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1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Nose piece
Written By: Janet Kerfien, Fulton 7/29/2017
This did not work for me as it cut off the air flow so I couldn't get my air through the tube I tried a lot of different directions and still couldn't get it to work for me.

2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
not good
Written By: poppy, maryville tn 5/20/2017
this causes more air gaps and does not seal over the nose

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Gel nose pad
Written By: Sally, Il 10/12/2016
Over priced .. I don't mind paying for s product that works. Very disappointed .

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Too thick
Written By: Tom Brown, home 9/17/2016
The nasal pad was too thick and difficult to position under mask. Because of the pads thickness a good seal was impossible. Had it been thinner manipulation of the pad and perhaps the seal would have been complete. Tom Brown

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Nose pad
Written By: HR, Florida 9/4/2016
It does not live up to what it promised.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Written By: Kenny, Central Valley CA. 8/31/2016
I really love these nasal pads. The ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad large works with my full face mask to give me a comfortable Snug fit with no leaks.

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Gecko Pad
Written By: C. Ray, Missouri 2/27/2016
Does not provide the protection from mask bruising and it does not stay in place. Very disappointed.

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
gecko gel nasal review
Written By: A Martinez PhD, Manahattan, NY 2/4/2016
it stick the first night, but after I washed it with a mild soap and let it dry as instructed, it did not sick anymore. Thus, it was difficult to put in place since it falls.

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Don't waste your money on this!
Written By: Brian, INDIANA 1/28/2016
Causes too much of a gap between the nose and the mouth portion of my full face mask. Way overpriced for what it is. I found that the best cushion is a piece of tshirt cut a little larger than the cpap cushion, then cut a hole where the mouth is. Free and reusable, it can be washed.

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
nose guard
Written By: joe, Boise 5/14/2014
I've tried everything and it will not stay on my nose.

2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Not worth the price
Written By: Abby, Livonia, MI 3/20/2014
I bought this Gel Nasal Pad for my husband to try with his MIRAGE QUATTRO™ CPAP MASK. He said that it won't let his mask seal tight enough to his face. He said it was also a pain to get it to stay in place on the bridge of his nose while trying to put his mask on. It is not worth the price tag or anything for that matter because you will get frustrated trying to get it to work and stop using it.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Great product - solved my problem
Written By: Karen, Albuquerque 2/20/2014
I wear a full face mask and chin strap, but I had leaking at the bridge of my nose (very narrow) and awful red marks in the morning. It's a production, but I use pads on the forehead braces, Remzees (doubled), the Gecko Gel Pad and Voila! No leaks, no red marks. When I saw it, I knew it would work - and it DOES!

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
Gel Nasal Pad for CPAP
Written By: Debby, 2/11/2014
Love the texture and how it feels on the nose. However, when cleaning, I've lost it twice. Therefore, I'd advise to "color" the pad to be seen easier. As far as solving the leakage, I'd rate it a 7 out of 10.

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
toxic odor
Written By: Lois, Henderson, Nevada 10/22/2013
I did not like odor and I am not using it. I also did not like the way it felt.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Good fit
Written By: dk, Batesville, MS 10/17/2013
This nose protector is exactly the right size for my nose. It has kept me from getting a sore rubbed by my CPAP mask and that was exactly what I was trying to find. The boomerang style was not a good fit like this one is.

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Gel Nasal Pad
Written By: Bryan, San Diego 9/1/2013
The Gecko Gel Nasal Pad has been a positive experience for my wearing of the Wisp head gear. My nose was getting increasingly irritated from the nose piece and I even switched to the larger nose piece. The gel pad has been a great improvement to the sleep mask and to my nose comfort. My only complaint is in putting it on. It is hard to hold it on your nose and place the nose piece on at the same time. Doesn't want to adhere to the nose.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
RESMED Gecko Gel Nasal Pad
Written By: Jesus G. V., El Paso, Texas 2/20/2013
It has worked for me, it prevents me from geting a mark on the bridge of my nose. I use a nasal mask only. I have used it for the last two years with no problem. It takes a while to adjust my mask but after that i get no air leaks, it is just a mater of playing with it. It is a great improvement that Resmed came up with. Keep up the good work Resmed, I just wish you had more distributers, I have no distributer in my area. I have my equipment shiped. I rate this product five star.

2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Does not work
Written By: GlenG, Los Angeles 2/7/2013
Doesn't stay on the nose at all.

2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
not great
Written By: sharon, windsor 9/2/2012
I've had a problem with sores on the bridge of my nose due to the cpap mask. Red and sore each morning. I got this gel pad at the suggestion of my supplier. I agree with all who have written it takes three people to try and get this gel pad to stay on your nose. Once it's on it has to be adjusted again to prevent leakage. If you have 45 minutes to play around with it you might get it to fit correctly. It does prevent the soreness on the bridge of my nose but does nothing for my cheeks. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this but now my insurance paid for what is worth about .50 and got charged almost $25.00. Really

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
No Choice for bridge of nose padding
Written By: Mary Jo J., Aurora 7/13/2012
I have used a CPAP for nearly 5 years now and never missed a night. Needless to say, my area of concern is the bridge of my nose. I use the full faced ResMed mask. I have searched every site that I am aware of, and all that I see offered is the clear gel padding. It doesn't stick and I have difficulty getting my mask on before it falls off. I think I could make a FORTUNE if someone could come up with a product that works, but I am to old to start at this point. If any company or entrepreneur is interested, please consider putting your time, money, and genius into a product like this!

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Nasal pads don't work!
Written By: EPJ, Georgia, USA 5/30/2012
Tried the nasalpad and it nearly drove me insane trying to get it to stay on my nose while applying my mask. I want go into detail but it just will not work unless you have someone to help you apply it and the mask. Will use a band aid or nothing, both of which are better!

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Written By: Erik, Knoxville 4/23/2012
terrible product. who want to place a damp gel on their nose just to get it to stick. would not stay in place because most people have to adjust their mask during the night. let's see... they recommend replacing it every 30 days (24.95 x 12 =299.14) ... so 300.00 a year for a product that is inferior at best. no thanks. i'll just continue to use a bandaid. less expensive and works. i'm sorry i even wasted my time and money researching this product.


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