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Firmware Upgrade for Z1 CPAP Machines

  • Available As a Free Download to Z1 Users!

One of the most unique features of the Z1 Travel CPAP is the ability to upgrade the machine's operating system -- to implement performance refinements, add new features, or update capabilities -- with a home computer connected to the internet and a USB Cable. Remote upgrades are a great way to ensure your Z1 is always performing at its best.

Upgrading your Z1 Travel CPAP Machine's firmware and software is a simple process that can be completed at home in just a few minutes. Currently upgrades require a PC using Windows 7 or 8; however compatibility with Apple's Mac OS is planned for future releases. In addition you will need a USB Cable, to connect your Z1 to your computer, and internet access.

Each time your Z1 CPAP Machine powers up the current firmware version number will be displayed on the machine's home screen. For instance the numbers 2_0_0_10 would indicate firmware version

Step 1: If you have not done so you must first download and install the HDM Data Viewer on your PC. Your Z1 has stored all of the sleep data since your first night’s use in its flash memory. Syncing your Z1 with the Data Viewer application will ensure that you do not lose existing sleep data.


Step 2: Once the Data Viewer is installed follow the instructions to Sync your Z1. Once your Z1 has synced, follow the instructions to save your data to file. This will save existing data to your PC to prevent its loss during the firmware upgrade.

Step 3: Download and install the Z1 Firmware Installer.


Step 4: Once the software is installed, reconnect your Z1 to the PC and follow the prompts to select your preferred upgrade options. Once you have selected your options complete the firmware upgrade.

Notes on each Z1 Firmware Upgrade release and the changes, upgrades or features it provides are listed below for your reference.

Release 3: June 9, 2014 - Firmware Installer Version

  • Updates Z-Breathe Settings to include 3 options: CPAP 1 offers mild pressure swing relief, CPAP 2 is the default setting and offers moderate pressure swing relief, and CPAP 3 is the most aggressive setting for pressure swing relief.

Release 2: March 21, 2014 - Firmware Installer Version

  • Updates for screen/display issues experienced by some users.

Release 1: March 7, 2014

  • Automatically set the time zone using your PC time settings (Optional). By selecting this option your Z1 will utilize the same time & date that is currently set on your PC using your local timezone settings.
  • A firmware upgrade for Z1 use on battery power only in pressure situations > 12 CM H2O (Recommended).Current procedure as described in the Z1 User Manual, requires the use of RAMP in a stop/start situation beyond 4hrs. of use (i.e. bathroom break after 4 hours sleep) to avoid a low-pressure situation and REMINDER warning on the screen. This upgrade will eliminate the need to restart in RAMP after 4hrs. of use for any Z1 that has a set pressure of > 12 CM H20.


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Manufacturer Human Design Medical
Part Number(s) Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade for Z1 CPAP Machines

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Z1 Travel CPAP Machine Package with Z-Breathe
Human Design Medical - HD60-1005 (Z1 CPAP Machine), HD60-1010 (Z1 CPAP Machine with PowerShell Battery Pack)
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SlimStyle Hose Tubing for Z1 Series CPAP Machines
Human Design Medical - HD60-2010 (4 Foot SlimStyle Tube), HD60-2020 (6 Foot SlimStyle tube)

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Z1 Universal Inline HME (Heat Moisture Exchange) Humidifier Filter for CPAP Machines
Human Design Medical - HD60-2100


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