Battery Pack for iGo Concentrators (DISCONTINUED)

Battery Pack for iGo Concentrators (DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Item:

For Reference: Discontinued April 2013


Whenever a battery is installed in the iGo will automatically switch to internal (battery) power if external (AC or DC) power is interrupted. When external AC power is restored the iGo will automatically switch back and batteries will begin to recharge. A Battery Status Gauge on the iGo Control Panel indicates current battery capacity whenever a battery is properly installed and the machine is on.

If fully depleted a battery will take approximately 2 to 4.5 hours to recharge in the iGo depending on flow settings and external power conditions. iGo batteries will recharge automatically, in the concentrator, whenever it is connected to AC power as long as enough power is available. iGo batteries will NOT be recharge when the concentrator is attached to DC power.

INITIAL USAGE: iGo batteries are not shipped fully charged. Before using your new iGo battery for the first time you must full discharge and fully recharge the battery. Review the instructions in your iGo manual for proper battery usage.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Drive DeVilbiss
  • Part Number(s) 306DS-413
  • HCPCS Code E1356
  • GTIN / UPC Code

Physical Specifications

  • Weight (Approx) 3.5 lbs


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