Battery Pack for Trek S Nebulizer Systems (BACKORDER)

Pari Battery Pack for Trek S Nebulizer Systems (BACKORDER)

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The Pari Trek S battery includes an onboard LED charge indicator display and can be recharged using the Pari Trek S's AC (wall) Adapter or 12V DC Power Adapter. For best results the battery should always be stored full charged in a cool dry place when not in use. See the Pari Trek S Manual for complete information.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer Pari Medical
  • Part Number(s) 047F0020 (Battery), 047F25 (Battery & DC Cord)
  • HCPCS Code E1399
  • GTIN / UPC Code 00744229470076
  • Warranty 6 Months - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
  • Country Germany (Typical Origin)


  • Due to Federal Regulations battery packs like this one cannot be sent via air shipping methods unless they are contained within a device, like a CPAP machine, nebulizer or oxygen concentrator.

Physical Specifications

  • Available Color(s) Yellow

Battery Specifications

  • Battery Type Lithium Ion
  • Battery Size 3.50 x 1.75 x 3.50 Inches (Approx)
  • Battery Weight 0.4 Lbs (Approx)
  • Battery Run Time 50 Minutes (Average)
  • Recharge Time 2 Hours (Typical Per Battery)


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Total 23 Reviews
  • Great

    Good price. Shipping on time
    Written by CloudyFox-72281, 2020-04-16
  • Perfect

    Great product. Very good price. Pretty quick shipping. Will use again!
    Written by rbecker8, Los Ángeles2020-03-14
  • Excellent

    Fast delivery good service
    Written by JDuncan340, 2019-08-16
  • Great tiny battery!

    I have used this battery for about 5 years and only replaced mine because it got knocked off a counter.
    Written by cherylcjpayne, 2019-07-17
  • very handy and quiet,,

    good explanations, fast shipping.
    Written by MSRJTR-83029, Battle Creek2019-05-21
  • battery

    Item has never arrived .. I realize Lithium batteries have to ship via ground, but I’m still waiting.. Not impressed
    Written by rap1452, Phoenix,Az2019-05-10
  • I Wouldn’t Be Without The Yellow Rechargeable Battery for The Pari Trek Nebulizer!!

    I have COPD and cannot be without my Pari trek nebulizer & YELLOW BATTERY. And many times I need it when I am not around a place where I can plug it in & believe me IT is really scary to be gasping for a breath! That’s why everyone should have the YELLOW BATTERY, I bring mine everywhere I go as I’ve needed it in the supermarket, on road trips, on the beach, on picnics & taking walks, Especially when in outdoor theme parks & restaurants! Before I got the Battery I purposely didn’t go to some places as I feared there was no place to plug in the Pari trek if I needed it. Since I got the battery I’ve used it just about everywhere & no one has ever objected as the battery is quiet & very efficient! My first battery lasted about 6 years or more & it let me also shop at my favorite stores which I had stopped doing till I got the battery. One time my car conked out at a red light...had to wait 3 hrs.before I got help & get started again, & in that time used the Pari trek & was thankful to have that battery! Get one, I promise you will not be sorry. Just follow the directions, easy, & take care of it. I am visiting Florida now & forgot my AC plug, but DirectHomeMedical wil send me one right away as their shipping is fantastically fast. ( I live in York Pa., but am visiting in Fla)
    Written by CAROLANYC, 2019-01-27
  • Powerful assist

    This battery works very well and is a very nice help to portable breathing work.
    Written by lwsumwalt, 2018-12-10
  • Park Trek

    This was a replacement order. The other battery was around 2 years and used very infrequently, but it died. The first battery I had, the contacts broke off. I buy this battery because it is the only one that fits my nebulizer.
    Written by tabeans147, 2018-08-21
  • Excellent product and service

    Outstanding experience in any respect. Fast service, secure packaging, quality product. Highly recommend.
    Written by chtull, 2018-06-11
  • Best price I could find!!

    Quick shipping, and least expensive battery I could find. It seems to be performing perfectly, giving me 5 - 6 treatments per charge!!
    Written by phnorris1, 2018-01-24
  • Couldn't even finish one treatment

    Charged it up and tried to nebulize one medication (should take 15-20 minutes tops.) Got 11-12 minutes into treatment and had to plug the compressor into the car since the battery quit. This was our first time using it, so it was brand new.
    Written by ES, 2017-06-18
  • Recent purchase of rechargeable nebulizer battery

    I recently ordered a rechargeable battery for my Pari Trek S nebulizer; Direct Home Medical had the lowest price available on this item. The battery arrived very quickly, and was in a sealed box from the manufacturer; it works perfectly. I will certainly order from Direct Home Medical in the future, and highly recommend this company.
    Written by NJ, 2017-05-18
  • blackout help

    its great to be able to use my nebulizer when the power goes out from storms, instead of going outside to the car.
    Written by amethos, 2017-04-03

    This is a great gadget to have to carry with you. I have asthma and had to rush home one night to get to my regular nebulizer all the while hoping I could breathe and could make it home in time. I bouth the Pari Trek and carry it in my purse. I keep the battery charged and now if I have a problem all I have to do is put my medicine in, turn the machine on and breathe. What a relief. I am very well pleased with this.
    Written by Maggie T, 2016-05-06
  • Thank god.

    I needed this battery and it was so hard to Come by. Shipping was fast.
    Written by Tarina , 2016-03-23
  • Quick peace of mind

    This battery arrived on time. I needed it to use on a trip. It works perfectly and recharges quickly.
    Written by Cindy h, 2014-12-27
  • It works for me.

    I have only had the rechargeable battery for this unit a week but so far I have been pretty pleased. It recharges fairly quickly which is good because it only has enough capacity to handle at most probably two nebulizer treatments. This is enough to get me going again. I am not on oxygen and yet rescue inhalers are no longer effective, so I need something portable. So far I am pleased but not blown away.
    Written by John L., 2013-09-05
  • nebulizer battery

    Good customer service. Battery ordered arrived as promised. Just hope it lasts longer than a few months like the last one which also replaced a battery that no longer worked after a couple of months.
    Written by J.E.S., 2013-04-11
  • pari trek s battery

    the company shipped promptly. The battery seems to work very well and it lasts longer than the original battery lasted.
    Written by Bonnie, 2013-04-11
  • Love the convenience of having this battery!

    It was great to have this battery while traveling. I did not have to worry about finding an outlet and was even able to do a breathing treatment while on the airplane. It works great and helped me to stress less about traveling while still needing some breathing treatments.
    Written by Christy, 2013-01-17
  • Saved my life on vacation!

    I bought this battery pack just before my honeymoon, and I sure am glad! With 2 long flights and no assurance of an electrical outlet, I would have been in pretty bad trouble without a power source for my nebulizer. We wouldn't have been able to take so many physically-demanding excursions around the island, either. And it got through TSA checkpoints with no hassle - I just showed them my nebulizer kit in a plastic bag and nobody gave me a hard time. Highly recommended! In fact, I should have bought one years ago. And DirectHomeMedical had it at a pretty good price; and lightning-fast shipping!
    Written by Caile76, 2012-11-14
  • Works well wish it would last a little longer

    This was the very best price I could find on this item including S&H. Also, shipping was extremely fast. The battery works well but does not last long enough for me to use twice without a recharge. However, fully charged it works very well once and I am pleased with those results. The battery adds very little to the weight and size of the unit which is also a plus.
    Written by Charlie, 2012-08-08