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H9M Wearable Waterless Humidification System For Transcend CPAP Machines (DISCONTINUED)

  • For Reference Only - Discontinued September 2013

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The optional H9M System gives you a wearable CPAP option that provides the most freedom of movement of any CPAP on the market. The H9M system comes with a proprietary mask and a short, 9-inch hose that allows you to roll over in bed without the discomfort of hose pull. The H9M system is the smallest and most compact CPAP option on the market.

Many CPAP users find that heated humidification improves their sleep therapy comfort and helps promote compliance. The problem with traditional heated humidification options is that they are bulky, heavy and inconvenient -- requiring users to carry a heater, humidifier chambers, and a supply of water too! The Transcend's unique Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) Humidifier Systems do away with all that providing the first ever truly portable humidified CPAP solution.

HME humidification has been used in hospitals for more than 50 years to provide heat and moisture to critically and chronically ill patients on ventilators. Until Transcend, no CPAP manufacturer has been able to crack the code for using this unique – and important – technology in sleep apnea therapy.

The hygienic heat and moisture exchange (HME) filter cartridge is disposable and has no electric elements. HME technology works with you naturally as you breathe. When you exhale, the HME captures the warmth and moisture from your breath while CO2 passes through the filter and out the mask vent leak. Then, when you inhale, the HME warms and humidifies the air as it passes through the HME filter. It’s a simple, natural and effective solution to the heated humidifier. With Waterless Humidification there’s no cleaning, no distilled water, no break downs, and no malfunctions. Just warm, moist comfort with every breath.

The Transcend H9M On-Head Waterless Humidification Kit provides HME humidification using a special 9-inch air delivery hose that measures CPAP pressure at the mask, downstream of the HME filter, to provide constant and consistent therapy pressure all through the night. With the H9M Humidification System is wearable so your Transcend CPAP is worn on the head using special header and mask attachments. The Transcend II with H9M Humidification System is the smallest and most compact humidified CPAP option on the market. It is great for home, travel and sleeping anywhere on the go.

The Transcend H9M Waterless Humidification System includes a proprietary mask that is compatible with the most popular nasal cushions (seals) on the market including the Ultra Mirage II, Mirage SoftGel, Mirage Activa LT, Mirage Activa, ComfortGel (Original) Nasal and ComfortGel BLUE Nasal Masks. The H9M Humidification System must be used with one of the mask seals listed. It cannot be used with other nasal or full face masks.


  • Hassle-free Humidification - Traveling with humidification is easier when it’s waterless. The Transcend HME is disposable and has no electric heating elements. That means no cleaning, no distilled water, no break downs, and no malfunctions. Just replace the HME filter cartridge, on average once a week, and throw the old one away.
  • Humidification Anywhere - Your breathing powers the Transcend Waterless Humidification System. No batteries or AC power required. And, you can leave the jug of distilled water at home. You won’t need it anymore!
  • Hygienic and Natural - HME technology has been used in hospital ventilation for more than 50 years, but Transcend is the first CPAP to offer this innovative humidification technology. With Transcend there are no more slimy trays to clean, just remove the old filter cartridge and throw it away. You get all the humidification you need just by breathing.
  • Pressure Regulated at the Mask - Regulating therapy pressure at the mask, next to you, the patient, gives more consistent and concise therapy pressure than by regulating at the CPAP, six feet away. You’re over here, not over there.
  • Small, Portable, and Complete - The HME filter cartridge is incredibly small – about the diameter of a quarter – making the whole Transcend System small, portable, and lightweight. The Transcend Waterless Humidification System completes the compact CPAP system for hassle-free travel or use at home.
  • Compatible with the Most Popular Nasal Mask Cushions on the market including the Ultra Mirage II, Mirage SoftGel, Mirage Activa LT, Mirage Activa, ComfortGel (Original) Nasal, and ComfortGel BLUE Nasal Masks.


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Manufacturer Somnetics
In The Package 9-Inch Air Delivery Hose, Transcend H9M Headgear, Forehead pad assembly, Mask shell assembly, Mask adaptor ring and four HMEs.
Part Number(s) 303006
HCPCS Insurance Code E1399

H9M Wearable Waterless Humidification System For Transcend CPAP Machines (DISCONTINUED)


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