one broke in the same way after a week. The second one broke in the same way after a month. Right now, I have a lump of masking tape wrappped around it to make it useable. With no alternative, I am now forced to purchase more of the same badly designed item. It appears that the plastic clip is to brittle to take any normal flexing.
    Written by George, 2013-07-04
  • quick and accurate service

    This review is more for the quick service provided by Direct Home Medical. When my StretchWise Headgear for F&P Pilairo CPAP Masks broke, I knew I couldn't wait long to replace the part. I was able to use needle and thread for an adequate work-around but needed to replace the part quickly to ensure a good night's sleep. Within a couple of days of my order (without using any special shipping method) the replacement arrived and I'm back to snoozing happily once again.
    Written by Lesley, 2013-06-01
  • Pilairo head strap

    The clip broke after 3 months. That's why I am buying two now. no adjustment. Perspiration causes it to stain pillow cases with black stains that don't wash out. I cover my pillow with a towel to protect it.
    Written by George, 2013-05-08
  • headgear strap

    It would be helpful if it had an adjustment feature. The elastic strap tends to get streched out and no longer provides a snug fit.
    Written by Lex, 2013-04-15
  • Head Band for Pilairo

    Recently tried the Pilairo and find it the best I have tried. My one complaint is that the head band is not adjustable. It doesn't fit for everyone! The nasal pillows float (moves slightly when I turn my head even though I sleep on my back) at night waking me up. I need just a slight more ability to adjust (tighten)to keep this from happening. I am still trying but I may have to go back to my swift if I can't solve the problem. The inflatable pillows are great.
    Written by Byron, 2012-12-29